Designer Babies Of The Future

I had not realized how far along the quest for designer babies is today until reading the link. While complete control over the physical characteristics of a human has not yet been achieved, science has moved the concept along. Claims are made this science will be carefully monitored and regulated. I would guess regulation will not prevail ultimately. The “miracle of birth” will be replaced with a “product”.

We all know altering and modifying fertility and birth have been going on for a long time. Fertilization takes place in petri dishes. Births can be by surgery. Fetuses are operated on to correct problems. “The pill” has been preventing pregnancies for decades now and medicines trigger abortions. Controlling the baby’s attributes seem just an extension of all this.

I would expect more religious spokespersons to weigh in on this as time goes on. They have expressed moral views on many parts of science and medicine before. It seemed to have little, if any, effect on what came to be readily available.

This is not to say I’m in favor of altering babies to some outcome better than their parents. I’m merely saying that when medicine is largely a private enterprise like it is in the U. S. the final product will have little or nothing to do with what churches or individual citizens might prefer.

I wonder what parents would select if their doctor said the fetus could be designed to be a religious or not religious person?