Anti Abortion Politics: More Women Die In Childbirth

In millions of words discussing health care by both opponents of Affordable Health Care and advocates there is little discussion of basic grade school economics. Every time a dollar is spent on anything it is a dollar less spent on something else. Every hour spent producing one good or service is an hour of producing something else gone forever.

Every hour of time and dollar spent on health care is that much less produced somewhere else and spent on other things. Within health care, the same rule applies. The more of the finite amount of money and labor used for one purpose in health care the less is available for some other health issue.

Saving premature babies is understandably a popular cause. It has attracted tons of money. Anti abortion forces cheer on efforts to move the survivability clock backwards.

It is a sad case that politics drives money when lives are involved, but inevitably it does. That it is happening was made clear in a National Public Radio investigative report. It found that more money spent on infant survival lowered infant mortality. Unfortunately, survival of mothers in childbirth fell during the same period in the United States.

In the link, it is shown women are not monitored adequately during childbirth. Many of the deaths are preventable.

World wide, there are 830 deaths in childbirth every day. The old saw of anti abortionists that abortion is dangerous implies childbirth is safer.

Childbirth is a serious event for women and they deserve more attention.

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  1. Jinx II

    Excellent Article Jon! Countries with single payers systems have much lower maternal death rates than the USA and lower infant mortality rates.

    In poor areas of the world there is an ongoing tragedy of maternal and infant injury and death due to lack of prenatal care and a lack of modern birthing facilities. Young age at marriage and first pregnancy are a major risk factor in these parts of the world. Unfortunately, funding cuts from the USA to any program that provides care for these people in the world has added to the tragedy. These cuts happened because birth control and abortion may be part of the program.

    The biggest problem is Obstetric Fistula’s, a condition that can take both Mother and Child’s life, shunning by her husband and family and ostracized from her village.

  2. Juan Ruiz

    Throughout human history, childbirth has been one of the greatest causes of death among women. And it made all the classes equal, from the poorest to the monarchies.

    1. Juan 10;12 Throughout human history, childbirth has been one of the greatest causes of death among women. And it made all the classes equal, from the poorest to the monarchies.

      Anti abortionists try to present preventing one abortion that results in a birth is a net increase of one human being. That simply is not true. It does not take into account the women who die as a result of childbirth.

      1. Juan Ruiz

        As others have said. anti-abortionists are not pro-life, they’re pro-birth. Once the woman is no longer pregnant, she left to her, and the babies’ own devices. Those are the same people that complain about fatherless families, and the crimes committed by the kids. But, by God, they still have to be born.

      2. I hope everyone is having a good weekend. I’m having a night off–overnight in a barn in northern Illinois. A barn at our friends place–it has a nice bedroom.

    1. .e 7:08 Good to hear from you again–it’s been a while.

      But there is always a death in an abortion.

      That is a religious view both shared and not shared by readers here.

    2. Grandma

      Then let’s jail all women who have miscarriages because somehow they must be responsible for the “death” you mention.

      1. .e

        Miscarriage is a spontaneous abortion. I have had 2 miscarriages. For some reason, the baby has died, not unlike born children die tragically. There isn’t a willful, invasive surgical removal of the baby.

  3. Jinx II

    I and my youngest child would have died with out medical intervention during labor and birth, that could have been 2 deaths and 2 motherless siblings. He was full term and not a 4 week old embryo.

      1. Jinx II

        You frequently give evidence that you are a complete social retard with a brain the size of a BB. Grow up robbie.

        1. entech

          Wassa BB?
          Being diabetic I have heard of a JB, Jelly Bean. And having a sweet tooth I have heard of an M&M, both seem about the size and substance you are thinking off.

          1. Jinx II

            I am a Type 1 Diabetic!

            A BB is much smaller and its a tiny round ball that is shot off in a BB rifle. A lot of kids used to have one and would shoot at pigeons with them or small varmints. I’ll see if I can find a photo. I don’t know what you call them in Australia,

            Here you go, rifles, pistols, ammo, etc.


          2. Catcher

            Ah yes, the famous Daisy Red Ryder BB gun. “You’ll shoot your eyes out.” The weapon featured in the movie “A Christmas Story”. Every boy’s desire before discovering girls. The BB projectile, a copper covered steel ball also shot in a .177 cal. air rifle. A well shot sling shot was more dangerous. I didn’t have one, but was given a Remington 22 pump at age 12.. My dad taught me gun safety and roamed the farm after undesirables. (rats, wood chucks, skunks). Also pheasants, rabbits, and squirrels which we ate, in season of course.

          3. entech

            Jinx. I doubt that most of those would be available anywhere except America, the fascination with firearms real and replica is a cause for concern.
            Those things are mainly seen at fairgrounds the rifle types firing a dart at a target or a lead shot at moving outlines of animals; sometimes a pistol firing a pellet at the same moving target.

            OK, so Rob has a brain that is smaller than an M&M, in Ozz they like something on bread or ice cream, I think they are called sprinkles in America, so a brain the size and value of a single sprinkle. A bit too generous but starting to get on the right track.

        2. Jon linked an article that has absolutely nothing to do with abortion, and turned it into an article about abortion. What other conclusion could you draw from his commentary with your pea sized brain other than he is advocating abortions because women can and do die from childbirth? You are too blinded by your cheerleader-like following of Jon to be capable of any original thoughts.

          How many of the women of those 700-900 in the U.S. who died didn’t want their child, and wanted to have an abortion but were not allowed? Since abortion is legal, I’m guessing ZERO. Do you think the health care professionals tackling this problem cited in the article, are sitting in a big board room brainstorming and suggesting, “well, we could just tell women to get abortions instead.” That is the level of mentality Jon’s blog post brings to the discussion of this health issue. Any non-mental midget, regardless of ones feelings on abortion, would come to the same conclusion I did that Jon’s blog entry linking this article is assinine.

          1. Grandma

            Rob being obtuse: What other conclusion could you draw from his commentary with your pea sized brain other than he is advocating abortions because women can and do die from childbirth?

            Rob, nobody “advocates” abortions. Jon wants people to consider that bad maternity care leads to maternal death so folks who want mandatory motherhood need to cough up funds for health care. And birth control. And abortion where needed, which you should not be able to decide for any woman involved.

          2. entech

            Grandma, it is part of the “if you not not for us you are against us” syndrome. From this we get all the talk of Christians being persecuted and deprived of religious freedom. Removing from Christians the ability to ban gay marriage, abortion and so many minor things is taking away their religious freedom and thus is persecution. Some try to enter into philosophical discourse with a similar attitude “moral relativity” is the most hated and distorted thing. Christians do sometimes and the Catholic variety always try to argue that to accept the possibility of something is to agree to it and even to advocate for it.

            All I read into Jon’s piece is that he is saying that giving birth can be a dangerous procedure and that there is a higher incidence in America than in any similarly prosperous and developed country. He then points out that the pro-life argument about the dangers to the woman during an abortion is greater than giving birth is wrong. It is you that is doing the turning.

            The most common opinion that I know of about abortion is that it should be: “safe, legal, available and to be kept to a minimum, to be very rare”.

  4. Rob

    @grandma: where have you found any info that only people against unnecessary abortions are the ones not willing to cough up money for women’s healthcare? You state anti abortion folks do not want to pay for women to have adequate care during pregnancy. Could you cite where you’ve learned this info? How about any info on the pro aborts and their willingness to pay for a lot of pregnancy related health care? Thanks.
    If not, you’re proving my point; Jon’s link has nothing to do with abortion.

    1. entech

      Rob, please tell us more about unnecessary abortions, your use of the term implies that you do believe that some abortions are necessary. Would you care to tell us when an abortion may be considered necessary and hence permissible?
      Let me give you an example of when I would consider an abortion NOT necessary, if couple had the means to find out that the potential child they were having was the wrong sex for their required child or potentially the wrong degree of athletic potential and they would just choose to terminate the pregnancy so that they could try again later and get closer to their requirements. This I would be opposed to, but I would still say that it should depend on the conscious of the couple involved and not on your conscious.
      There are many cases where the life of the mother is endangered by continuing the pregnancy, there are people who would say that even in such circumstances and abortion should be prohibited. Where do you stand in this case, would you allow that there could possibly be necessary abortions.>?

      1. Rob

        When the life of the mother is in danger due to a pregnancy complication.
        Or the child has problems that will result in its death at or shortly after birth.

    2. Grandma

      Rob whines on: You state anti abortion folks do not want to pay for women to have adequate care during pregnancy.

      Yes. It is true. If Trump’s healthcare plan goes through states will be able to pick and choose what they’ll pay for, and maternal health care is on the chopping block.

      1. Rob

        I asked grandma a legit question, which she avoided. So I responded saying, no surprise she dodged my question.

        But apparently atheists are above answering questions posed in discussion with Christians, so my post was abruptly removed.
        Please remove this post once again at your leisure.

    3. Grandma

      Oh geez, it’s Rob” How about any info on the pro aborts and their willingness to pay for a lot of pregnancy related health care?”

      First of all, who are these “pro aborts” you reference? And let me remind you that it the liberals, through the Democratic Party, who are willing to be taxed to fund health care for those in need.

      1. Jinx II

        Grandma, I think robbie is really a roberta. Notice his sentence and word patterns and there lack of resemblance to a male, her logic is definitely not male or even a crazy male, and past postings reveal little knowledge of religion. She sounds more like the jaded former stripper she often refers to in smarmy accusations.

        She is obviously a deceiver who likes making a lot of noise for her own enjoyment. We just may have to completely ignore her and her ridiculous posts…….

        1. entech

          Jinx @ 10:28 Hover over her little spot where a picture would be (Jon and Matt have pictures) and you will see the account name is “heatherwnicole” as you say not a masculine name. As you say just having fun we have to wonder if she is trying to make atheists look bad or Christians could be either, or perhaps throwing it in all directions to see what sticks and who responds, we often make the mistake of treating these people “As If” they were serious, just as when we talk of the Bible we have to talk “As If” to find a common ground and then get abused for quoting that which we believe to be false.

          Your last paragraph reminds me of a recommended strategy “Benign Indifference” but very difficult to maintain.

          1. Jinx II

            Thanks Entech!! rob isn’t roberta, she is heather!!! The truth has indeed set her free from her deception!

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