Trump’s Declaration On Opioids Will Make It Worse

President Trump has declared a national emergency because of deaths from opioids. This declaration could open the door to federal funds for treatment and life saving intervention. From what he has said so far, however, the effort will be useless. Trump wants to increase border security on illegal drugs entering the U. S. The idea we can prevent drugs from entering has been popular among politicians for decades and has accomplished only deaths to law enforcement officers. The volume crossing borders has been unaffected.

The other thing he wants to do is equally off the mark. He wants to track doctors to determine which are prescribing “too many” pain killers. According to the research done, only about 10% of those addicted to obioids started with doctor prescribed pain killers. The rest came from other sources.

This fits perfectly with the President’s preoccupations with borders and walls. He believes a “wall” will stop illegal aliens from crossing the Mexican U. S. border. Now more drug enforcement officers will stop drugs. “Mexico will pay” and “It’s Mexico’s fault.”

Some small cities in the U. S. and some entire countries in Europe have seen heroin overdoses drop to almost zero. It has been down by simply announcing publicly persons in possession will not have charges filed against them. Users have been invited to make know their use and visit professionals.

It may be that effective policies such has no prosecution for possession will come along some day. In the meantime, policies which increase deaths continue on.

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  1. clint murchison

    Yes, all about creating jobs. When they know 90% of the worlds poppy crops are harvested in afganistan. Why are we in afganistan again? Oh fight those terrorists called the taliban, who actually burnt poppy fields… But keep those Americans busy Tramp got to give them treadmill jobs so they don’t start asking questions. THE BIGGEST DRUG DEALER IN THE COUNTRY IS THE COUNTRY.

  2. Henry

    Jon:“Users have been invited to make know their use and visit professionals.”

    That is maybe great for keeping the zombies alive, but it does little for getting the work done. Employers are having a time even getting people ready to work. Many are non-functioning in a work environment and will forever remain that way for some occupations that require a certain skill level. At least Trump has a plan. This problem escalated in the previous eight years, and what was done?

    1. Henry 11:03 At least Trump has a plan.

      I read what he said and it is not a new “plan”. It is an extension of the “war against drugs” that has been waged for 40 or 50 years and lost long ago. Apparently, the Obama Administration took some personnel of chasing drug dealers and assigned them to duties that might accomplish something. In recent years heroin has become cheaper. People can take prescribed amounts of it and be good employees and have successful family lives. Progress would be to legalize and regulate several of these drugs.

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