Muslims Have Been In The U. S. Since Day One

We get a steady hailstorm of views that Muslims are bad for our country. The damage comes for our President as well as white Christian defenders like Pat Buchanan. It’s as if Islam is a foreign religion.

Hillary Clinton made a remark during the Presidential debates that seemingly has evaporated. It should be repeated at every opportunity, “There have been Muslims in this country since the time of George Washington.” In fact, there were Muslims here before George Washington was born.

It is estimated that about 20% of the slaves purchased and shipped to the U. S. were Muslims. After arriving, they were not allowed to practice their faith. Thus, our information and individual stories about Muslims is scarce.

Though, there might have been people on this continent before the groups we refer to generally as American Indians, we assume the religions of American Indians have the legitimate claim to the term indigenous. Christianity was introduced to Indians at the point of a gun.

Christianity was introduced to Muslim black slaves at the end of a whip. Guns were not used to convert slaves because they had market value which religion did not.

It does not make sense to me that in 2017 we would single out Muslims to be rejected as immigrants when they predate almost every other faith that worships in the United States. Certainly we should be wary of any individuals who appear dangerous regardless of what their religious happen to be.

To demonize Muslims is today’s path to politically popularity.



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  1. Schurkey

    Look at what has happened to France, Germany, Sweden, and other countries that accepted more “refugees” than their culture can absorb. We can see what’s going to happen here, and the Chamber of Criminals, the State Department, the Human Traffickers (Lutheran Social Services and others who get paid “by the head” to import poor people) and our own damn Governors are going out of their way to assist the “Refugee Jihad”.

    I find it repulsive that the “refugee” influx has so much in common with the old slave trade–distressed people come here so they can be put to work at low wages. So low, that they need “assistance” to buy food, housing, clothing, etc. At least in the Bad Old Days, the slaves weren’t on welfare bleeding the taxpayer. The business/plantation paid for everything. Now the Taxpayer gets stuck with the costs of providing The Chamber Of Criminals with a subsidized workforce. “Refugees” cost $65,000 EACH for every man, woman, and child over their first five years in this country–mostly because of enormous “welfare” costs.

    Why don’t you write a column where you discuss “women’s rights” in Saudi Arabia. Write a column regarding the various parts of the Quran that instruct “The Faithful” to kill the infidels.

    You don’t like “religion”. Islam would be an excellent one to write about.

    1. Schurkey 7:52 Why don’t you write a column where you discuss “women’s rights” in Saudi Arabia.

      I am not aware of any group from Islam lobbying to reduce the rights of women in the U.S. So, I don’t write about it. I am aware of great efforts by branches of Christianity to limit the rights of women. Several branches do not allow women to be clergy. I’m so busy addressing the actual problems caused by Christians I don’t have time to discuss theoretical problems caused by Muslims.

    2. Jinx II

      For gods sakes Turkey, you call yourself a christian yet your opinions on slavery and refugees is about as satan like evil as you can get!

      Canada has opened its arms to refugees for decades and has very little of the problems you’re so afraid of. The country encourages them to keep their cultures as they work toward citizenship.

  2. Bison Fan in NW MN

    My daughter studied aboard in Australia for 7 months. Maybe the US should model their immigration policy similar to Australia’s… immigrant must have an education or a skill to enter the country to live. Instead of uneducated people with no skills maybe that kind of policy would be better…..??

    IMO, there is nothing wrong with stronger vetting of people from these countries that sponsor terrorism. The left has demonized people or groups that want more stringent vetting of these people.

    Jon, women are treated like 2nd class citizens in most Muslims country, in fact, they are property of the husband. You love to demonize Christianity on here but Islam cannot coexist with any other religion on this planet and examples are too numerous to list.

    1. Bison 6:18 but Islam cannot coexist with any other religion on this planet and examples are too numerous to list.

      Did you happen to notice the title of by blog. Islam has coexisted in this country since even before our government was formed. Many slaves were Muslims. The U. S. version of Islam, which is part of the U. S. culture, is not a warring version. Religions come from cultures, not visa versa. That is to say, religions come from human minds. The violent versions of Islam come from cultures where things are decided through violence.

      As to women, Muslims in the U.S. are not sponsoring and lobbying for laws that take rights away from women. Christians are doing this as we speak. That is why I blog about Christianity.

    1. Juan Ruiz

      Despite the titles, Vicar of Christ, Holy Father, Pontiff, the pope has only so much power in a bureaucracy that has existed on self-interest from the beginning. He will choose reforms pragmatically and will never upset the apple cart. The lesson of John Paul I and what he might have done in regard to reform is still fresh in the memory.

    1. entech

      You would certainly need a lot of luck if you were to proclaim your views in a Muslim country, of course there were times when the danger of extreme punishment was just as bad in a Christian country or an atheist country. Actually freethinkers are the enemies of any form of totalitarian regime. Freedom.

    2. Freedom 9:27 Good luck being a Free-Thinker in a Muslim country.

      This is a “Muslim country.” Islam was here about the same time as Christianity. It is the Christians who are limiting the “religious freedom” of others.

      1. Rob — I’ve asked you before to write out whatever it is you are referring to. Several posts that could be called, “Guess what I’m thinking” have been taken down.

        1. Rob

          Very interesting how my posts which you do not agree with, get taken down. But posts by others calling me retarded, etc are just fine. The last thing I would call this site is ‘freethinking’.
          You are group thinking, and censor the posts you don’t agree with.
          The points I’m making are so obvious to anyone not indoctrinated with your line of ‘freethinking’, no further explanation should be necessary. If you cannot open your mind enough to see things from another’s viewpoint, try asking instead of just deleting. Might give you a little more credibility if you try it.

          1. Rob 11:46 Very interesting how my posts which you do not agree with, get taken down.

            The points you make deserve to be here on the discussion page. The way you make them, many posts with no reference to what you are commenting on, is the problem. I’ve explained this to you several times before. Most others understand it. Please, if you don’t know how to cut and paste as I just did with your posts, then put whatever you are referring in quotes. I’ll do it here, “Put whatever you are referring to in quotes.” Then proceed to make your point.

            I manage this site for the enjoyment of readers. When readers see a post and wonder, “What is that referring to?” they probably often go to other sites where they can more easily follow the discussion. Please try this once and get used to doing it that way.

          2. Rob 11:46 The points I’m making are so obvious to anyone not indoctrinated with your line of ‘freethinking’,

            No, they are not. Even if that was a correct statement, your points need to be made obvious to all readers.

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