Why Did Christians Abandon Their Communism

That early Christians were communists is hard to deny. Those who wrote the Bible, the wealthy, thought it would be best if those below them had no personal assets. Best would be communal ownership rather than individually owned property. It could not have been more clearly spelled out in the Bible.

It’s not hard to envision what happened to “give all all your stuff to the group and own nothing yourself.” That concept was abandoned as soon as it was found to be unpopular. By the 1960’s “Kill a communist for Christ” was rallying cry in Vietnam and Christian entertainer Pat Boone declared, “Better dead than Red.”

The faithful were to learn from words assigned to Jesus himself that accumulating wealth is not part of the faith. Each of you who does not give up all he possesses is incapable of being my disciple Jesus is supposed to have said (Luke 14:30). So much for “godless communism”.

And, as if we were in church, let me lead in the reading of Matthew 6:19-20, Do not store up treasures for yourself on earth. Paul is supposed to have written that the earliest Christians lived in one dwelling sharing all with the group.

I’ve heard the term, “God given right of private property.” Maybe it originally read, “God commands us to give up our right of private property” and the words were changed to help raise membership.

It might have been easier to give up one’s stuff when it was believed the world would end soon.

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  1. Henry

    The photo of the hay workers well represents communism and its terrible inefficiencies. A capitalist hay worker would have backed the trailer closer to the hay’s final placement and cut his need for a labor force down to two or three. A hay brigade like they are doing doesn’t work so well. Lots of wasted energy in the transfer from person to person.

    Also, one can cherry pick passages from the bible that can be construed to be communistic. One can also cherry pick perhaps a greater number of verses that can be construed to be capitalistic. The political analysis is not the main thrust of the passages.

    1. Adam Heckathorn

      I laughed heartily at what you wrote from “Also” on Henry and I thought about how the easiest one to lie to is ourselves. The New testament is a pretty communist promoting piece of work. The Cognitive Dissonance is palpable.

        1. Henry 8:43 II Thess 3:8..definitely some communists there. Chief of communists there he be!”

          I looked through that chapter 3 and missed the part about private property and accumulating wealth. Apparently it’s in there–I could use some help finding it.

          1. Henry

            Strange that an economist doesn’t know the differences between communism and capitalism. A communist would have had no problem in leaning on the efforts of others.

            Again, you miss the forest for the tree in your zeal for cherry picking.

          2. Henry 9:35 Strange that an economist doesn’t know the differences between communism and capitalism. A communist would have had no problem in leaning on the efforts of others.

            You must be practicing parody. That is ridiculous. Have you ever heard of the “gulag”. That’s where communists went who did not work went. Paul was hinting at the gulag for lazy members of the commune.

          3. Henry 10:53 Ok, that’s what happened. I missed reading the word “gulag” in 2 thess. Thanks for your assistance.

            The Bible is serving its intended purpose, providing something all of us can use. If it’s not in there, we can insert it as “meaning”. You are right, Paul did not use the word, gulag. I am right, Paul did not use the term, private property. We’re tied, we’re good.

          4. Henry

            Jon 11:41: “I am right, Paul did not use the term, private property.”

            I suppose you are right on that. Paul did not use the term “private property”. Although I am not sure that anyone has yet contested that claim.

      1. Adam 8:09 I laughed heartily at what you from “Also” on Henry and I thought about how the easiest one to lie to is ourselves. The New Tesament is a pretty much communist promoting piece of work. The Cognitive Dissonance is palpable.

        Great post, Adam. I see it as you do. The “Cherry picking” referred to by Henry is what he is doing. The larger message is that communism is the way Christians should live their lives.

        I would guess the communism advocated by the wealthy authors of the Bible is similar to the communism of more contemporary times. The peons are to live communally, its cheaper if each does not have his own house. The wealthy/leaders in luxury digs.

        But, the faith dumped circumcision and communism. All the while it preached, “THE FAITH NEVER CHANGES.”

        1. Catcher

          Re. 8;09 and 8;49; The parable of the vineyard owner sending out agents to collect his due, and the killing of those agents by the tenants ( mat. 21;33-42 could be the earliest mention of a communist take over. Cognitive issonance? could be.

  2. Juan Ruiz

    The Qum Ran community appears to have been a communal society; all things owned by all. Some scholars have suggested that John the Baptist had been a member, and perhaps even Jesus.

    1. Henry

      Looks like the guberment needs to do a better job of regulating atheism. They need background checks on all atheists, and have a year-long waiting period before they can post on the internet. No atheists in schools either. Keep our kids safe.

        1. Henry

          I suspected something was up waiting for the news on him. There was a dramatic pause, and this character was known, his online rants available to some. Leave it to a foreign news agency to get the entire story and finally report it.

          Makes me wonder about Paddock. He is kind of this solitary agnostic/atheist figure. Maybe the conspiracy theorists are thinking about Paddock too hard.

          Then historically we have Timothy McVeigh. He exhibited about as much Christian attributes as Kelley did Baptist attributes.

          1. Henry

            They are very fortunate the plumber had his deer rifle handy and engaged in a back-and-forth fire fight with the perp. Apparently, 30.06 overcame the body armor he had. Took a lot of balls. He likely saved the reported hostage the perp brought with him.

      1. godless

        Really curious as to the point of your argument? Are you stating it is because he was an atheist he committed these crimes?

        1. Henry

          Well, let’s see. You have an unstable atheist, dishonorably discharged from the Air Force. He is mad at the world, particularly Christians based on his posts. He just so happens to blow away a Texan Baptist Church. Golly gee, you tell me his motive. Doesn’t this meet the criteria of hate crime?

          It wasn’t that long ago when Jon brought up the Matt Shephard incident and blamed it on heterosexuals that were apparently homophobic. In reality, based on later investigation and reporting, it was a drug deal gone bad between fellow homo/bisexuals. Yet, immediately, it was framed as a hate crime.

        2. unregenerate

          godless 11.06.17@1:49 pm

          The point of the argument:
          Just Christian vultures feeding on carrion. A veritable communion of ‘saints’ feasting on tragedy. Much belching and burping. Sad.

  3. Rob

    Maybe what the shooter did is accepted by other atheists. It seems to be a me first non religious religion. I’ve never read their version of the 10 commandments, but maybe thou shalt not kill isn’t in there.
    The atheist community is sure quiet on the subject of the shooting; makes you wonder.

    1. Henry

      The news media really isn’t reporting on it, therefore, that information doesn’t really exist. There is nothing for the atheists to therefore renounce. Kind of like Hillary’s medical collapse before she was unceremoniously shoved into her ambulance van. It wasn’t reported, thus it didn’t happen.

      1. Grandma

        But Henry — the mass shooters are men with access to firearms. They have no right to shoot others. I think we can all agree on that.

        1. Henry

          He broke the law possessing his gun. Do you want to write another law saying he shouldn’t lie when filling out his 4473? Do you want to write another law stating that the Air Force shall file the proper paperwork with the FBI?

    2. Henry

      Rob 10:35: “The atheist community is sure quiet on the subject of the shooting; makes you wonder.”

      Very quiet. Almost as quiet as a local mosque after a major Islamic domestic terror event. It has the same vibe.

      1. Henry 8:13 Very quiet
        I don’t expect people to remember what I write here, or, even read it. But, if one were to remember I have always said the faith called Islam is not to blamed for 9/11 or other atrocities committed by Muslims. The atrocities are committed by people committing crimes. This guy said he was an atheist. I can use the same defense as Christians used to defend the charge that Timothy McVeigh who was a Christian and bombed in Oklahoma, “He wasn’t a real Christian.” Whatever.

        1. Henry

          By that line of logic, Kelley is then a practicing Baptist, not an atheist as he avowed. If we look back at his history, Kelley is a Baptist as McVeigh was also a Christian, and you are in the clear. It is interesting seeing atheists leaning on old information.

        2. Rob

          Much of your life’s work on this blog is to find obscure minorities of Christians doing unsavory things, and then labeling the whole group.

          Very encouraging to see you state that from now on you will blame the individual, not the claimed faith.
          Good luck finding topics.

    1. Chuck Z 6:18 Child abuser. Animal abuser. Spousal abuser. Atheist.

      Moving on from the mass killer to the upcoming U. S. Senate campaign in Alabama. Roy Moore: Child abuser. Republican candidate. Christian.

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