Weird Stuff In The Bible

Mostly Bible weirdness is not a main stream topic. It is surprising when questions about material in the Bible appears in popular places.  From my Yahoo home page today is “10 Weird Facts About the Bible.” They mostly reviewed things I have discussed here before, but some deserve to be revisited.

Some of the “weird facts” have to do with changes to accommodate changing public tastes over these 2,000 years. I suppose believers today would say about the requirements of circumcision and human sacrifice, “Sure the Bible was written or guided by God, but those people back then did not understand God as well as we do today. So, policies and practices had to change. What God actually wanted and what he thought was sin has not changed.”

In chapter 5 of Acts there is an admonition the faithful must share what they have with everyone. Anyone who holds back food or money for himself is not a believer in good standing. Today we call this Communism. Then is was Christianity.

In Matthew 19, there is section attributed to Jesus that discusses eunuchs. It mentions some who are born that way. Regardless, tolerance was the rule. Today parts of the faith practice tolerance of sexual diversity. And, others refuse in spite of what seems an obvious advice for broad tolerance.

There are many surviving writings that were candidates for inclusion into the Bible. Arbitrary selections were made.

What is “weird” in the Bible and what is not depends on the time period when it is read.

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  1. entech

    And each of the ten weird facts has ten of its own associated with it and each of that hundred one hundred each.
    Probably more weird facts than there are things purported to facts of any kind.

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