Ideas Are Spreading Through You Tube

I came across an article interviewing a white nationalist leader. His following of predominately white males came from his videos on You Tube.

I’ve been watching a lot of You Tube recently. If you go to and write in a subject matter up will come endless videos. People can make the videos on their phones and send them out to the world.

They can “monetize” their efforts, get revenue from them, by receiving some money from advertising. I get the impression someone who puts up about three new videos a week and has about 20,000 views makes a thousand or two dollars a month.

It is possible, then, for a political talking head to make a living doing only videos. He/she need not to be a “profession” politician, entertainer or “public speaker”. The need for fund raisers and political parties is not what it once was.

Perhaps we are living in something like the pre radio days when traveling preachers, patent medicine hucksters and demagogues roamed the countryside on horseback. They passed the hat and lived on it.

President Trump has cleverly by passed traditional media by tweeting his thoughts to a large audience. It seems to me the You Tube method of direct communication has even more power to connect with people.

We need to hold onto our chairs for the technology that will inevitably replace both You Tube and tweets. It may have even more potential to take our religion and politics to places we never expected.

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    1. Julius 6:02 No kidding?

      I often surprised at people I encounter who are not familiar with some web places that are so familiar to me I thought everyone knew about them. Of course, probably I encounter more old people than you do. It’s all the more surprising because I know so little about computerland.

    1. Michael 7:50 Giving a voice to the otherwise voiceless annoys you academic and political elitists.

      Actually, I think secularism is doing well on You Tube, probably better than the faith. Secularism has been more voiceless than Christianity and I’m happy to have this new medium.

  1. entech

    The problem with YouTube is that no one is accountable, any old lies can be up there for a while or forever, depends on the controllers.

    Looking forward to DTube.

  2. The Julius Project

    YouTube is rolling out ala carte web based live TV streaming DVR services…now in select areas with more to be added in the near future. Others have and continue to try to break open this market. But I think in 5 years most of us will get our TV services from YouTube. Even the old codgers will then know what you’re talking about, Jon.

    1. entech

      Wow, I am so excited by the idea that there is getting to be more and more stuff that I will never watch.
      Reminds one of Microsoft Office, every year a new contract for new facilities and features when I have never needed anything new since I started using office 2007, and the only thing there was increased availability of SQL in Access.

    2. Julius 9:55 But I think in 5 years most of us will get our TV services from YouTube. Even the old codgers will then know what you’re talking about, Jon.

      Seems like we’re headed for something like that. Once we had three TV networks. Then, 120 cable networks. So, will we have 10,000 YouTube networks and the three original ones plus the 120 cables will all be out of business??

  3. Rob

    It is somewhat difficult to find a pro atheist site on YouTube that is not run by young guys constantly f bombing and insulting anyone with religious beliefs. It sure creates a bad image and poor representation for the rest of the non believers.
    But like anything else on the internet, it needs to be taken with a grain of salt.

    1. entech

      Interesting comment Rob. It is equally difficult to find and anti-atheist site that is not constantly insulting anyone with no religious beliefs. Not a good image … .
      Grain of salt I say that a spoonful of salt would be more like it.

      Perhaps you could give an example of how you would like an atheist site to praise religion and try to convert people for god.

      1. Rob

        I think you missed the point completely as per usual
        Maybe I’m off base and it’s not an issue. Maybe atheists are comfortable with F bombing douche bags being their representation and moral compass.

    2. Rob 11:52 It sure creates a bad image and poor representation for the rest of the non believers.

      Most Christians think atheists are bound for hell. I don’t think playing nice with Christians would change attitudes.

        1. entech

          I have said before, in my case it is just child like retaliation.

          Look at your friend Rob – all atheists are f-Bombing douche bags – i am not sure what any of that means but I do know that anyone that does not agree with her is ipso facto insulting her.

          1. entech

            Rob—On the contrary I total understand your need to defend yourself by attributing everything wrong in yourself to non-Christians. A good example is calling someone you does not agree and writes their disagreement a cursing and swearing douche bag. You may find that someone may disagree with your idea that Christians are all moral and all atheists are immoral is somehow personally insulting, but seem to consider it is OK to refer to the other as a used piece use of equipment that has been used for post coital feminine hygiene and or contraception. A clear example of the foul mouthed low life is the one you find in the mirror and that you find so reprehensible the you have an overwhelming need to project this vision as far away as possible – in this case any one whodoesn’t accept your religious beliefs and has the audacity to “admit” it.

          2. Rob

            It wasn’t because they are atheist; it was their vulgar language and the context of what they said about others that earned them that label. You are a lot like them in the sense you pre judge, assume a completely biased viewpoint, and paint with a broad brush.

      1. Rob

        Nothing to do with religious folks. I just find it interesting and perhaps counter productive to their own cause how most pro atheist sites demonstrate questionable morals

        1. Rob 5:43 how most pro atheist sites demonstrate questionable morals.

          You are equating profanity with morals. So far as I know, atheism has no opinion about profanity. That is a Christian concept. So, when you say “demonstrate questionable morals” you are misstating. You should say, “offending Christianity.”

          On another note, you seem to be here every day. Do you watch atheist YouTube site with profanity every day as well? Do you spend more time watching and reading material by atheists than you do Christians?

          1. entech

            Jon @ 5:53 Your second paragraph says it all, the comedian Don Herold put it well and consicely:
            Moralizing and morals are two entirely different things and are always found in entirely different people
            Profanity derived from “outside the temple” is pretty much a religious expression with an overriding meaning of not showing respect to the gods. It is difficult to show and futile to except something sacred from a non-believe – the respect required is to one’s own self respect.

            Christianity claims the respect for itself that it mainly fails to give other beliefs.
            “The sacred–profane dichotomy is an idea posited by French sociologist Émile Durkheim, who considered it to be the central characteristic of religion: “religion is a unified system of beliefs and practices relative to sacred things, that is to say, things set apart and forbidden.” In Durkheim’s theory, the sacred represented the interests of the group, especially unity, which were embodied in sacred group symbols, or totems. The profane, on the other hand, involved mundane individual concerns. Durkheim explicitly stated that the sacred–profane dichotomy was not equivalent to good/evil. The sacred could be good or evil, and the profane could be either as well.
            As Tomoko Masuzawa explains in The Invention of World Religions: Or, How European Universalism Was Preserved in the Language of Pluralism, this system of comparative religion privileged Christianity at the expense of non-Christian systems (2005). Any cosmology without a sacred/profane binary was rendered invisible by the field of Religious Studies, because the binary was supposed to be ‘universal’.”

            In the end though one of America’s favourite authors had it down as he did so many things.
            Hardly a man in the world has an opinion upon morals, politics or religion which he got otherwise than through his associations and sympathies. Broadly speaking, there are none but corn-pone opinions. And broadly speaking, Corn-Pone stands for Self-Approval. Self-approval is acquired mainly from the approval of other people. The result is Conformity.
            Mark Twain.

            Friend Rob clearly demonstrates the self indulgent idea that if you don’t agree with me; then you deliberately insult me.

          2. Rob

            You seem to be here every day as well Jon. Lol.
            I enjoy reading the opinions here; it is a real faith building site.
            You make a great point about profanity. But it seems like atheistic morality is always a moving target. Just the other day you were talking about atheists having morals. Well, what are they? Apparently it’s just fine for atheists to yell profanities at old ladies and children?
            I was reading about some interesting atheist and Christian debates one time, and happened upon a video done by an atheist. Then I checked out a few more, etc. they just seem like poor representatives of atheism. that’s all I was saying.
            You take great glee in pointing out transgressions of Christian leaders; I would think you could admit there are proactive atheists out there that are not setting the best example.
            Or maybe youre all perfect ?

          3. Rob 9:42 I enjoy reading the opinions here;

            So you read this site about atheism because you enjoy it and also read profanity by atheists on YouTube and you are certain that is part of being a good Christian. God and I understand and completely agree.

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