Relocation Of Each Household Due To Climate Change, $500,000

Climate change is happening and it’s going to be more expense than thought eariler. Government is now paying for thousands to relocate. The cost is running north of $500,000 on average to relocate a household.

There are several peculiar things going on.  A place I’ve been watching for several years is the city of Miami Beach. It is an island very near Miami. Water started ponding in places never seen before a few years ago. It has gotten steadily worse. The city government has started a huge effort to survive with reservoirs and pumps. Miami Beach’s circumstances have gotten steadily worse and some roads have been swamped. The city wants roads raised which runs seven million dollars a mile.

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) nationally has spent far more than expected. It spends some of its money moving people out of harms way because that is cheaper than mopping up after a flood.

While doing what it can to avoid coming flood problems, FEMA must do a dance with the Trump Administration which does not want open admission there is such a thing as global warming. For the Administration to say FEMA must cut costs by preparing for increased flooding while simultaneously saying there is no increase in floods is the stuff of comedy.

The Administration might want to ask the four counties in the Miami area why they organized 10 years ago specifically to deal with global warming. It would be far cheaper for those counties to be deniers. But, they cannot.


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  1. You do know that the climate is always changing, right?

    You do know that the planet is generally a frozen wasteland and that in this very brief period of time, we are generally warming up, although there has not been any, so called, “Global warming” over the past 15 (fifteen) years.?

    God (sic) forbid that the temperature rises and Canada is able to grow actual crops, for a change… that would be a disaster (sarcasm)!

    Guess what, “global climate change” is a part of the planet. The problem isn’t people, the problem is the sun. The sun is far from perfect. And like I said above, 95% of the time, the Earth is a frozen ball.

    I can deal with that, why can’t you?

    1. Kevin 6:50 Thanks for coming on here to comment. Your comments are always welcome.

      The problem isn’t people, the problem is the sun.

      Everyone knows the climate changes and always has. What scientists have noted is that this change is taking place more rapidly than the evidence of the past indicates it has changed before. There is no known variable to explain the speed of this change except the CO in the atmosphere. If you can provide us with scientific, not political, sources that say the sun’s heat has changed that would be most helpful. My understanding is the sun’s heat is measured and has not changed.

      Having said that, in all of science there is always the possibility there is some other variable not known at this time and thus not measured.This is unlikely but must be admitted.

      What policies transpire from what is known and what is unknown should be measured in deaths and disruptions. It seem obvious the death and disruptions from climate change are greater than those same measurements from reducing carbon emissions. There will be some deaths and disruptions from reducing emissions and lots of climate change will happen even if they are not curbed. Nevertheless, future generations will be better off.

    1. Long John 6:56 I have read that Miami and part of Fla. are sinking because that have been building on filled ground.

      No doubt either the ground of the city of Miami Beach is sinking or the water is rising. Some water is coming up in the inland neighborhoods of Miami Beach and not from the beach area. There is so much money involved I have no doubt engineers can find a stable source from which to determine if it is rising water or sinking land. They would not be adding more weight to the land by raising roads if they thought this would just make the island sink faster.

      It says in the Bible there will be doubters. This is certainly the case with the those who doubt the current climate change is in part man made.

    1. Chuck Z.What caused the end of every ice age on this planet before man?

      You tell us. In the meantime, I’ll put you down among those referred to in the Bible as a doubter.

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