Secularists Are Surrounding The U.S.

A recent public speech by a high level Canadian official, approved of by Prime Minister Trudeau, is evidence Canada is going secular like much of Europe. Maybe President Trump needs a wall on the U.S. Canadian border even more than with Mexico.

While we have a President that panders to the religious right secularism keeps marching toward the U.S paying no attention to him. We can be sure plenty of effort was made in Europe and Canada to turn back the tide but change continued.

For some years commentators have been calling for a big revival. Time marches on but we do not see the public filling the pews.

There are countries where Christianity is growing such as some on the African continent. The historical pattern has been the faith does well until income and education reaches a certain level of maturity and then it declines. This not inevitable, of course, with a strategic response the faith can overcome this pattern.

I’ve said here many times the faith needs to study its progressive wing. This is the branch that can offset the negative forces of education and economic success. Adopting this approach has much more going for it than the old idea of  a revival.

Realisticly neither a revival nor an embrace of progressive religion is on the horizon. More likely is the decline coming this way.

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