Pro Football And Politics

While it is slowly fading away, the issue of whether pro football players stand or kneel during the National Anthem is still in the news some days. A recent story claimed the villain is a liberal who runs the league’s publicity branch. The entire saga  of getting upset because players make a political statement before games in circumstances provided by conservatives is humorous to say the least.

One thing Christian conservatives are for is religious liberty. They don’t want to be required by employers to perform tasks that are contrary to their religious beliefs. Football players who don’t want to stand during the National Anthem are making statement that is called political but might in some cases be religious. The difference is of no importance. If the National Anthem had the words “in Allah we praise” conservatives would take a knee.

Football audiences and revenue is declining. Conservatives believe their protests of players taking a knee has something to do with this. It was happening before all this came up.

TV viewership is down in general. Football as entertainment is going in the wrong direction. People today want and can have instant change in their entertainment if they are bored. So, when the action stops in a football game they want to push buttons and have it start up again. Football management, however, has increased the delays and dead time with instant reply and time outs for commercials. Until the game has less down time audiences will decrease.


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  1. Dennis

    What is the definition of “disrespect”? In 1992, the Supreme Court ruled that burning the flag was protected as free speech. Is kneeling for the anthem somehow worse than burning the flag? I would not want anyone to get the wrong impression about this question and think I am unpatriotic because my daughter, my son and I have served a combined total of nearly 45 years in the uniform services of this great country. I don’t think the actions of the players is unpatriotic nor disrespectful. I think they are within their constitutional rights to bring their concerns to the public forum and this is their way of doing it.

    1. Jinx II

      Well said Dennis! You and your family has served to protect and preserve our freedoms and our ways of expressing injustice… cuts both ways for different people. The people brought to this country to be sold as slaves, eventually freed and then subjected to over a century of racism, prejudice and segregation have been greatly disrespected. You served for all Americans freedoms and understand the deeper meaning of protecting our rights, you are an honorable man.

  2. John North

    John, how nice to know along with all your other areas of extraordinary expertise, you’ve become an expert in television broadcasting and advertising. Keep up the great work.

    1. John 9:03 Thanks for coming on to comment.’ve become an expert in television broadcasting and advertising.

      I’ll admit it’s a little presumptuous of me to say I know what pro football should do. If pro football has become more draggy to me maybe it seems that way to others. When a ref blows a call and everyone can see it on TV replays, I wish the commentator would say, “These blown calls even out over the season” and keep the game going.

  3. Henry

    Dennis: ” I don’t think the actions of the players is unpatriotic nor disrespectful.”

    I think they are. If I take my dog to your mother’s funeral and my way of expressing my concerns in a public forum is traipsing the dog up to the front and have him cock his leg on her casket, that would be viewed to be very disrespectful with very poor decorum.

    There are free speech rights on one hand, and there is proper orderly conduct on the other hand. The players disrespecting the flag and anthem in a captive audience situation is the equivalent of a dog cocking his leg on a loved one’s funeral casket. They should go in their own front yards and kneel.

    1. Henry 9:16 and there is proper and orderly conduct on the other hand

      I’d like to see the protesters at abortion clinics stop calling out to women patients as they walk to their appointments.

      1. Henry

        9:53, The NFL problem will take care of itself. The kneelers cocking their leg on the flag will get their just reward. They will be getting a cut in salary and/or employment.

        The abort clinics will also get their just reward. While some aborters are stuck embracing the old, using 1800’s technology Sweeney Todd style, every day we have newer technology that reaffirms the prolife positions.

    2. Dennis

      Henry, well said. Would you please forward your note on proper orderly conduct to Mr Trump? He may find it instructive.

      1. Henry

        For which noted disordlerly conduct should I note? Please keep in mind he does occupy the “bully pulpit”. He has the right to utter “bitter clingers” or “basket of deplorables”, or even “Jew Bastard” as the other more orderly presidents and president hopefuls have uttered. I could also give you some lines from Democrat Lyndon Johnson, but it would incite a race war and disorder from the more sensitive. Please be specific about President Trump.

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