Where Did The Jews Come From

For a couple of decades the Government of Israel has funded research to establish that Jews fled Egypt, lived in the dessert and then defeated the evil Canaanites. The fortune spent looking for evidence of this has yielded nothing. This does not “prove” the story is completely fabricated. It leaves us speculating why there is no evidence. An attractive conclusion is none of it happened.

One thing found through archaeology is a Canaan society that left no pig bones in its garbage, abruptly left the lowlands and moved to hill tops. That is the single best evidence of the early Jews. Anthropological theory would suggest they grew out of an ancient Canaan culture.

One theory as to why they moved to the hilltops is that the Philistines, sea people, began to move into the area and mix with the locals. Perhaps Jewish leaders did not like such people and off they went to more defensible high ground positions.

This theory, however, provides no information as to the source of a monolithic faith in a world that worshiped multiple gods. It also sets aside a great question among Jews themselves as to whether being a Jew is about religion or about a nationalistic cultural identity.

One part of the “top of the mountain” Jews evidence is that the Jewish faith/culture came about over a long period of time. This is different from the Biblical theory of a scolding Moses who quickly set out the rules for Jews.

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  1. Hebrews fled Egypt. The Jews we know today are not ethnically descended from Hebrews but eastern Europeans that converted to Judaism about 800 AD. There is no biblical significance of modern day Israel.

    1. Juan Ruiz

      The Eastern Europeans, the Ashkenazim, are only one group. There are also the Sephardim, who lived on the Iberian Peninsula (the ones ousted from Castile in 1492). Plus Ethiopians and a group in sub-Saharan Africa.

  2. entech

    This is all blasphemy, All this talk of race and nationality denies the origin from Adam and Eve. And the later sub division of the offspring of Noah. With Ham moving to Africa, Japheth to the Caucasus and Shem easterly. Many generation later returning and converging on the fertile triangle. The Shemites battling with the Aryans (Jews and Philistines?). Comical to hear Arabs described as being anti-Semitic! Ham? the Queen of Sheba anyone? With as much cross fertilization of people as of religious ideas.

    But seriously there is only one race and that is the human race, all extremists that talk of the superiority of their group are only fighting off deep seated doubts about this assumed superiority, some times referred to as compensating for feelings of inferiority.

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