New Religion Is Based On Artificial Intelligence

Religion seems to me to be created in people’s minds. The gods people believe in are virtual ones. Now a former engineer at Google has started a religion overtly originating in the human mind. It is a god from artificial intelligence.

All religions, so far as I know, claim to be based on so called natural events like weather, etc. This new religion is based exclusively on man made computers.

In a way, a religion based on artificial intelligence makes perfect sense. The Christian god almost always thinks the religious individual is doing fine. This god approves of what each believer concludes is “the truth” and has great affection for those that believe in him/her. In that way, current gods are created in the same way computers are created.

For example, I may ask my god about this blog. The god will say my blog is a good one and my “calling” is to continue writing. When people ask me why I writing it I could respond truthfully it is what my god wants me to do.

If I were making a god through artificial intelligence I would program in a statement, “I approve of your blog.” Then, when I asked that god about my blog he/she would approve.

There are pundits saying an artificial intelligence god is an evil idea. If people start to worship this god, it is said, they may abandon the “real” god.

If it turns out both kinds of gods say the same thing, it will not matter.

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  1. Jinx II

    All gods are false in my book until someone comes up with real evidence one exists……it hasn’t happened yet.

    1. Jinx II All gods are false in my book until someone comes up with real evidence one exists……it hasn’t happened yet.

      Good thought. This AI god might make Satan obsolete.

      1. Wolfy32

        The plan is simple… Much like when Europeans conquered the Native Americans through superior technology and knowledge… If we find out a God exists (criteria pending for what is the definition of someone worthy of being called “God”), then, we do our best diplomacy skills to find out what it seeks if anything. If it seeks human kind to worship it. . Find out why it needs humans to worship it… If it needs self esteem through Human worship and it’s capable of determining our fates. Then it’s probably in our best interest to worship it.

        It’s too bad when Europeans conquered the Americas that in the process of “Christianizing” the “lesser” people, we decided to kill them off instead of raising them up… But, Christianizing is about defeating any culture that threatens Christianity…..

        I really hope that whatever God being exists as the governing force in the universe, is much less Christianizing than Christians!

  2. Wolfy32

    I remember chatting with someone close to 20 years ago that said quite simply religion is a fraudulent financial driven institution. I choose to believe in Isis as my God, I pray only to her.

    Even the bible says that God is a jealous God and needs people to swear off all other Gods…..

    I find it amusing that the Creator, the God of all things, some one so powerful that they could speak the entire universe into existence with a simple word or gesture…. is assigned human feelings and human states of being such as “jealousness”.

    Seems to me the writers were afraid that Christians would retain their former traditions and continue worshiping other Gods and performing rituals of other beliefs… And they needed a reason to get people to get rid of those cultural ways so they would only adopt Christianity.

    What’s amusing about A.I. Science Fiction quite frequently explores the idea of an intelligent machine, and the biggest fear is that this machine would be void of human emotion or concern for life.

    I wonder if it is this same fear that a supreme being void of emotion, wouldn’t have a reason to care about us? Yet, why would a supreme ball of energy that can phase whatever it wants into existence in the blink of an eye be subject to human emotion especially one so animalistic as jealousy?

    We go from splitting the human emotions into deities and Gods – Much of Greek mythology has this splitting of the human condition. God of love, war, fortune, etc. Then we move to monotheism where one God has all of the characteristics of human emotion. From Anger, judgement, to jealousy, compassion, and many others.

    I believe there’s something in the universe or outside the universe that is unexplainable and incomprehensible. If anything, the religions of our world attempt to put this life force, energy, what have you into some proverbial box of human understanding and relatability because anything that could exist outside of our realm of understanding is truly not relatable to us by definition.

    So what do we do… We give it the same qualities of existence we have. We even make it one of us, but better than us for a period of time, then we kill it off, to explain why that being in human form doesn’t still exist today. It’s all so perfect and convenient for human kind to understand. This only serves human kind though. I’m not sure how this benefits a God that has everything and wouldn’t need us for anything… Logic would dictate, why would a being that has or could have anything need us?

    Might explain why we go through so much turmoil… The truth is it doesn’t need nor care what happens to us. If we kill each other off…That’s not it’s problem… If such a being or entity exists.

    1. Jinx II

      I do think you are onto something and I have had some of the same thoughts about some of your points. When you think about it, its quite frightening that we make a god in our image and behavior with a full range of our emotions. We are the cruelest species on the planet, especially towards our fellow man, yes, frightening.

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