Clergy Crime Is A Coast To Coast Problem

The clergy I happen to know are wonderful people. Nevertheless, charges of clergy crime continue. Seldom is there a review of the number and cost of these cases.

Anyone who follows this in the Midwest knows of the Catholic scandals in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa. They know of Bishop Dolan in Milwaukee who tried to hide the Diocese millions in a cemetery fund. They might know of the huge issue in the Chicago Diocese and, of course, California and New York.

The new story is about the tiny country of Guam where 100 testimonies of victims is the saddest of all. Hiding priests there was attempted but was more difficult.

An organization I belong to, Freedom From Religion Foundation, lists every other month the clergy who are charged with crimes. It also lists convictions and plea bargains, all from newspapers accounts.

We have to keep in mind that there are larger numbers of some kinds of clergy and smaller numbers of others. The number of Catholic clergy is huge as well as the number of small independent protestant clergy. It is common for the latter to run their own churches.

These two seem to have the largest number of sexual and theft problems. My impression is they are also the clergy with the most sense of empowerment. Catholic clergy are told they have a linage from St. Peter. Preachers who start their own churches might not have the level of supervision as those in denominations.

One can only hope things improve.

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    1. Rob

      Wow you called me by my name. Thanks.
      I won’t bother trying to answer your question; it’ll get deleted as per usual by Jon.

      1. Chuck Z

        Yep. The former mayor of Fargo doesn’t really care for free speech. Anybody want to see who commits more sexual abuse, clergy or the educational institution? Let me know and we can run case by case articles and see who runs out first.

      2. entech

        That’s Ok. As you have deleted your previous names from your profile and never responded to them anyway I will try and remember. I probably won’t because I hardly remember that you shouldn’t be encouraged too much by any response at all, I try to maintain a benign indifference but just weak I guess.

        You could answer the question @ August 24, 2017 at 4:33 pm Jon asked that you give some indication of what your were on about rather than whatever it is that you do, being in a opposite time zone I never see whatever it is that he takes down, pity I would like to know. He did leave your @ August 24, 2017 at 11:44 am, which was the start of that particular thread.

        Perhaps he just objects to your throwing things into a topic with no relevance just a lot of insult for the sake of it. I am sure that if you wrote about atheist priests, even calling me an idiot for even suggesting such things exist and built an argument to the effect that an atheist priest could not exist as a move to an atheistic viewpoint would invoke automatic excommunication. Give it a try!

        1. Rob

          I responded. 2 or 3 times. All deleted. No swearing, no name calling, no insults. Just mainly praise and stating facts about this blog and it’s ‘open’ discussion.
          I find your need to belittle my username while you sit behind the name Entech quite rich. Tell me, is your last name ‘Industries’? Or ‘Engineering’?
          No matter; I’m not concerned with such trivial things.
          It is not my fault Jon cannot see the irony in his deleting of posts that challenge or question, or he finds insulting; to spell it out, the irony is his blog topics are extremely insulting to Christians yet he hits the delete button when the shoe is on the other foot.
          I have no need for ‘debate’ when one side deletes arguments they are too obstinate to understand.
          Enjoyed visiting with you Entech here at the Red River Groupthinkers.

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