First Gay Saint Coming To Catholics

A process has begun to confer Sainthood status on a Priest who was known to be gay. It is not known whether he will make it through Sainthood process which includes some anti gay factions within the Catholic clergy.

Father Mychal Judge was a priest in New York City. His sainthood nomination came from his heroic act of giving last rights to a fallen fire fighter while on of the 9/11 towers was still collapsing. Before his left his task he, too, was killed.

He is best know around the gay community for heroic work during the AIDS crisis. He publicly advertised a place for gays with AIDS. Many observed him holding and comforting infected gays in misery at a time when it was a taboo to even touch AIDS patients.

His personal friends knew him to be gay. The gay partner of many years is widely known as well. On top of that, he wrote extensively in his diary about his secret life in the gay world. He had planned to write a book about being gay after retirement.

No one knows if there are other saints who were gay. If Judge makes it that will be the first known case.

The Catholic Church spends gazillions of dollars selecting candidates for sainthood and investigating their qualifications. To an outsider this seems peculiar. Surely there are more important needs, like starving people.

It would be a notable accomplishment, however, for the church to award sainthood to Mychal Judge.

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  1. Jinx II

    My Aunt, who was a nun, counseled Gay men dying of AIDS. She tried to unite these very ill men with their families and if they still shunned him my Aunt became their family. priest Judge sounds like he is cut from the same cloth and I would be quite surprised if the church ever elevated him to sainthood.

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