Prejudice Disguised As “Religious Liberty”

Jeff Sessions has laid out this Administration’s view of religion. It is that religion can and should be used to discriminate against those groups that are hated.

We  know hating people who are different has been going apparently since the beginning of humans. The Bible admonishes cripples and deformed not to enter the temple. There were slaves held by leaders in the Bible. Put those lesser people in their place is the message.

While it has always been used, the fresh justification for discriminating is the Christian faith. If you want to put gay people in their place turn them away from your business. If you hate abortion and birth control, refuse to sell the medicines even if they are needed for other health applications.

One of the many problems with refusing to do business with people you don’t approve of is it turns around to bite you. I read recently about a liberal who kicked religious people out of his business. I did not read the details but one can be certain Christians who discriminate will ultimately be discriminated against. That’s the dark side of humans.

As a young man I lived in Puerto Rico. I experienced being an outsider there. Even worse was walking around the poor sections with my Chinese roommate. There were few Chinese there then and children would circle him with mocking chants.

The fine line between allowing people to believe in whatever god they might prefer and forcing it on others is invisible to this Administration.


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  1. Believer

    This article is just flat out false. Jesus healed a lot of people who were crippled and so did the Apostles. The biblical term “slave” would be equivalent to modern day nine to five workers. The biblical term “bondage” would be equivalent to modern day slavery in most instances. God does not see slavery the way we see it. Jesus said “…whoever wishes to become great among you must be your servant, and whoever wishes to be first among you must be slave of all. For the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life a ransom for many.”

    Homosexuality is a biblical abomination. It is a sin that homosexuals take pride in while falsely claiming the Christian holy rainbow symbol is a symbol of “gay pride,” and pride is also a sin. It is only when homosexuals interfere in religious law that Christians will not involve themselves because doing so would have eternal consequences.

    For example marriage is religious (Genesis 1:26; 2:24, Matthew 19:4), designed in a creative capacity, IN THE IMAGE OF GOD. This is scripture and Christians cannot look at it any other way. For the Christian, a marriage law that contradicts the biblical law is a counterfeit. THIS IS THE BURDEN OF CONSCIENCE FOR CHRISTIANS. If someone wanted to marry their computer and asked the Christian baker to bake the cake, he would decline because it would counterfeit the Image of God in marriage.

    Religious Liberty first and foremost is the freedom to Love and Honor God in how you live your daily life, both publicly and privately, and it is also how you think and what you do according to Scripture. It means The People of Faith believe God is Love (1Timothy 4:8) and reject the phrase “love is love.” Religious liberty also means that the people of faith are free to believe that the rainbow is a holy symbol of God’s holy covenant and believers reject the notion that it means “gay pride.”

    Religious liberty means the people of faith are free to believe that Marriage is religious and can only be between a man and a woman. Christians are not going around “hating” homosexuals — this is false. However, Christians have the right to not participate in any ceremony or event that offends and mocks their faith.

    1. Believer 11:37 Thanks for sharing your views.
      Jesus healed many and so did his apostles.

      I’m sure that you are aware that none of those who wrote the Bible said, “I saw that.” The writing was based on stories handed down from an earlier time. We skeptics note the stories are similar and sometimes identical to stories handed down from a time before that of the Bible.

    2. Juan Ruiz

      ” The biblical term “slave” would be equivalent to modern day nine to five workers. ”

      Where on earth did you get this nonsense? Slaves were slaves. They didn’t punch a clock and they weren’t getting paid.

      1. Juan 7:38 Where on earth did you get this nonsense? Slaves were slaves.

        Our friend “Believer” is so far off the mark he sounds like someone making fun of Christianity on a parody site.

        1. Juan Ruiz

          In all the decades I’ve been around, I’ve seen some doozie rationalizations for all the untoward items in the Bible. But this one nearly takes the cake.

          I get this mental image of Hebrews lining up to clock in to go to work for the Egyptians.

          1. Juan–And slaves are referred to as “team members.” Every hour the slave owner goes by and says, “You’re doing great.” In the US slave owners fathered many children–raped slave women. But not in Biblical times??

          2. Juan Ruiz

            “In the US slave owners fathered many children–raped slave women. But not in Biblical times??”

            The preferred to have sex with their sisters (Tamar), daughters (Lot) and their friends’ wife (Uriah).

  2. Jinx II

    In my opinion, Sessions is a despicable man and has a history of advancing divisiveness among whites and any minority. The bible has been and continues to be a tool to justify just about anything. In the USA, why do some people assume that the only way to interpret our Constitution is through conservative, extremist, religious and christian’s views. The Constitution was never intended to be used so narrowly as the foundation of our country.

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