On NFL Players Who Do Not Stand For The National Anthem

President Trump called players who do not stand for the National Anthem “Sons of Bitches.” A mother of an NFL player said that made her a “proud bitch.”

Perhaps President Trump heard that Nixon succeeded politically by lashing out at students who protested the Vietnam War. He might be right in his calculation.

There were as some of us remember flag burning back then. There were Olympic athletes who held up their fists during award ceremonies.

I wrote recently teams could eliminate protests during the anthems by eliminating the anthem performance. Protesters now do not want this to happen because it gives them a theatrical opportunity to bring attention to themselves and their views. The President does not want the Anthem eliminated because it is a political theatrical opportunity for himself. Playing the anthem provides priceless political theater to both sides.

Prayers before public meetings is, to me, another form of political theater. By keeping this custom officials can pretend a public meeting held to conduct mundane public business has some lofty or higher purpose. Thus the theatrical prayers.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation of Madison, WI, has been going across the South banning these prayers and picking up members. They find the theatrical prayers good for themselves.

The Bible admonishes believers (paraphrasing) “not to do theatrical prayers like the Pharisees.” But, believers ignore this scripture because prayers as political theater has worked well for them.

It is remarkable how devout believers condemn the Pharisees while endorsing them.

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  1. Henry

    NFL in tailspin. The stadiums were empty before Trump’s words. Now they are really empty. Goodell has to reverse course, but will the son of bitches let him? Discipline has been a problem for years. I.e Moss, etal.

    Genuinely good leadership by Trump to lead them back to success.

    1. Chuck Z

      Yep. I buy season tickets to watch you play a game for which you are ridiculously overpaid, not to watch you make a political statement. Do that on your time, not mine. Trump finally called them on it and the NFL is in desperation spin mode trying to appease their liberal fan base. Expect a team to sign Kaepernick in the next week or two in a further appeasement. The NFL has lost its fanbase and I don’t know that they will get them back. As with our late night tv hosts, actors, etc., you are paid to entertain so, entertain.

  2. Mahtomedi13

    NFL attendance is readily available and has increased consistently over the last 10 years. Trump is the only president to attempt to control individuals’ behavior. He is incapable of comprehending the very core of the constitution – protection of the individual from the governing body. He is a boorish, impetuous child who cannot handle contradictory opinions. This is particularly ironic in that his own opinions have changed wildly over the years.

    1. Mahtomedi13 12:17 Welcome and thanks for the comment.

      I have read a couple of places NFL viewership is down recently. Perhaps it is about the bad publicity over head injuries. One doubts owners can impose a requirement that players stand during the National Anthem.

      One of my Face Book friends wonders what percentage of stadium audience spends the entire Anthem time playing on their phones.

      I think the NFL is slipping from popularity because of “instant replay.” (In quotes because it is not instant.) While young people grow up with fast moving constant entertainment on their phones, the NFL made games slower moving than ever. I suspect it is more fun to play a fantacy video football game than to watch a real one.

  3. entech

    Don’t know much about NFL, but I do remember controversy over players kneeling in prayer before games. Perhaps both should be banned, I guess evangelicals think both should be compulsory.

  4. Freedom

    I’m with Trump on this issue. NFL owners and players can protest all they want 23 hours and 58 minutes a day. But, when the National Anthem is played, they can stand at attention for two minutes and show some RESPECT for all that died or became disabled serving their country and will never be able to play professional sports.

    1. Rob

      Great post. Not scientific, but according to a few websites I visited and the corresponding thumbs up/down on the comments, about 90% of the people agree with you.

  5. Juan Ruiz

    All pro sports have become over-extended: too many teams, too long seasons, taxpayer disgruntlement in funding stadiums and arenas, salaries which have no basis in reality, ticket prices beyond the reach of many…

  6. Henry

    The NFL “management” through fear has passively allowed this issue to swing wildly out of control. There is a simple code of conduct to follow regarding the national anthem AND the color guard’s presentation of the flag. “Professionals” should be able to comply with this code of conduct. Try sitting or kneeling at a simple Boy Scout den meeting when the flag ceremony is opening or closing the meeting.

    Yesterday afternoon I found it enjoyable watching Kyle Busch win the race. There is more of that in my future.

    1. Henry 11:59 The NFL “management” through fear has passively allowed this issue to swing wildly out of control.

      Perhaps a little hyperbole here. They are just kneeling, not standing. I would not call it “widely out of control.”

      1. Henry

        There is not a problem with simple kneeling. However, when it involves political activism in making a statement by breaking the code of conduct, disrespecting the flag and the anthem, that is where kneeling runs off the rails.

        They have a strict code of conduct where they are not allowed to have a sticker on their helmet. However, it is somehow seen as acceptable behavior not to give the prescribed honor to the flag or national anthem?

        The fact that a multi billion dollar industry is going to be brought down to its knees over this issue would classify it as wildly out of control.

        1. Henry 1:54 The fact that a multi billion dollar industry is going to be brought down to its knees over this issue would classify it as wildly out of control.

          I’m glad you are entertained by “huge” issues that come along and then disappear. I’ll give this one a couple more weeks. Hillary’s private email server seems to have been forgotten now that son-in-law uses his private server for gov’t business and has highest level security. Keep the faith.

          1. Henry

            Don’t worry about Hillary. When Muller gets done with his investigation, he will have to indict her if he has any honesty in his search for connections with Russia. She will have to have her fancy ambulance van drop her off at the courthouse doors for her Grand Jury hearing.

          2. Henry

            Jon:“….now that son-in-law uses his private server for gov’t business and has highest level security.”

            Per NPR:” Politico reported on Kushner’s use of a private web domain and email account Sunday, while also clarifying that there are no signs the presidential aide has used the account to handle classified or sensitive materials.”

          3. Henry 11:43 It is fun to watch liberals washing Hillary’s soiled linens.

            OMG, this morning we learn many of the Trump staff have been using private servers for public business. These emails will need to be turned over and examined for security purposes. “It is fun to watch….”

          4. Henry

            Jon, I hope they interrogate the hell out of her, and after they are done, put her before a Grand Jury. When they get done and find the following:
            “She was using the account to talk about “women’s entrepreneurship” with other federal employees on February 28, before Trump officially joined her father’s administration in March, according to an email published by American Oversight.”

            then they can go after Hillary when they are done to be consistent and equal. Hillary’s classified documents were beyond Top Secret in the classification scheme. Ivanka’s “women’s entrepreneurship” email prior to her government position pales in comparison to Hilary’s private server leakage of the Special Access Program information which is beyond Top Secret.

          5. Henry 11:06 So, some how you know all emails on private servers of all the Trump thugs will reveal no security issues. I have not heard that they have all been turned over and examined. How do you get this information?

          6. Henry

            Jon:“How do you get this information?”

            Liberal rags saying they have not found anything on the Trumps. Knowing this, I want them investigated in a small room with a strong, harsh single lightbulb, steel chairs, and a small steel table. Go for it. Set the table for Clinton to be investigated. I welcome it.

    2. Juan Ruiz

      The NFL management has literally billions of dollars to protect. The last thing they wanted to see was a John Carlos/Tommie Smith situation of the politicization of their long-protected bailiwicks. Well, it’s happened. Of course, the great irony is that you have Black players, who make more in one year, than most people do in their whole life, yelling racism. That they are broke 2 years after they retire seems to have no bearing.

      1. Henry

        JR:“Of course, the great irony is that you have Black players, who make more in one year, than most people do in their whole life, yelling racism.

        Doesn’t make much sense. Now, they will be giving themselves, their Owners, and their teammates on the flag/anthem honoring side a pay cut. They just don’t seem to know it yet.

        1. Juan Ruiz

          Willie Davis was an all pro DE back in the 60s, when players made about $25K a year. Warren Sapp was a DT who was making over $2 million a year. Davis took his money, invested in a beer distribution company, and became a multi-millionaire. Sapp put all his money up his nose, and was broke 2 years after he retired. Had to sell his $20 million house. Same happened to Vick and to others.

          My view is that this is simply the fact that personal responsibility is no longer required. You have pro players wandering around unaware of the kids they’ve produced. They wear 5-carat diamonds in their ears, and have progeny all over the place. And they yell societal wrongs, while they spread their seed.

          1. Henry

            I doubt much will change except the money flow will be quite a bit less. Based on yesterday’s response, they will continue. They were in direct violation of specific NFL rules, and Goodell attributes it to Trump’s fault.

            I do feel bad for that Steeler and former special forces member. His teammates, Owner, and coaches really stepped up and supported him, didn’t they? Not really. They threw him under the bus. I think he is toast. He will have to get traded to the Cowboys.

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