Who Is Espousing “Theological Nonsense”

George Weigel publishes in Catholic outlets. He markets himself as a Catholic intellectual.

Weigel is a conservative Catholic who says liberal Catholics espouse theological nonsense. His recent beef is with liberal Catholics who say they want to take back the faith to what it once was. Weigel calls that theological nonsense. He then launches into an almost child-like view of where the faith came from.

Weigel takes his favorite passages of scripture, nails these to a point in time and declares this is when truth prevailed. Liberals do the same thing with different scripture. They also proclaim their time is when the truth prevailed.

He says the big question facing Catholics is, “How much should the faith surrender to the dominant culture?” That is not the right question. The correct question is how much has the faith already surrendered to cultures? He does not mention that circumcision would still be the religious law did the faith back then not surrender to the culture of that time.

Hundreds of religious laws from the Old Testament were set aside to accommodate the modern culture. The Bible made certain to put in a story of a covenant to cover for cultural accommodation. I can’t begin to tell of the cultural accommodation I have seen in my own life beginning in the rural Midwest.

I’ve decided to coin the term, Economic Law of the Faith. It is that those in the pews pay the bills so they, ultimately, write the sermons as well.

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  1. Juan Ruiz

    “Hundreds of religious laws from the Old Testament were set aside to accommodate the modern culture.”

    The ancient Jewish sages were already engaged in reinterpreting the mandates of Deut and Lev which they considered too extreme. They’re found in the Talmud, Mishnah, and other works.

    One example is the “eye for an eye” demand. They clarified it to say that a third party could not be harmed. I rape your daughter, you can’t rape mine. They also reduced it all to monetary compensation. No one actually lost an eye or a tooth.

    1. Juan Ruiz

      I looked at their web site, but not a lot of info there. I presume it’s an Evangelical outfit, proclaining the inerrant Bible as Verbum Dei.

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