Religion Will Not Lengthen The Life Of The Sun

I came across an interesting article about the role of green house gases in warming the earth at the end of the ice age. There have been periods when the South Pole was warm enough to have butterflies and the Red River Valley was under tons of ice.

The article reviews conclusions that all stars have a shelf life, including our sun. Earth has been here millions of years and has several millions left. Yet, the sun is just like other stars and will flame out some day. That a minority of people believed in a Christian god for a relatively brief period of earth’s life will not affect one iota the earths’s water evaporation into space. Water will change to gases and disappear in the beyond.

Those unknown men who wrote the Bible thought their god had put the earth here solely for humans to use and consume. They felt humans ranked above animals even though humans could not exist without these creatures. To this day Christians seem not admit the sun will one day fail.  It will be obvious the Bible was wrong about our importance.

Other things could also bring an end to life as we know it. When a large  meteor struck the earth in ancient times it became so hot only 4% of life survived.

So what should be do about the pending failure of the sun? One thing seems certain.

We should not waste our time thinking religion will change the outcome.

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  1. Henry

    Jon:“So what should be do about the pending failure of the sun?”

    The following should be done:
    1. Save the ozone hole by banning all refrigerant. R12, R134, doesn’t matter…
    2. Order tons of smelted steel and copy so we can build bird killers all over the place to generate electricity.
    3. Manipulate climate data to show that global warming is a real deal. This has been done in the UK, US, and most recently Australia to good effect.
    4. Ban GMO crops, herbicides, and pesticides so that more people eat less, much less, effectively saving the planet.
    5. Ban all fossil fuel pipelines. They dirty up the water. Much safer and environmentally friendly to haul by train.
    6. Impanel a grand jury to see if the president obstructed justice by ordering his cabinet and their agencies to do things they didn’t want to do.

    These steps should all save the sun.

    1. Kevin 10:39 The sun is going do what the sun has always done.

      That would be correct is you said the sun will continue to live out it life span until it life span is over. There is no evidence it is other than a star. All stars have been observed to have a finite life span.

      So far as I know, all the religions on earth at this time, and all the others that existed previously, have not changed the projected life of any star including the sun. If you are religious, you might be wasting your time.

    1. entech

      It would be pretty futile to have it after the sun and our little part of the universe was just a mass of disconnected atoms. Sometimes I think trying to predict what “God” may do is pretty futile as well.

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