Hostility Towards Christianity Has Not Increased

A sociologist who is a Christian maintains there is not evidence U.S. society is more hostile to Christians than in the past. Times have changed in certain ways he admits.

One thing that has changed is corporations’ attitude toward the faith. Perhaps it was 30 years ago when the religious right complained about Disney theme parks. It became a custom for gays to come to the Orlando park on certain days. So many showed up it seemed like an organized event. Disney did not organize it, neither did it turn back a good pay day.

The religious right called for a boycott of Disney parks. When no one noticed the boycott had to be called off. There was a similar boycott of Ford Motors. It too was ignored then called off.

There have been laws against full citizenship for black people and proposed laws against Muslim immigrants. There are branches of Christianity that discriminate against women clergy and gay clergy. I know of no law prohibiting Christians from any aspect of full citizenship.

Perceptions have changed, however, and in ways perception is reality. Only a few years ago any public official or public speaker could espouse his/her Christian beliefs and not expect criticism. Now, criticism is in the face of many who testify for the faith. Public expression of no faith is now a common thing.

It is just as easy to be a Christian as it ever was. For many reasons the perception is one of hostility.

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  1. The Julius Project

    “Hostility Towards Christianity Has Not Increased”

    One wouldn’t know it by reading this blog.

    1. Julius 11:27 One wouldn’t know it by reading this blog.

      To me, this blog is an outgrowth of corporations and the world of business. It appears here because it helps Forum Communications build the traffic it needs for its advertising. Were it not for this commercial aspect there would be no Freethinker blog. The irony of this is that the Christian Right thinks its friends are corporations and support them in the laws they want for their own interests.

  2. Juan Ruiz

    Any criticism of any religion is viewed as hostility, no matter how valid. At least Christians don’t blow you up for it.

    1. Patricia

      If it’s hostile, it’s not Christian…I am a born again believer in Jesus Christ. I believe in the Holy Trinity…Father, Son and Holy Spirit. My only comment is….would you be beheaded for YOUR beliefs? Are you willing to give your life? The stuff here in America is just the beginning.
      thanks for listening.

      1. Patricia 7:30 Welcome to the forum.

        My only comment is….would you be beheaded for YOUR beliefs? Are you willing to give your life?

        People have given up their lives since way back when because they are sure the god in their minds is real and the god in the minds of the enemy is not. That is hard to understand.

        1. Catcher

          Re. 7;30 and 9;21; “Would you be beheaded for YOUR beliefs? Are you willing to give your life?”—I believe the question is directed to non-belief. If that’s the case has anyone been beheaded for the belief of non-belief, and for the defense of it. Not sure, but I suspect it has happened. Muslims are more severe towards apostasy than specific non-belief. The RCC has burned and boiled those who believe in a God differently .than their dogma. But have they killed anyone specifically for non- belief? I suspect they may have, but no documentation. Atheism by definition is “No God”. Has a true Atheist been beheaded for declaring no belief in any god? Could be, but doubtful as a systematic procedure.

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