A Book Explains Pat Robertson

The “700 Club” is a religious TV show that is a gold mine for Pat Robertson and his heirs. There are endless “miracles” or fortunes made by first giving him money.

A former employee of Robertson’s has written about his experiences. He noticed early on all narratives put on the screen were about people with health/money problems who prayed with Pat and things got better.

He asked Pat if they could produce the story of the father whose eight year old daughter had died of cancer. The girl prayed fervently asking to her dying day why God did not help her. Pat replied he could not broadcast the story on because it would cost millions of dollars in donations.

I would guess a majority of Christians are not big fans of Robertson. Yet, they must admit Robertson reveals a big flaw in the faith. Both those Christians who dislike Robertson and those who adore him quote the Bible. There is no universally agreed upon criteria to conclude Robertson is wrong and other Christians right.

I saw Robertson discussing global warming a while back. He, at least in that conversation, thought there was a chance oceans like the Atlantic could rise by catastrophic amounts.  His home is in Virginia Beach near the ocean. Instead of then launching into a discussion of public policy about the climate he discussed in detail how he had purchased a mountain so he and his family could escape.

Robertson is a self absorbed rich fellow who wants to take your money.

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    1. Juan Ruiz

      There have been religious hucksters throughout history, including the Ancient Greek temple priests, the Hebrew Saudducees, medieval indulgences peddlers, and self-proclaimed prophets like Joseph Smith and Bill Wilson. Modern media simply gave them a leg up.

      1. Juan 9:43 There have been religious hucksters throughout history, including the Ancient Greek temple priests, the Hebrew Saudducees, medieval indulgences peddlers, and self-proclaimed prophets like Joseph Smith and Bill Wilson.

        One of the current and most crooked is James Tilton. If read those from whom he has taken money from are so angry he lives mostly in a luxurious motor home and only shows up for Sunday services at a hotel and for his TV tapping. He is great fun to watch:


        1. Juan Ruiz

          Tilton is the guy who asked for prayer requests to be sent in along with checks, and he would ask God to aid each person. Then they were all found in a dumpster behind his building.

          Another shyster is Mike Murdok, who tells all these stories of people striking it rich after they sent him $58.

          1. Juan 10:42 Another shyster is Mike Murdok

            Taking the populations as a whole, I don’t think Christians are more dishonest than atheists, nor atheists more dishonest than Christians. And, there are atheist celebrities I happen to know a little personally and whom I don’t care for much. But, I cannot think of an atheist celebrity with access to large media who says, “Send me money and you will get rich!”

            That branch of human exploitation belongs, so far as I know, exclusively to the Christian faith.

          2. Juan 1:06 Paul’s statement that “God loves a cheerful giver”

            I had not thought about that. The importance of money since the writing of Paul, sexual crimes and promises of ever after that are never shown to be delivered makes amusing the accusations that atheists have “no moral grounding”. It has always seemed to me that “moral grounding” comes from our parents, friends and secular community, i.e., society, not from our religion or lack of it. Most helpful would be the tiniest bit of evidence Christians have higher moral standards than atheists.

          3. Jinx II

            Juan, good point!! I don’t recall hearing this from my catholic upbringing so I am curious about the source……King James? a catholic version, baptist?

            Jon, I am thinking the same thing! Wonder where the saying, “Money is the source of all evil came from” came from?

          4. Juan 8:14 2 Corinthians 9:6-7

            Well, there is the Prosperity Gospel right there from the pen of Paul, those who don’t give much will receive little and those who give a lot will be rewarded bountifully. Why do so many Christians here make light of Pat Robertson and Robert Tilton? What they preach is right from Paul!

            I’m wondering if a person gets the same bang for the buck at a liberal church like the one I go to once in a while or if I’m required to send it to Tilton?

            The thing is, Tilton and Robertson have people on the screen every week telling how the gave money and we blessed with money in return. I’ve never heard that in a Congregational Church so it must not work there.

          5. Catcher

            Jinx @ 5;24; “Wonder where the saying “Money is the source of all evil” come from. According to Jon’s 2;50, it comes from; “our …, friends, and secular community, i.e. society, not from our religion or lack of it”.
            No where in the Bible, does it say “Money is the source of all evil.” In 1 Tim. 6;10 it does say:” The LOVE of money is the source of all evil. (THAT WOULD EXPLAIN THE TELEVANGELISTS).

            Re Juan and Jon; @ 9:43; 2 Cor. 9; 6-7; Context kontexzt ! If you read the entire chapter 9, refers to giving to support of the ministry to the Macedonians. Noting vs 5, 12, 13, and 14.
            Yes, verses have been cherry picked out of context by the likes of Tilton, and Murdock, et al. but there is “the rest of the story/ chapter”.

            One may also remember raising money for the believers in Jerusalem at the very start of “The Way”, as they had limited means of support.

            This whole subject falls under mission work. Not for self As 2 Cor. 9 V 1 says; “For it is superfluous for me to write to you about this ministry (TO) the saints, (believers).” Note also, v. 13; “Because of the proof given by this ministry they will glorify God for your obedience to your confession of the Gospel of Christ and for the liberality of your CONTRIBUTION TO THEM AND TO ALL.”.

            Again, read the whole chapter 9.

            Jinx; The verses you mention in your 5;36; parallel the above, with extensions beyond the community of believers. all good points, without a pretext of reward as presented by the televangelists.

          6. Juan Ruiz

            “This whole subject falls under mission work.”

            That may have been the theory, but long ago the practice became taking it for personal use: BMWs, Rolex watches, million dollar mansions.

            It’s really no different than secular charities. Wounded Warriors ran all these heart-wrenching stories about disabled servicemen, asking for $19.95. Then it came out the execs were making 6 and 7 figure salaries, and having million-dollar “retreats” in the Carribean.

          7. I’m sure if you asked Pat Robertson or any other rich televangelist today what their money is being used for they would say it was for missionary work. I’ve heard more than one say the look of prosperity makes the word spread more effectively. We don’t know is the characters in the Bible made a big show of their money or not because there is no third party objective reporting of what they did with it. We can only assume those who were literate were wealthy because becoming literate was an expensive proposition.

          8. Catcher

            Juan; As I said, the “love of money” (which buys the toys) “That would explain the televangelists,”- – – and others”

            The “theory” is still practiced by many

          9. Juan Ruiz

            ” Context”

            I’m afraid I have never heard a televangelist quote verses in context. Witness Jack Van Impe, who rattles off isolated quotes to make assertions which have nothing to do with the original texts. But then, the Matthew gospel does exactly the same thing, so he’s just following tradition.

          10. Catcher

            Jon @ 10;23; About five years ago, one of the televangelists were raising money for schools in Africa. They showed nice new brick buildings with his wife, they had built from the donations. It so happened a person was familiar with the situation and locations revealed those buildings shown were not the ones in question, and the construction actually built by the evangelist were 2-3 wood-straw shacks unfit for use. (Guess they had to do something. My Gawd how the money rolls in. Shortly after, the program was dropped. Then he died, leaving his wife with several mansions in gated communities, and a large radio/ TV network.

          11. Catcher 10:52 If memory serves that was Paul Crouch. He and his wife, Jan, presented themselves as a loving couple. On their huge compound, however, they both had large houses and lived apart. Both are now dead and family members are fighting each other.

  1. Jinx II

    Boy, do the bibles cover money is the source of all evil……


    Well, well….they all want money!


    What Jesus said

    Jesus taught that, since we are merely stewards, we should invest ourselves into the lives of others, not hoard our resources to ourselves (Matthew 25:34-40; Luke 6:30-38; 10:25-37; 12:15-21).

    I see a major discrepancy between what the Prophet Jesus said and the so called bibles christians claim to be the word of god.

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