What If Your Father Said, “I Am A Woman.”

Everyone involved in LGBT equality knows about the impact of personal experience. If folks have had considerable contact with LGBT is difficult to remain prejudice.

The link is such a story. It is about an evangelical pastor in Brooklyn, NY, whose father was a well known preacher and high executive in the denomination. The son, married with two small children, was successfully pastoring a start up church.

His father came from Colorado to deliver some news. The news was that the father had thought he was female since he was a small child. He could no longer deal with it and would now live out his gender orientation, a woman.

The link goes through all the societal complications associated with trans life. What would happen to the long marriage of the pastor’s parents? How would the pastor tell his congregation which had a policy that gay people, let alone trans people, could not hold official positions in the church? How would the pastor explain this to his two small children?

The small children made the transition without missing a beat. They took to the new grand lady without hesitation. The pastor read religious significance into this. If the children could accept the change with no problem whatsoever, that is how God accepts it, he reasoned.

Eventually, the pastor announced his circumstances to his congregation and that he wanted a welcoming church. There was the expected exodus of some members but the church is surviving.

To the thousands of gay and trans fathers, Happy Father’s Day.

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  1. Jinx II

    It took a lot of courage to come out to his family and congregation, it could have ended badly for her. To think of my Father as female just isn’t going to happen, but if he was I would accept him with open arms. After much thought and contemplation, he welcomed his oldest Grandson as Gay. His Father accepted him as Gay immediately.

    Happy Fathers Day to the thousands of Fathers and Grandfathers who accept, love and welcome their GLTBQ children and Grandchildren.

    1. Jinx II 7:31 Happy Fathers Day to the thousands of Fathers and Grandfathers who accept, love and welcome their GLTBQ children and Grandchildren.

      Beautiful post, Jinx.

  2. Schurkey

    To the thousands of gay and trans fathers, Happy Father’s Day. Here’s hoping you get some mental-health help in the coming year.


  3. Juan Ruiz

    I admit I am older than dirt, and my only remembrances of transgender were Christine Jorgenson and Wendy Carlos. Not sure why the theme has suddenly become so prominent.

      1. Juan–There is a VERY prominent economist, a conservative by most measures, Deirdure Nasen McCloskey, who was formerly a man. Some cultures treated the genderless as godlike figures who transsended the mundane of gender. I think it is obsession with gender that makes trans a big deal, not trans itself. As the blog notes, children are not hung up on it. Teenagers today accept it without much fuss.

  4. Off topic but thought you might be interested in this video. While is believe persecution of Christians is terrible, Christendom has, to a great measure, brought it on themselves with their interventions in the land of Islam:

    1. Michael 4:29 Thanks. It is so easy to see Christians in Iraq were better off under Sadam. And, we are no better off now that we went in there.

      I read a long article recently on how the military in Israel views what we (Trump) are doing with “kill ISIS”. They don’t like it. Their perspective is this. They know who the troublesome groups are and exactly where they are. They know the cannot eliminate them, but they are confident they can keep they in their region–tamp them down when they try to expand. When the groups are bombed, they scatter and start all over again. Then the Israeles have to figures out who is who and where all over again.

      If only such practical thinking would have been the norm after 9/11. If we had said all our efforts will be to keep troublesome Afghans in Afghanistan and troublesome Iraqis in Iraq but invade neither we would be better off than we are now.

  5. Some good thoughts Jon. I agree. Christians have supported these aggressions in the middle east that result in genocide and then get a persecution complex when they fight back. Ron Paul calls it not terrorism but “blowback”.

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