Why Is Europe Abandoning Christianity So Rapidly

A Christian alarmed at the rapid fall of Christianity in Scotland lays out the blame in a recent publication. He says two things have caused it, socialism and immigration. As with nearly all issues in the social sciences, there are many variables.

Europe has more socialism than the U.S. But, it has a lot of privately owned businesses. I assume those migrating into Europe are not working for governments but mostly are working for private businesses. The businesses pay them less. Prices of the goods they produce are less and profits higher. How can one blame “socialism” for that?

Then the author links immigration with young peoples’ disinterest in Christianity. Tolerance for other religious beliefs is taught in the liberal public schools of Europe, the author believes, and this makes young people question Christianity.

All this seems like a stretch to me. It seems likely Christianity is falling off in Europe rapidly for other reasons. One might be simply that its time has run out. Another is that it has become so identified with an older generation the next one doesn’t relate to it.

We have to remind ourselves always that in Europe there are state religions while in the U.S. they are free enterprise. This latter allows for more innovation and adjustment to the market. The irony is so many religious people want to make Christianity the state religion, or, put parts of the religion, like anti abortion and gay rights, into law.

Best to stay away from government.

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  1. Juan Ruiz

    I’d say it’s a case of familiarity breeds contempt. Europe has had some 1800 years of Christianity as the official religion. Much of that time the Church worked hand in glove with the aristocracy, while 95% of the populace was told it was God’s will that they sucked hind tit.

      1. Juan Ruiz

        An analogous phenomenon is happening in Latin America, especially Mexico and Guatemala, where Catholics are abandoning the Church in the face of enormous proselytizing by Mormons, JWs, and Evangelicals. Again, the Catholic church treated its congregation poorly for centuries, while functioning as a part of the aristocracy.

    1. mike 4:52 you may enjoy the Kurk Anderson book “Fantasyland

      Thank you for stopping in to comment. Yes, a fine book by Kurk Anderson, I’ve read some of it. In summary, he says the U.S. has gone off the rails believing crazy stuff. That Obama is a Muslim, that he is not a citizen and that Hillary runs a child sex ring are all part of it. Other developed countries, he admits, have some of this. But, only the U.S. is over the top nuts.

      And, a big part of it comes from or through Christianity. There are millions of Christians who believe their faith tells them one fertilized cell is a human being. A big segment of them believe their faith wants them to believe the morals of our country will improve if we elect a liar and wife cheater, and now a child molester, Roy Moore, to the highest of political offices. Bad as it is, can it get worse? Yes.

  2. Grant Bucson

    Europe is going to hell. It’s literally being overrun by third world invaders and instead giving into a general degeneracy and contempt of atheism. I’m an atheist but I see the need currently for a strong church authority and religion to combat and drive out the invaders.

    1. Grant 12:01 It’s literally being overrun by third world invaders…I’m an atheist but I see the need..for a strong church authority…to combat and drive out the invaders.

      So, my atheist colleague, you are going to convert to Catholicism to fight the Muslims? To make your world work someone needs to convert to fight the Muslims. I can’t. The numbers of Christian people is falling in Europe and the U.S. so who is going to fund the “strong church authority”?

      Your version of current events is void of reality. Lots of Christians probably are employing cheaper Muslims to make more money themselves. If there was no economic opportunity for Muslims they would not be in Europe. If the culture finds it likes cheap labor it will invite it in.

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