Secret Children Of Priests, A Moral Failure

An elderly lady whose father was a priest called the Boston Diocese to ask if there is a support group for people like her. There was a long silence. Then the call ended.

The lady enjoyed the experience, nevertheless, because if reflected the long standing attitude of the Church toward offspring of its priests, silence. There has been silence on every moral failure of the Church since it started.

Priests give up economic opportunities to follow this profession. Thus, the Church is responsible for the economic lives of priests. When priests father children, it follows the Church is responsible to provide for them because the priest sacrificed for the church. If the Church would abandon its policy of bachelor priests it would not be responsible.

Using the known children of priests to estimate the world-wide number means there could be thousands. The easiest way to establish how many there are would be for priests around the world to admit how many children they have fathered.

The link discusses some small steps being taken to come to grips with this problem. It takes today in the U.S. roughly $200,000 to raise a child to the age of 18. If we knew the number of children priests have fathered we could estimate the size of the current unpaid obligation of the Church.

It took decades for the Church to take responsibility for child abuse committed by its priests. No doubt it will drag its heels on the issue of priest-fathered children.


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  1. Jinx II

    My heart bleeds for these children and their difficult future. The reactions of the church hierarchy are just as disgusting as the actions of their priests……..

    1. entech

      Have a little sympathy, after all they are only human. In spite of all the claims to the contrary, claims to moral superiority and the right to deny any possibility of morality to “The Atheist”.

      What do you think Rob? There must be far more atheist priests than we knew about, after all only atheists are so totally evil and a real priest must be a real Christian by definition. 👿

      1. Rob

        Seems odd there is so much compassion for these children from the atheists, who, if it were any other situation not involving people of faith who they feel the need to ridicule, would most likely have cheered on the abortions of these children.

        1. Rob 3:39 would most likely have cheered on the abortions of these children.

          Many of these women probably would have wanted approval from their priest lovers to have abortions. If the priests were influential in the decision not to have abortions, they and the Church should have paid child support. They almost never did.

  2. Juan Ruiz

    The doctrine of priestly celibacy was instituted at the First Lateran Council of 1123. It’s whole purpose was to stop the practice of having priests sons inherit their father’s parish, and their significant benefices. Those riches returned to the Church.

    In the centuries that followed, clergy, from priests to popes, continued to have children. In many cases they admitted their paternity. The most famous being Alexander VI (Rodrigo Borgia) declaring he was the father of his daughter’s child in 1498.

    Many of those children became priests, and rose in the ranks of the hierarchy to bishop and cardinal. They too had children.

    1. Catcher

      @ 6;24; re. 1123; If you do the math, that’s only slightly more than half the time from the start of “The Church Universal to now. Things started to get hinkey in Rome, in about the 600’s, with indicators earlier. And continuing through today.

      1. Juan Ruiz

        The point was that the Church of the Middle Ages didn’t cover up illegitimate children by the clergy as it does today.

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