Can We Be Happy Without A Mysterious Place

I think we all have our views as to what makes us happy. In the sphere of religion, believers cannot understand how non believers can be happy when they have no after life to look forward to. Non believers cannot understand how believers can be happy when what they believe is so obviously false.

Philosophers and historians since way back have tried to generalize about universal notions which make people happy or give people some kind of hope. Some have said that in the U. S. the mystery and hope of “The Great Frontier” or “Western Movement” gave people optimism. There were historians who thought it gave men optimism and women misery. My wife in her book, Land in Her Own Name, debunked this latter theory.

Philosophers with a religious bent such as Aquinas are said to have been captured by a sense of wonder. It is understandable that if he found happiness in such wonder he would expect it to affect others in the same way.

I recall hearing a self improvement guy back in radio days who told of the need for everyone to have something they reach for that looks to be slightly beyond their current reach. For religious people that might be a life with sin resolved. To a non religious person it might be a better golf game or being completely absorbed in the fate of their favorite sports team.

Depression, in my unprofessional observation, strikes as many believers as non believers. Optimism and happiness seems the same.

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  1. There was a big bang! All the molecules came together and a superior creature evolved into beginning, an atheist. All other creatures were inferior to atheists as they learn from their atheist bible. Atheists see themselves superior in every way. They are an accident that came to be perfect in every way. All other creatures are considered subservient to the immense knowledge inculcated into the athlete’s intellect, other creatures are considered gullible to fake news, and purveyors of fake news. Atheists believe that the sun rises and sets on their views. In there view the world would quit functioning without them. The perfect species. That is an unbelievable responsibility for the survival all species.

    1. Ervin 8:07 In a previous post you asked what do atheists think when they are near death?

      I took from that, though I could be incorrect, that you think believers have a much superior grasp of things and would not fear death. Now you are saying it is atheists who think they have a superior grasp of things. Do you think Christians are right and atheists are wrong? if you think Christians are right it seems to me it is Christians, not atheists, who have a superiority complex.

    2. entech

      Ervin, your first sentence starts you of on the right track, there was indeed a big bang and it was a Catholic discovery.
      Georges Henri Joseph Édouard Lemaître Associate RAS17 July 1894 – 20 June 1966) was a Belgian Catholic Priest, astronomer and professor of physics at the Catholic University of Leuven. He proposed the theory of the expansion of the universe, widely misattributed to Edwin Hubble. He was the first to derive what is now known as Hubble’s law and made the first estimation of what is now called the Hubble constant, which he published in 1927, two years before Hubble’s article. Lemaître also proposed what became known as the Big Bang theory of the origin of the universe, which he called his “hypothesis of the primeval atom” or the “Cosmic Egg”./i>
      Lemaitre was the man who caused Einstein to change his view of the nature of the universe; Einstein was a keen proponent of the “steady State Theory” of cosmology. Another steady state proponent was Fred Hoyle who coined the phrase “Big Bang”as a term of derision and ridicule (rather like you try to use it).
      The rest of the post is a bit over simplified and far too compressed. We had to have the stars being created and blowing up to provide the essentials for the next generation of stars and so on until there was a sufficient range of molecules available. When the molecular variety was available it took much longer for any form of life to develop, you see the development of life is a combination of chance and necessity, under certain circumstances the molecules must combine and become life (very primitive life) given the precise circumstances required and the possible combinations available it is a matter of chance that the circumstances are precisely what is required. Actually you should look up Father George Coyne, another catholic scientist, who has given a few lectures which are available on line on the general theme of “The Fertile Universe”. Guy Consolmagno, the current head of the Vatican Observatory is another Jesuit who could help correct so many of your mistaken views. Evolution is talked about by both and it is a much longer process than you seem to imply.

  2. Jinx II

    I am going to see if I can find your wife’s book, thanks for posting this.

    By the way, thanks for the new book Matt spoke about in yesterdays blog. Hope you have time to sort through his book………..

    Jon’s book is a reply to “I Obsess About Atheism; The Banned Man From Fargo” written by disgruntled catholic matt the worm noah. There is 1 chapter 666 pages long with no paragraphs, sentences, capital letters, semicolons, or periods. It is a nonsensical running comment of every post he made on the blog RRFT.

    Printed by himself, he kept 1 copy and gave the others to his fellow extremists who join him on the board of the Christian Shariah Cult. His book is currently evidence in a judicial case to commit him to a Psychiatric hospital indefinitely.

    1. Godless

      I don’t know about you but I absolutely love watching South Park. I can’t help but think that season 15 episode 4 T.M.I really helps explain Matt’s anger issues.

      1. Jinx II

        Not sure if I saw that one, I’ll have to look it up. I have seen some others in regards to a religious topic and they are hilarious yet great social commentary.

  3. Jinx II

    erv the nerve, you have just accomplished the well known Psychological escape mechanism known as Projection. You have taken your own self righteous views on catholicism/christianity and projected (applied) them on Jon’s views and beliefs. Projection reveals quite a bit about the person and who they are and in most cases, it isn’t a pretty picture. All of us are equal, black, white, yellow red, brown, white, purple, christian, muslim, hindu, wiccan, athiest, and aboriginal/indigenous. Jon truly believes this and so do I and a number of other people who post here and you have the audacity to question our motives while revealing what a small, black, self righteous thing you have as a heart.

    1. Rob

      Jon’s blog is a daily exercise in projection. It is amusing how you are incapable of understanding that.

      1. entech

        Come on Heather, you know we are all given to some of that at times, My own contention is that when Christians start on about atheists it is more extreme.
        As in when non-belief is transformed into Hate, it is more usual for Christians to Hate atheists than the other way around. I think the reason for this is that atheism does not require a lot of effort, it is all imagination let it go, but belief has so many obligations, attempting to put relevance to some scriptural wanderings for a start. The problem being that so much effort is needed to maintain belief that to reject the idea is akin to saying hey Christian Buddy you are just wasting time. No one likes to think that so the one that suggests it becomes he subject of hatred.
        So many of you are so bitter that some one can leave all that baggage behind while you have to carry it with you, struggling under the weight (of the cross you choose to bear).

      2. Jinx II

        robbie/heather, another low status member of the know nothing club continues to project himself to the public, he gives transsexuals a bad name.

        1. entech

          Jinx, that is a bit extreme, there is no evidence or even suggestion that we are speaking of a transsexual here. I would suggest one of those poor unfortunate women who have succumbed to the fallacy that they would have more credibility posting “as if” male.

        2. Rob

          As I’ve said before, the irony, and your inability to see it, is very amusing. I sometimes wish you were a little brighter so you could understand things better.

          1. entech

            You have said it before and you will say it again, you were wrong before and you will be wrong again. You yourself are the source of amusement.

          2. entech

            Public forum, public comments. You respond to my posts when you feel you can have something denigrating to say.
            So sorry you poor darling, doesn’t really matter who says it you are usually wrong and wrong enough to be comical.

          3. Given the fact you are evidently too dumb to follow a comment thread, I should have included you in the same original comment. My mistake.

      1. entech

        The question posed was can one be happy without a mysterious place, lets call it heaven for want of a better name. Matt says you can be happy without one and Jinx in turn asks why he is not happy. A bit complicated because he does have his mysterious place, a place of great mystery described to him by his “magisterium mysterium” and a place in which he is sure he is going to be ensconced for eternity.
        Why then the lack of happiness you ask? simple really he doesn’t get to pick his companions, some of the hierarchy of his Church have even said that atheists who live a good life, blameless and without sin could get to heaven. A cause for great concern and misery does he reject the words of Popes and Cardinals, surely a sin, or face up to the fact that he may be facing eternity in the company of someone like Jon. An eternity being in the position of having to love his neighbor, regardless!

        1. Jinx II

          Interesting perspective Entech, I have never thought about the inability to pick your companions in any so called heaven, hell, or wherever.

          My atheist husband agrees and mentioned a G B Shaw play where upper class wealthy people, dressed to the nines, in a beautiful place, mingling with friends, drnks, and so on. A small group was discussing heaven and hell, and one person says as he indicates the wealthy people “little do they know this is hell.” Can’t remember the name of the play…….

          1. entech

            It would rather diminish the experience having your companions selected for you, as always this reminds me of a little joke from way long ago, quite appropriate when talking about Matt.

            A new arrival in heaven was being given the guided tour, beautiful gardens and magnificent roses, eventually they come to a high wall. As he was asking about what it was all about his guide hushed him quickly saying, “no noise please, on the other side are the Catholics and they think they are the only ones here”.

            Of course you could always substitute your pet dislike, Catholics would probably say Lutherans.

          2. Jinx II

            We found it! GB Shaw’s play Man and Superman, Part III Don Juan in Hell. Part III is often performed by itself.

            I understood why my husband thought of it when he read your post, here is 1 line from the beginning of the play

            “THE OLD WOMAN You do not know to whom you are speaking. I am a lady, and a faithful daughter of the Church. ” She said to Don Juan after he told her she was in hell. LOVE the dialogue and will have to reread the whole thing.

          3. entech

            Yes, thanks for that I should add it to the ever increasing list of things to revisit. Shaw is a perfect example of how many of the best English authors and playwrights are Irish or Scottish. 🙂

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