Will Discovering Aliens Change Religion

The search of life on other planets is getting more sophisticated. The ability to detect signals across many other frequencies is expanding. One scientist says signals could be found by 2035. He is not certain yet there are any out there, but new detection systems are pushing into the previously unknown.

It is fun to speculate about life on other planets and even in other solar systems. According to the link, there are planets circling other stars that, like those circling our sun, that are too close and too hot, to far away and too cold and withing the range of heat and cold tolerable to life as is earth.

Suppose a form of life is discovered out there and we learn enough about it to know it has something like brains and comprehension. The Bible tells us we humans on earth are his favorites. Would the faithful decide God did not like these other creatures as much as he loves us? Or, would they simply not believe regardless of the evidence this other life exists.

To the non believer life on other planets would change nothing. The non believer sees humans as simply part of the natural world and nothing or nothing less. Humans exist now because of fortuitous events that began life and it developed into humans. Someday the sun will burn out and the favorable circumstances and the humans they brought about will be gone.

Neither life on earth nor life in outer space has anything to do with religion.

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  1. Rob

    Or what if they are Christians and have religious art and symbols on all their public property, and begin each public meeting with a prayer?
    It sure is fun to speculate.

  2. Wolfy32

    About 2 – 3 years from now, this day, we’ll make some significant discoveries about our galaxy and maybe even our universe:


    “The James Webb Space Telescope is NASA’s next great multi-purpose observatory and will be the world’s most powerful space telescope ever built, serving thousands of astronomers worldwide. The 21-foot (6.5-meter) diameter infrared-optimized telescope is designed to study an extremely wide range of astrophysical phenomena: the first stars and galaxies that formed; the atmospheres of nearby planets outside our solar system, known as exoplanets; and objects within our own solar system. Webb is an international project led by NASA with its partners ESA and the Canadian Space Agency.”

    Will discovering Aliens change religion. We only have Hollywood to thank for portraying how the world might react to the discovery of Aliens…. People praying to or seeking to be taken by aliens in Independence day…. In Contact evidence of alien life is withheld, the impact of just talk of the concept was huge in terms of people coming out in droves and thinking aliens might be angels, or they are evil, or etc.

    Event Horizon, ties science into religion in that the advanced space ship that Earth builds actually travels into hell’s denizens back with it.

    I would subject that because the universe is deemed at this point as potentially infinite, which our minds are incapable of fully comprehending and that we cannot fathom what’s possibly beyond the boundaries of the universe by that alone, defines there is probably something out there. To think humans were the only life to accidently evolve in the universe or that earth is the only host to life seems impossible. There’s a simple theory… Earth has life… Therefore we are self evident that life does exist on other worlds. Will that life have died off or been killed off before or after life on Earth is destroyed? Who knows. We are subject to the distances between habitable worlds, which is millions of light years a part. If the telescopes were able to find actual activity on a planet, what we would see would be so far in the past that we’d have no way of knowing whether life on that world still exists or not.

    However, this also leads me to think it’s self evident there could be some type of caretaker for the universe. It’s definitely within the realm of possibility. Whether a single being or a race of beings who knows.. And whether they’re a race that died out and seeded planets like earth or a race that seeks to spread it’s DNA across the universe, the possibilities are endless. Do I believe Christians have it all figured out… No… But they definitely like perfect explanations that fit their box….

    I agree with them in part… The universe and our little planet in the universe is a terrifying place… We could be crushed any second and not even know what happened…. Having some type of religion to comfort us… Probably isn’t a bad thing.

  3. Juan Ruiz

    I have to confess that I am at a loss to understand the popularity of what is euphemistically, and inaccurately, called “relity television: UFOs, ghosts and demons, fringe history, millionaire clans “living of the grid” in Alaska… The Discovery, A+E, and even Nat Geo have sold their souls for the proverbial 3o pieces of silver, while offering up vacuous Drek.

    1. Juan 1:02 I have to confess that I am at a loss to understand the popularity of what is euphemistically, and inaccurately, called “reality television

      I’m with you on that. There is fake news and fake reality. Who likes this stuff?

      I have to confess on having done some of it. Decades ago, Juraldo Revera did a piece in Fargo. He told me the two of us would casually walk across the campus and have a conversation about a topic, he would ask me about this and I would explain about that. There was not a script but we both had an understanding of what would transpire. We did it once. Then we did it again.

      After it was on the network, a couple of local people asked me, “Did you know you had a mike on?” I guess my acting was not too bad.

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