The Southern God Puts On A New Face

The candidcy of Roy Moore for the Senate from Alabama is a Christian version of many who have run before him. During my lifetime two southern politicians come to mind.

One was Governor George Wallace of Alabama. He used the Bible to justify segregation. He vowed never to allow integration in Alabama. As time went on, however, the religious reasons for segregation evaporated and its politics  died as well.

Another was Governor of Georgia, Lester Maddox. Maddox came to fame running a restaurant. He said his restaurant would never serve black people and he vowed to greet them at the from door holding a pick axe handle. Like Wallace, his religious belief in segregation eventually took a back seat.

Today’s Roy Moore is all about Christian nationalism instead of Christian racial segregation. He carries around  a book from the time of the Constitution which claims its intent was that the U.S. government’s religion be Christianity. This view is similar to Maddox and Wallace in that it would allow one class of people to be superior to another.

Separating acceptable people from the unaccepted has been part of Christianity since the time of the Bible. The Bible points to those who are inferior and even puts women in an inferior category with slaves in the Ten Commandments.

The likely election of Moore to the Senate will have a good side. It will teach a new generation of Americans about the times of Wallace and Maddox.

Each generation must learn to turn back religious zealots.

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        1. Juan Ruiz

          The Faubus story predated those of Maddox and Wallace. And, iirc, was the first time the feds sent troops into a state to desegregate a public school.

  1. Jon,

    Faith & Law

    Video link at the end!

    The katholic kristian krist, kkk king, ND Federal District Judge Ralph R. Erickson who is on ascension to the 8TH Circuit uses his faith to color his rulings !!!

    It’s an hour long video, with the last 30 minutes from the judge and a closing statement by a prominent Fargo Attorney that the judge, “uses his faith to color his rulings, but we don’t talk about that in public !!”

    If your not katholic, look out !

    If your not kristian your in trouble !!

    If you don’t bow to his krist your in deep _ _ _ _ !!!

    1. Juan Ruiz

      This is North Dakota, a state whose legislature still refuses to eliminate Sunday closing laws. A state whose House refused to allow a Moslem cleric to give an opening prayer. It’s view on religious pluralism is having Catholics and Protestants.

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