The Southern Baptist Solution: Steal Members From The Catholics

The new President of the Southern Baptist Convention recognizes something must be done. Membership of the largest Protestant denomination has been falling for about a decade. Baptisms are down as well as conversions. The denomination starts new churches but others close.

The President says he is appointing a blue ribbon task force to look into what can be done to reverse this downward trend. The review of his speech to the convention being held this week quoted a lot about each Southern Baptist being a preacher for the faith.

I read the article carefully looking to see where the President thinks there is potential to recruit others to become Southern Baptists.  Is it among young people who are skeptical of the faith’s condemnation of homosexuality? Is it among people who read on the internet articles by skeptics? Or, is it among people who have always been skeptical of miracles and can be convinced these miracles actually happened? He didn’t hint it was any of these.

He provided a hint at where Southern Baptists might find converts. He pointed out that Southern Baptists do not need an intermediary to talk to Jesus. Instead, they can talk to Jesus directly. He thinks Southern Baptists can recruit Catholics. What other branch of the faith puts clergy between the believer and his/her god?

According to data gathered by independent organizations, six Catholics leave the faith for other branches for each one who leaves other branches to become Catholic. Southern Baptists see opportunity there.

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  1. Juan Ruiz

    I don’t think Catholics, acquainted with the mass, could ever adjust to a So Baptist service. To go from a calm priest’s homily recitation, to a preacher shouting at his congregation would be too much.

    1. Juan 6:36 I don’t think Catholics, acquainted with the mass, could ever adjust to a So Baptist service.

      Very large numbers of Latin American Catholics have changed to Pentecostal. In some Central American countries Pentecostal is now the majority. There is certainly some bleeding to S. Baptists. I don’t know how much.

      1. Juan Ruiz

        Hispanic services, even Catholic, are a good deal more lively. The difference in that is case not so great.

  2. Catcher

    Re. “stealing”. It’s not only the Baptists. The AG, CoC, CoG, and others . are in the practice of “stealing” from any church. Often it’s “Our pastor is the best, you should hear him he’s so wonderful”, then join. Part of it is the cult of personality. I personally have been told that I would go to hell if I didn’t join one of the churches mentioned above. My niece was told the same thing.. One could fairly say they are coveting members of other churches, – – – and their pocket books. Then there are those who would like to be known to go to a nice new shiny mega church, where all the beautiful people go. A subliminal draw. Some people also shop for the pastor they would like the most. If they don’t like his looks or habits, they will go some where else. Like musical chairs. Forgetting the reason they go to church in the first place, if they knew in the first place. A popularity contest. Mabey the holy water was too hot, or too cold. One person told me he left his church because the drums and guitars were too loud. He went to rock concerts. Really?

      1. Catcher

        @ 9;55; Church of Christ—-Church of God, and several variations.
        COP- Church of Pope? Smilie face.

  3. Catcher

    By the way, the RCC also has outreach to attract non-Catholics. Terms like; “The journey home”, a program on EWTN, “Crossing the Tiber”, (the most polluted river in Italy.) “Come to the fullness of the faith”. You steal ours, we’ll steal em back.

    1. Juan Ruiz

      One of the criticisms of EWTN by some is that it was hijacked by a bunch converts who forced Angelica out, and now give a skewed view of the faith.

      1. Juan 6:52 One of the criticisms of EWTN by some is that it was hijacked by a bunch converts who forced Angelica out, and now give a skewed view of the faith.

        I wish I could stand to watch or listen to EWTN more. I remember seeing, “Yes, we can agree the Holy Church has been wrong at times in the past. It is not wrong about anything today.” Or, a Bishop from the NYC Diocese, “Keep children away from homosexuals.” EWTN is home to the world of the weird.

        1. Juan Ruiz

          EWTN has some good programming. Sunday afternoon they do a concert series; music by Bach, Händel, Vivaldi, et al. Their coverage from Rome of the holiday masses is good. Even Arroyo has some good shows.

      2. Catcher

        @ 6;52; Yes, “A Network Gone Wrong” Ferrara. 2006

        I find Madrid a little to flippantly apologetic, whereas George Weigel is more thoughtful.
        Marcus Grodi is totally uninformed on several topics, and should take a course on comparative theology. (A former Presbyterian).

  4. “According to data gathered by independent organizations, six Catholics leave the faith for other branches for each one who leaves other branches to become Catholic”

    Could this be why?:

    1. Jinx II

      Could be, the extensive coverup of priests molesting children has not helped their recruiting. The public knowledge of how they moved these priests around time and time again reeked of hypocrisy when they peddled themselves as the moral framework under which a catholic was to build their life. The RCC also owns the richest real estate in the world as well as the most extensive collection of valuable arts,scrolls, books, statuary, maps, etc you can find, yet pleads poverty for everything except decorating their churches, themselves, living accommodations for the uppity ups and lawsuits.

      Too tired to say more, Goodnight!

      PS Of course, there are exceptions as there is in all matters of human lives.

      1. It is fake victims like you who throw molokov cocktails anonymously, hiding in the shadows with little to no facts that constitute a real problem in society. In government it is the ‘deep state’ of essentially tenured employees that leak secret information or false information in hopes of damaging someone they disagree with.

        The Church has been gifted most of the sacred treasures such as art, cathedrals and churches. People who love Christ and His Church support it. Most in the Church toil without much money; its priests, nuns, lay people working in missions around the world.

        Someone like you like to tear down the Church. The Church is full of sinners. Join it and you will be one in need of repentance over all your sins.

        For every sin of a Catholic clergy, count 100 sins of an atheist. That is my experience. So much good is being done by the Church and her priests.

        An ounce of respect for you? None.

      2. Matt Noah

        Jinx’s rant reminds me of the rants KKK members would make about the negro population. According to the KKK, there were no good negros. The KKK blamed negros for causing all of the problems experienced on them. They were shiftless, lazy, stupid, violent, etc. And while negros (Blacks, in today’s lexicon) were no more to blame for their lot in life, so it is today with how JInx likes to portray Catholics and other conservative Christians. How often do we read Jinx and others tell us how shiftless (lazy thinkers), stupid (believing in things so arcane) and violent (boiling in oil, forced motherhood, etc.).

        It is time to end this bigotry. Like racism, bigotry gnaws at the soul and the intellect until it needs repudiation.

        #StopHate #StopBigotry

        1. Jinx II

          worm, the big problem with your post is, as usual, that its wrong. I won’t give you any of the info that you seek for the following reasons: 1. My Mother is still alive and living in the old home town 2. I don’t care what you believe 3. You are mentally unhinged and incapable of normal discussion 4. Your track record, I don’t need a stalker/publicity hound/extremist/banned nut ball following me and my family around. (see track record below) 5. Revealing my identity on internet opens me to hacking and identity theft and you are not worth the risk.

          Track Record


          worm is poster Bison bison…………………

          And, of course, there is your vindictive, verbal violence on RRFT. Who in their right mind would give you any information that could reveal their identity.

        2. Matt — Jinx does not want to reveal her true identity because the anti abortion political movement has a history of stalking and harassing women who get abortions or support abortion rights.

          That being the case I want to know if, in your decades long picketing of abortion clinics, if you yourself have photographed women who were going into the clinics for its services or worked in these clinics. It is best not to lie here because those with whom you have picketed also read this blog site.

          1. Juan Ruiz

            I remember a woman on the old Grand Forks Herald blog who criticized the union during the Crystal Sugar lockout. She was stalked and threatened even though she used a screen name.

  5. This morning, we see a big example of the politics of hate and divisiveness practiced by Democrats and liberals. A Republican congressman is shot while playing baseball by a man who wanted to know if the players were Democrats or Republicans.

    1. Matt 8:47 This morning, we see a big example of the politics of hate and divisiveness practiced by Democrats and liberals. A Republican congressman is shot while playing baseball by a man who wanted to know if the players were Democrats or Republicans.

      The Congressman was saved by a lesbian in a same sex marriage. He fought against same sex marriages.

      1. Jinx II

        Scalise also has an A+ voting rating from the NRA and he voted this Feb. and helped pass a regulation to allow people with certain mental illnesses to buy guns. The shooter was obviously mentally ill. Although this was a terrible tragedy, I see the irony in it as well as an example of Karma………you eventually get back what you give.

  6. entech

    stupid (believing in things so arcane) and violent (boiling in oil, forced motherhood, etc.).

    Now here we go, we need to be stupid not to believe something that is si well documented.
    Pomponio Algerio (1531 – 22 August 1556) was an Italian religious martyr.
    Algerio was born in Nola, and was a civil law student at the University of Padua, where his Lutheran theological beliefs attracted the attention of the Roman Inquisition.[1] At his trial, he wore his academic hat and gown to remind the tribunal that, as a student, he had the right to freely express his ideas. From the transcript of Pomponio Algerio at his trial:
    “I say that the Church deviates from the truth in so far as it says that a man could not do anything in any way good on his own, since nothing praiseworthy can proceed from our corrupt infected nature except to the extent that the lord God gives us his grace… the Roman Catholic Church is a particular Church and no Christian should restrict himself to any particular Church. This Church deviates in many things from truth.”
    After refusing to conform to Church doctrine, he was sentenced to prison and asked to reconsider his Lutheran beliefs. After a year behind bars, he still refused to reconsider. Because Venetian authorities would not consent to an execution, Pope Paul IV sent officials to extradite Pomponio to Rome. In Rome, on 21 August 1555, a monk from the brotherhood of St John the Beheaded visited Pomponio in his cell urging him to repent. If he repented, he would be strangled before burning. The 24-year-old student refused.
    One year later, on 22 August 1556, he was executed by civil authorities in the Piazza Navona, Rome. Maintaining his composure while he was boiled in oil, he stayed alive for 15 minutes before dying.

    The truth is not hatred and is not bigotry, what is hatred is persecuting someone for not accepting your truth, bigotry is extreme persecution for someone that does not accept your truth – the case of Pomponio is a prime example of both. Your denial is condoning murder bvy your Church, it is allied to your support of child rape by your priests.

    No matter what is said previously in this topic the basic reason for the loss of membership is that there are too many like you, you are the antithesis of everything Christianity stands for, I am not a believer but can accept much from most, nothing from you.

    Do still deny that Algiero was boiled in oil for supporting the ideas of Martin Luther, was in effect murdered by the Catholic Church.

    Again, I don’t hate you personally, you can’t hate someone for their blind obedience to what was imposed on them as a child, you can only hope that at some stage they will realise the error of their ways.

    1. Matt Noah

      The atheists of the 20th century – Hitler, Mao, Stalin – killed tens of millions. You want to point to a boiling done by one sinner as to why Catholicism is evil. You are evil. You have an agenda. Engaging in discussion with you is pointless as you have no intellectual honesty.

      1. entech

        Hitler questionable atheist, Stalin, Mao yes. Why did they kill millions for an ideology and for personal power. All madmen committing horrendous crimes, yes.

        I have never said Catholicism is evil, many evil deeds in the past. but as Jon points out in his @ 7:00 am a network can say yes some bad things in the past, but today nothing wrong — nothing wrong when a bishop can stand there with his bare face hanging out and say keep children away from homosexuals while covering up for priests. Bit like the narcissist, I used to be so vain and arrogant, conceited enough to believe my Church had the sole truth but now, well now I am perfect 🙂

        No you are the one with no honesty, intellectual or otherwise. Once again we have a perfect demonstration of how diversion equates to denial.

        Pomponio affair – ONE SINNER ❓ – because Venice wouldn’t condemn him Rome, the entire holy see, had him deported to Rome so that they could deal with him, Just a particularly egregious example of all the murders committed in the name of God.
        That non-believing madmen committed horrendous crimes does not, in any way and never will, exonerate you for your own.

        Apart from this constant denial that puts me off totally, I have no hatred of the Church as such, I think their ideas are wrong and don’t like the idea of the blackmail threats implied through excommunication and son. It is the assumption of perfection, of being the sole purveyors of all truth that offends me.

        Incidentally I am a big supporter of all the good work done in science, I am always sceptical of the good work done in other fields it always seems to have a price tag attached.

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