Buddhism And Science

All religions try to establish that their truth goes beyond belief. Anti abortionists keep finding what they call evidence a human being is present shortly after conception. A few years ago a young Hindu professor told a gathering I attended the tenets of Hinduism are supported by science. Christianity has a fake science branch the promotes “intelligent design” as an alternative to evolution.

A professor with science credentials has written a new book that claims to establish the Buddhism has at its core science from the fields of psychology, physiology and others. It is claimed the Buddha offered a self help for suffering.

The author puts forward the case that humans have mental anxiety today because they were not equipped through evolution for what they have to deal with in our complex society. Humans are equipped mentally to be hunters and gathers he says.

The way out of today’s anxieties, the author says, is meditation. Meditation puts one on a path back to more manageable mental states.

I once read that Buddha suffered great mental anguish. He was from a wealthy family but chose to be apart and went through dark times. He came out the other side of this having lost his anguish. He is quoted as saying, “I am not a god and cannot perform miracles. You have the power within you to deal with whatever life hands you.”

I know nothing about meditation. Those who benefit from it, or from Christian prayer, should continue to use either.