Sherlock Holmes: There Is Nothing More Deceptive Than The Obvious

Sometimes we can look to fiction for insight into perplexing phenomena. Sherlock Holmes explained that most obvious evidence is often the most likely to be overlooked. To me this explains why so many who are religious cannot accept what others see clearly. It applies not just to Christians but to religions around the world.

When people are born into a family or society which believes a certain god is not a product of imagination but an actual being they likely acquire a belief not only in a god but in that particular god. They are surrounded by belief and cannot fathom the invisible being is not actually there. That it is present in other minds as well as their own makes it seem tangible and real.

What is right in front of them, however, is the obvious. If no one has ever seen the god, nor seen evidence the god can deliver what it is said to promise, odds are strong there is no god.

Another place Sherlock Holmes could help us is with abortion. The prevailing view among anti abortion zealots is the fertilized egg is a human being. If a detective like Holmes looks for evidence this is true, he/she will come up empty. There is but one conclusion available, the fertilized egg is not a human being.

As Holmes said, “Once you have eliminated all of which is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.”



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    1. John

      The true transgender will not rape that sex it desires to become, just as it is a true homosexual will not rape a child. Rapists and pedofiles are creatures unto themselves.Humans are amazing things. We are true to our nature. We are just confused as to what our nature is.

      1. Bob

        Really??? Do you have scientific data to back this up? “True transgender”? “True homosexual”? Back up your facts.

  1. Jinx II

    Breaking News Its been reported the Government buildings have a rodent problem, a rat was seen outside the Senate Chambers as well as other places. This is the truth. My interpretation of these news is, Mitch McConnell was sited scurrying out of the Senate and over to the White House to kiss that weasel Drumpfs a$$. Ha Ha Ha…..I like my interpretation and I don’t care who does or doesn’t.

  2. Jon,

    Sherlock – Mark thinks you’re wrong !!

    Matthew McCann Fenton in, “TIME” “Exploring The Unexplained” notes, “ ‘Truth is stranger than fiction,’ Mark Twain once quipped, ‘because fiction is obligated to stick to possibilities – truth
    isn’t.” As was often the case with Twain, this smart-aleck remark was the camouflage that concealed a provocative insight: many times in history the truth has turned out to be a radical departure from what everyone ‘knew’ to be true. Perhaps that is why important new truths are so often uncovered by fringe figures and outsiders.”

    Why is your current physics theory 95% in the dark ?

    You might try reading the bible without religion and see what comes to light !

    I did and I share at:


  3. mark anthony

    interesting post Jon. just one brief comment, tho’. those pro-life zealots that you so loudly and consistently disdain would say that you pro-abortion zealots are the ones who are missing the obvious. be that as it may, there is a fundamental metaphysical issue in play here. I think that I have a good handle on that issue but, alas, don’t have time to go into it here. besides you would probably write the whole matter off as just another “religious” argument. in that regard I have every reason to think that you can’t/won’t distinguish between philosophy and theology (at least theology as you understand it).

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