Abortion Rights In Missouri Are Gaining Strength

After pulling out every dishonest trick in the books, the Missouri legislature has lost its crusade against abortion. The winners were not only Planned Parenthood, but the Satanists. Also winners are the many women who need abortions.

Abortion opponents have this peculiar notion it is they, not pregnant women, who have all the rights during a pregnancy. It is they, the opponents of women’s rights, who can decide whether one fertilized cell have more rights than an adult female. They are so mesmerized by pictures of fetuses and their own self righteosness it is impossible to perceive the status of anyone else.

Since a court decision turning back a decision to put clinics out of business, several locations that were closed have opened up in Missouri.

What is interesting is groups called Satanists prevailed against the Christian based anti-abortion groups. This illustrates the unique role religion can play in the legal system. In this case, Satanism was able to obtain rights for women.

We had what may turn out to be a similar experience in Fargo with the Ten Commandments. As non religious people, we in Red River Freethinkers lost in court. I believe any religious group could make a formal request and would ultimately prevail. They would either be allowed to put up their own monument and religious message or the City would take down the Christian message.

The national debate over abortion may have a formidable foe. Satanists have both money and determination.

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  1. Adam Heckathorn

    I have been summoned by Satan He has a message for the People of Fargo! He has told me I am his spokesman! Something about being displeased with the unfairness of his not being represented with a monument by the civic center. He was very clear it has to be by the civic center In the space between the civic center and the library!

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