Who Will Self Driving Cars Choose To Kill

So many right to life religious zealots know, and know absolutely for certain, which lives are more valuable than others. The fetus, starting at one cell, is the most valuable. The mother, not so much. I have to admit to being cynical about right to life zealots.

The moral choices of who is sacrificed and why are coming to fore in self-driving cars. The “look” at what is happening just before a crash and how the car will react will be from programmed instructions. If a manually driven school bus is going the wrong way and comes at you your choices may be to hit the bus, injure yourself and children, or go over a cliff and get killed. A programmer will have decided for you long before real time.

If you were buying a new self-driving car you might inquire about the choices in the computer. The dealer could say, “We can sell you an ‘always kill the others’ program for $100,000 more. People who can afford it are buying this. Of course, the cheaper program puts you in more danger and other cars in less.”

It will be possible to read license plates in a instant. Doctors who perform abortions are considered prey to be harvested by some anti-abortion zealots. Their license plates could be programmed into self- driving cars to decrease the odds of these doctors in accidents.  On the other hand, the license number of every woman carrying a fetus could be recorded and the fetus protected.




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  1. Chuck Z

    I find it amusing that a man who believes that EVERY LIVING THING on this planet arose from a single cell in the “primordial soup” wants to claim that a single cell inside a mother’s body is not a living being.

    Convenience at its finest.

    1. Chuck Z 6:27 wants to claim that a single cell inside a mother’s body in not a living being.

      You are always doing the little slight of hand trick. A “living being” is different than a “human being”. Anti abortion zealots claim the one fertilized cell is a human being. It is not a human being. It is one fertilized cell.

  2. Juan Ruiz

    Self-driving cars are still a long way away. Lots of hype, but still in the experimental stage. Besides, most people WANT to drive, not give it over to a computer.

    1. Juan 8:06 I see self-driving cars coming in this way: First, businesses that make money by eliminating drivers would use it, Uber, Yellow cab, etc. Then, this would make using urber cheaper and in ways more convenient than owning a car. I’ve never used a cab or uber here but am surprised at how often people use them. I know retired couples who own two cars but sometimes I see them waiting for an uber. I think if they are going to a restaurant or concert and don’t want to find a parking place or have a long hike from their parking spot they just get picked up and dropped off.

      Then, I think urban planners and city government will subsidize and/or promote self-driving use. I’ve read driverless ubers will cruise constantly in areas they know have frequent calls. This means no parking spot is needed. If users don’t need as many cars, more parking spots not needed. All these parking spaces will become income-generating buildings. Taxpayers now subsidize parking spaces so this will decrease.

      Apartment companies here now charge extra for parking spaces in apartment complexes. No car, lower rent. The cost of parking has been hidden forever so people don’t know how much it costs them. If parking was not rolled into apartment rent, rolled into the cost of goods sold in malls and subsidized in parking ramps we would own fewer cars and our cost of living would be less.

      Nothing is inevitable, but automobiles and cities never worked well together. Buses and subways help but require more effort than driving a car. The economics of driverless uber looks like the perfect storm.

  3. Schurkey

    Driverless cars will be forced on society not by edict, but by the force of “Liability”.

    At some point, folks will DEMAND driverless cars because they cannot afford to be responsible for mobile machinery being spied on by a thousand agents of Government. When many or most vehicles have on-board radar, and on-board cameras, it will not take long before “reports” are automatically sent to the police of vehicles making “unsafe” lane changes, or traveling at “unsafe” speeds (i.e., one mph over the limit) or doing some other “unsafe” behavior (i.e., anything that can generate ticket revenue.)

    The tickets will show up in the mail, and it will be the vehicle owner that has to deal with them unless facial recognition can pin the blame on someone else. We’ve already seen the precursors to this–“Red Light Cameras” and “Photo Radar”. Citizens have been treated unjustly by that technology in every location it’s been used, and they didn’t show up en masse at City Council meeting to tar and feather any one…so our Fearless Leaders will feel safe in expanding and enhancing those programs.

    When your every vehicular move is recorded and analyzed by software designed to raise revenue instead of promote justice, the ordinary driver will not stand a chance and will be THRILLED to abdicate his responsibilities rather than face a barrage of fines for “unsafe” vehicle operation. The appearance of “Safety” (which tends to be more important politically that actual safety) will be used to destroy “Freedom” as it has so often before.

    In a just world, vehicles would be legally prevented from steering, applying the brakes, or accelerating without active driver input. This is not a just world.

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