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Wife and I have been driving through the high dessert country of Utah and Wyoming where there are three things to entertain us. There is amazing terrain, Proghorns and Christian radio. There are many Christian radio stations.

I tried to make mental notes of the variety of Christian beliefs on the different stations. This is a Mormon area so some of that. The two or three Catholic networks and here as well as the standard assortment of evangelical Protestantism. I suppose this variety represents both the opportunity and difficulty the faith faces. There is plenty of money to buy and operate radio stations. But, to some extent at least, they seem to cancel each other out.

For almost 30 minutes, I heard an exchange between an angry Christian radio host and an angry caller. The host not only has a radio program but runs a business selling literature from a web page. He calls himself an apologist and considers himself a nationally ranked expert on the Bible.

After the host insulted Catholics, the Mormon woman called up. She was mad because she claimed he had misrepresented Mormonism. He had said they were not really Christians and wore funny underwear.

What really hurt, the woman said, was that the host was insulting the beautiful Mormon faith. He was violating community standards by the things he was saying and, she said, such behavior should be banned on the airwaves.

The comment reminded me of home. It has been suggested my blog be removed from Area Voices.



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    1. The apologist radio host and his annoyed listener reflected so many other common arguments as well. He claimed he was citing chapter and verse of Mormon documents and went on to point out how contrary they are from the Christianity of the Bible. He was probably correct. The listener, on the other hand, had impressions of what her faith is based, I’m sure, on what she heard in sermons, Bible classes, conversations and her own take on all of it. She was confident the radio host was incorrect. They were both correct. One quoted documents which, probably, people of the faith ignore. The other is living the faith and to her and those who think like her that is, in fact, the faith.

      This same conversation is going on right now with Islam. All kinds of Christians and their politicians are quoting the Koran. Most Muslims ignore those parts of the Koran they do not like and practice the parts of the faith that are peaceful. This latter is actually the faith to those who practice the faith in their peaceful way.

      Nothing about all this is boring. It’s just not widely understood.

      1. entech

        Right on Jon, don’t need to believe or not believe it is what other people get so tied up in believing or not believing and attributing their own beliefs about the others beliefs that makes it so interesting.
        Anyway that is what I believe.

      2. Jinx II

        Jon, on your behalf I call it intellectually curiosity, the need to understand and digging out the truth. Enjoy your trip through the west, there is so much to observe and wonder about.

    2. entech

      Forgive me Heather, I know you seem to think you can post to public but only intend one but I do have an important question, for you Matt and all that say similar things.
      Why do you attribute the despising to Jon, why do you always attribute hatred to non-belief, reminds me of the word projection which you introduced a day or two ago; you do seem to do a lot of projecting your faults and failings on to others.

      1. Once again, your inability to follow along confuses you. I did not introduce the word projection. Jinx did that, while projecting her hatred on us Christians. I found it amusing, so I replied and pointed out the irony. Go back and read it.

        As far as “posting to public”, you felt offended and the need to get involved in a two person conversation after a comment I made towards a different, specific poster. Again, go back and read it.

        Are you honestly saying you cannot see the mockery and insulting nature of many of Jon’s posts towards Christians? Are you completely incapable of putting yourselves in someone else’s shoes so to speak? Wow.

        It’s Jon’s obsession with finding every little thing wrong with religion that is amusing to me. He can’t even go on a lovely sight seeing trip with his wife without spending time looking for new holes to punch in religions.

        1. entech

          Unlike you I am less than perfect. The big deal of the typo suite for suit does exemplify what is your strong suit, not having any real arguments you pick on minor mistakes. Projection, wrong to attribute the introduction to you (or indeed Jinx) the word has been used for a few years on this blog, the constant cry of you hate god, you hate and persecute Christians is typical of this syndrome. Jon never says anything about hating Christians, even though Christians tend to say that anything except complete agreement and adoration is hatred (please allow me to apologise for the broad-brush, I am sure that many Christians do not agree with you and yours).
          It’s Jon’s Rob’s obsession with finding every little thing wrong with religion that is amusing to me.
          The radio stations, to me at least, seemed to be humorous in that different denominations were finding fault with each other and saying each was misquoting the other.

          Once again you have it wrong; you cannot have a “two person conversation” in public. A good example is the common (here and probably there) of very loud and personal mobile phone (cell phone) conversations on a train or tram (bus?), I heard one very annoyed man complaining to a young lady that he and the rest of the train did not need to know the size of her new boy friend’s appendage, she said, “do you mind this is a private conversation” only to get the response “then piss off somewhere private” to very loud chuckling and laughing from the rest of the passengers. The point is if you want a private conversation there is always Email. If you want a pretend personal conversation where you can say what you like without response then, like the young lady in the train, you can also piss off.

          Yes, I do honestly say that I cannot see the mockery of religion by Jon, I do see very many instances of a questioning of things he finds wrong or misguided, that you personally find them insulting is your problem. Yes, having very small feet, I can fit into most people’s shoes, I can see the other’s point of view, but it does not mean I have to agree with them. A mockery might begin with something like, “How could anyone believe such absolute rubbish, you might as well say the moon is made of green cheese”. You could just as well accuse Augustine of similar when he was talking about the literal interpretation of Genesis.

          1. Rob

            Aren’t you the Brick Tamland like guy who was unable to understand what I meant by ‘declining Christian values,’ while spelling ‘suit’ wrong, so I made fun of you just the same as you did to me? And now you use the suite/suit example against me?
            Your senile, narcissistic personality makes it impossible to have an intelligent conversation with you.
            But it also explains a lot about you.

          2. entech

            Rob–It is often the sign of having no valid argument when you resort to making a big deal about spelling mistakes.
            I understand the talk about “declining values” just didn’t get your relationship to the number of people holding those values.
            Your last paragraph, see the first ten words of my first sentence.

  1. Catcher

    Radio shmadio; If you want something really interesting, go to short wave. An example; “What is woman? A man with a womb.” wombman? From the deepest hollars of the deep South, with a transmitter on the kitchen table. world-wide. Also included is neo Nazi on occasion. Good South American music sometimes, but I can’t understand Portuguese.
    I used to fire it up after midnight. Not so much lately.

    1. entech

      A man with a womb? That is pretty bad amongst the worst I have seen is “A life support system for a baby factory”. The Adam and Eve story has (in my humble opinion) done more damage to the image of women than any other creation myth. By things that I read on the internet, for whatever they may be worth, women are increasingly attracted to things like Wicca and Gnostic beliefs because they are for more tolerant of women, some even saying they are at least equal.
      From the odd time you mention your wife I am guessing she is a little like mine, at least equal and often superior.

      1. Catcher

        @ 8;43; re. wife; My stock reply is; “I married up”.
        Actually, we never think “superior” or less superior. or even equal as a valuation consideration. It’ would be simply best said; “We are”. We both have our individual talents, and we compliment each other. A synergism.

        1. entech

          An interesting experience with one of my trainees from the Pacific Islands, Vanuatu, he had a cultural belief about “MY” wife, the man was all and so on. I tried to give him a different perspective by explain that my wife, who was frequently a passenger on the ship, was not with because she was my wife but stayed with because she was my friend. He could not understand the idea at all, tried ask is she not your wife then. The only valid reason for being together is because you want to be.
          Synergy, good word – the sum really is greater than the parts.

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