Trump Is The Death Rattle Of White Evangelical America

Demographics are the most important variable in all of politics and religion. Instead of reading the Bible to find “The Truth” it would be better to read statistics about which social/economic groups are growing and which are in decline. We are all born into cultures and sub cultures. Voting patterns and church affiliation reflect what people were born into.

A book, The End of White America by Robert P. Jones carefully lays out what is happening. He heads a group called the Public Religion Research Institute. Its conclusions largely are the same as the Barna and Pew groups.

Evangelists Pat Robertson and Robert Jeffress warned that the Trump/Clinton election was the last chance to stop cultural change. Such reasoning helped Trump win the electoral election but lose the popular vote. The election did nothing to slow change. Cultural change has continued unabated since the election. Rural to urban migration has continued.

I recalled what a senior professor told me when I was a grad student during the time when racial integration was considered by some the ultimate unacceptable change. There was an election with a surprise conservative victory. “Things were just moving too fast,” the professor said. He could have been talking about today’s gay marriage and women’s equality.

That conservative victory, however, did not slow integration. Social change moved on and today no politician says schools should be racially segregated.

The percentage of white evangelicals is getting smaller. Social change, like acceptance of gay marriage and equality for women, is growing.

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  1. Bison Fan in NW MN

    I have no trouble sleeping at night with my vote for Trump. Many schools are again segregated because parents can send their children to better ones that do not cater to the few and leave the others behind. Change does take place. Liberal mainstream media is up on their soapbox trying to redefine American society. This country is divided and will always be so. More and more people gravitate to politicians like Bernie Sanders that throws out hyperbole and rhetoric that is truly un-American. America is capitalism, free will and small business not the nanny state uncle Bernie preached.

    1. Bison Fan 8:18 Thanks for commenting.

      America is capitalism, free will and small business not the nanny state uncle Bernie preached.

      That would be nice if only true. Businesses like capitalism but they like subsidies more. There are people like free will for themselves but many want to impose their religious will on others. All this is being adjusted constantly adjusted by demographics. Groups with the numbers will prevail.

      1. entech

        Milton Freedman on competition, big business and big government:
        If we have system in which government is in a position to give large favor – it’s human nature to try to get this favor – whether those people are large enterprises, or whether they’re small businesses like farmers, or whether they’re representatives of any other special group. The only way to prevent that is to force them to engage in competition one with the other.

        Which seems to me to show why Trump is out to give as much benefit as possible to his friends, note that he is his own best friend.

        (Classical) liberal economics would indicate that the best results are achieved with free enterprise and free competition.
        Freedman also said something to the effect that business was no friend of competition and free enterprise.

      2. Bison Fan in NW MN

        I do have a small business and do not take “subsidies” from the government unless you think infrastructure and the like are subsidies then we all are subsidized. Non-religious people also want to impose their beliefs on the majority and try to manipulate what is actually written in the Constitution to further their agenda. Yes, the majority should rule but that is not the case sometimes.

        Having two parents that were teachers, I was constantly bombarded with leftist, social justice propaganda. Funny thing is that myself and both of my siblings are conservative……how does this happen….lol

        1. Bison Fan 6:44 I do have a small business and do not take “subsidies” from the government unless you think infrastructure and the like are subsidies then we all are subsidized.

          I have no reason to doubt this. For many of us, individuals and businesses alike, the subsidies come in so many ways we cannot keep track of them. Tax exemptions on some kinds of bonds, home mortgages, churches, preachers, farmers, energy and deductions for dependents just scratch the surface.

    1. Michael 10:57 More than anything, America is values: Faith, Family, Free Enterprize. Pat Buchanan has spoken to this subject in his Independance Day article

      Thanks for posting Pat Buchanan. I think he is articulates better than any writer in the U.S. the declining white Evangelical America referred to in my blog.

      He also represents perfectly the two-faced dilemma of conservative white America. He claims to dislike large controlling government, but he wants government to enforce his views on “American values”. He wants government to prohibit gay marriage and abortion because that would “increase” liberty and free enterprise??? It would decrease them!!

      Once in a while I look to the north, to Canada, for ideas about how to make thinks work. I’m not an expert in Canada’s system buy I have read the purpose of Canada’s national government is to deliver government services. It goes more lightly on enforcing “Canadian values.” We could do with fewer efforts to put Pat Buchanan’s religion into our government.

    1. entech

      Gee, I thought it was atheists who were the worst Catholic haters and Catholics that were the worst gay haters. I have been wrong before and will be wrong again and Henry can always br relied upon to demonstrate it.

    2. Jinx II

      Lol!!! Thanks heinie, had a good laugh over that one. Never knew gay sex was legal in Vatican City, now I do!

      1. entech

        Yeh, according to Henry’s favorite search methods it is not only legal but very popular and quite common. I did here somewhere that they were thinking of making it compulsory, but I do think that is a bit much and really is suggestive of hatred and bigotry. … on the other hand …

      2. Henry

        Nothing new. Vanity Fair reported on the Vatican gay bath house not that long ago.

        One nagging question is why the Vatican fiercely protects its pedophile priests, predominately homosexual, unless absolutely cornered by civil law enforcement. I am just unable to connect the dots……

          1. entech

            The one in the middle is in the height of fashion. Nowadays I often see the beautiful lace trimmed petticoats worn on the outside, just like him.

          2. Catcher

            It’s a hobby of mine to look at the background and setting of pictures. This one has “Taste of the world”, with “hotel” farther down the street. Coincidence I’m sure.

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