One Does Not Prosecute A Close Friend Of The Pope

This title paraphrases a remark by none other than Joseph Ratzinger before he became Pope Benedict. He was talking of a high ranking Catholic clergy  named Marcial Maciel who was a known sex abuser and buddy of another Pope back then.  Ratzinger,  when he became Pope Benedict, did level internal discipline on the abuser. Yet, he died in 2008 without ever being prosecuted

Cardinal Law of Boston covered up sex crimes in his diocese. Over 50 clergy demanded his resignation. To avoid prosecution in the U.S. he was given a posh post in Rome by Ratzinger and lives there today immune from U.S. law enforcement.

The link, by a Catholic scholar, is trying to figure out why these crimes continue. He reviewed the church’s myth from one phrase in the Bible, Peter’s “rock”. The Church world wide remains an abuse risk.

I’ve read there are two schools of thought fighting each other inside the Catholic “corporation.” One is typified by Cardinal Dolan of New York City. That faction’s goal is to enrich the corporation. Dolan seldom visits his parishes.

The other, championed by Pope Francis, is the corporation is an extension of the parish priest. Cardinals should be mixing with their flock.

The Dolan/Ratzinger faction of corporate climbers believed protecting sex abusing priests, keeping abuse out of sight, helped the corporation. Dolan tried to hide the Milwaukee Diocese assets from abuse lawsuits. That faction, yet today, has little sympathy for victims.

Growing the corporation’s power and money is more important.

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    1. Jinx Thanks, the link worked fine for me. That article, which compares Newark’s Francis Cardinal with New York City’s Benedict Cardinal is what got me started toward this blog. It is good reading for all who are interested in Catholic goings on.

      1. The comment from Ratzinger that the Catholic hierarchy does not prosecute the friend of a Pope, even if he is a criminal, should enlighten Catholics to the folly of their belief that the Peter and the rock sentence in the Bible does not mean what Catholic clergy have always said it means. It did not mean the Catholic church has passed down leadership of the church since the time of Peter. Instead, a group of people took control of the church bureaucracy and held on for dear life. It is right in front of your faces.

        1. Catcher

          @9;52; Interesting that Matt has evaded this point. He seems to be more interested in those long dead, and the institution that supports it than in the living who have been injured both physically and spiritually.

    2. Henry

      That was real efficient.

      The RCC has some real soul searching to do. Leadership has seemed to have lost their vision in the midst of all their gay orgies and pedalfile coverups. (Still unable to connect the dots. Someone recently posted a picture of all their dainty looking dresses.) If we subscribe to Jon’s theories, maybe the RC leadership need a little heroine to straighten themselves out.

      1. entech

        Being a heroine is a dangerous proposition for a Catholic girl. A burning issue for Joan who later became a sainted martyr. A clear demonstration of the ambiguous attitudes of the leadership referenced by Henry. Women should keep their place and leave it up to the men and there btoys. Boys/toys either/or.

        Henry pedalfile, is that a pun, Bisexual bicyclists 🙂 .

        1. Juan Ruiz

          ” Joan who later became a sainted martyr”

          Jean d’Arc was not canonized as a martyr, but as a virgin.

          1. Matt Noah

            To be technically correct, she was canonized a SAINT. It matters not which virtue she embodied. There are a number of miracles required for sainthood. You can read about them here:

            Note that a particular virtue is not required. One is not canonized as a virgin or a martyr. Generally speaking, however, martyrdom is a sure path to sainthood.

          2. Jinx II

            I don’t believe in miracles and I don’t believe in saints. A schismatic so called catholic cult out of Spain called Francisco Franco and one of henchmen saints and is rumored to have named Hitler a saint.

          3. entech

            Jinxy, here we have a good breakdown on sainthood, a cost benefit analysis if you like

            Matty, talks about links and proof and sainthood and miracles and all kinds of stuff, the only references he comes up himself with are self referencing circularity of the kind God said it, the Bible quotes it, I believe it, as if this was all that was required.

            The redundancy and circularity is quite desperate, if we say I believe in saints it must automatically follow that you believe in miracles, saints must perform miracles, apparently two of them must be postmortem.
            If you really believe the dead can influence the living (legal documents excepted) then you must truly believe in miracles. As I love to say, probably, just to bore the believers, the only miracle is that people still believe in miracles.

          4. Juan Ruiz

            You can’t be a martyr when executed under the auspices of the Church. Her trial was moderated by the Bishop of Beauvais. One of the charges was heresy, which is a religious crime.

  1. Jinx II

    Entech, them there words ” Women should keep their place and leave it up to the men and there btoys. Boys/toys either/or.” are fighting words since I was a little girl. I had twin uncles who constantly told me all the things I couldn’t do since I was girl and so I figured I would be a better and tougher boy than they could ever be or my little brother). I was going to be the first woman Major League Baseball player, the first woman Prez. of the USA AND the first woman Astronaut and no one could tell me anything different. Lol, my Dad got a big kick out of it and my Mom and Grandma were highly frustrated with me.

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