Agreement Between Christians And Atheists Is 99.9%

I’ve talked about this level of agreement here several times and challenged believers to disagree. They never do.

That is because it is factual, our agreements are almost 100%. Yet, atheists still appear to believers as the enemy.

There have been, so far as we know, thousands of gods humans have worshiped in their 200,000 years. Both Christians and atheists would agree that nearly everyone of those gods was a product of the human mind. That is, both see those gods as not independent or sovereign of the mind, but coming from it exclusively.

Both agree those hundreds of gods worshiped today by non Christians exist only in the minds of those faithful to those gods. These would include the many gods of Hinduism and paganism.

Atheists and Christians, then, disagree on the concept of only one god, the Christian God. Atheists think of it just as the others, a product that exists in the human mind.

Rather than praise the rational and consistent logic of the atheist, the Christian becomes angry. He becomes angry in exactly the same way those who worship other gods are angry at atheists within their own societies. Our world has this peculiar set of alliances, Christians and atheists agreeing on the non existence of other gods and Christians and other religions aliened against atheists.

The solution seems obvious. Worshipers of each god worship as they please but not pass judgment on other gods or on atheists.

For some reason, the worship of gods requires condemnation, even death, of skeptics.


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  1. Catcher

    I always review the “related” topics below the topic of the day. It should be noted how similar and repetitious the topics are under different titles. Beyond the occasional disinformation, false statements, speculation and assumptions, I find it unnecessary and fruitless to repeat the same related rebuttals, or comments over and over again. However, I shall continue to observe.

    1. I’ve read the fig story was Jesus’ condemnation of homosexuality. Neither the fig nor gay people reproduce. Jesus’ message is both to smite gays and never eat figs.

      1. Catcher

        @ 8;09; Jon; In none of the many reliable commentaries on the text you reference, are the items you present.

    2. entech

      there are only so many variations on a theme, there would be hardly any blogs in the universe if nothing was ever repeated. You don’t want to repeat the same comments and rebuttals you say, yet you have no objection to repeating this same niggle.

  2. Schurkey

    “Both Christians and atheists would agree that nearly everyone of those gods was a product of the human mind.”

    Unless the false gods were originally the product of Satan’s deception of the human race–incorrect idea(s) left out for us to “find” like the cheese on a mousetrap.

    “I’ve read the fig story was Jesus’ condemnation of homosexuality. Neither the fig nor gay people reproduce. Jesus’ message is both to smite gays and never eat figs.”
    Hmmmm. The “Figs-and-Fags Filosofy”

  3. Brandon

    Seems you could use some of your own advice Jon. You say to let others believe what they want but don’t get upset and pass judgement on them….yet every single post you make is to find “flaws” with faith and judge people for believing in them.

    1. Brandon 9:23 Seems you could use some of your own advice Jon. You say to let others believe what they want but don’t get upset and pass judgement on them….yet every single post you make is to find “flaws” with faith and judge people for believing in them.

      A faction of Christianity wants to make their religion the law of the land. They want no abortions or gay marriage. They want prayers in schools and at public meetings. This is not letting others believe whatever they want, it is imposing religion on people. That is why my blog is here and why I write about the topics I do.

      1. And you would shudder to admit to your anti-theists, radical left friends that you agree with Catholicism 99.9% of the time. They would drop dead laughing.

  4. entech

    That all sounds about right. We all agree about 99.9% of all Gods being imaginary, the disagreement is the 0.1% that is your God, you believe that it is the one true God we disagree and hold that that one is imaginary too.
    One would have expected some one like you to have a better grasp of percentages, still as it is expected that you distort everything else, perhaps not.

          1. entech

            Rob–Certainly, and I confess to getting old and slowing down so it has taken time, I am beginning to catch on, you are an Emily. An atheist pretending to be a Christian and saying such stupid things that you hope to make Christianity look bad.

          2. entech

            Being a non-American as well as a non-believer I have heard of neither. Let me say that I think the religion scene in America is the most amazing in the world and I love Jon’s blog for the chance to observe part of it. And, I do love chipping in little bits to see the reactions.

      1. entech

        Matt, what would you do with yourself if Jon went away? Here you are as I remember on your third or fourth doctor/surgeon because it took this long to find one that would do what you wanted instead of taking their advice. So you have finished up with two failed back operations and waiting a third, from you posting patterns you are no longer working, probably bedridden, on strong pain killers and nothing to entertain you except Jon.
        So again, what would you do if Jon went away?

  5. Brandon

    Jon….so your telling me that not allowing Bibles in school, removal of the 10 Commandments, no longer teaching creationism in school but in fact only teaching evolution and secular humanism, holidays instead of Christmas, on and on….. These clearly aren’t examples of people like you doing exactly what you tell other Christians that they can’t do….. It’s a typical my way is right and everyone else is wrong.

    1. entech

      To put to you a Rob type question what kind of creationism do you want taught 5777 years ago on a whim the great creator of the universe over a period of 7days (including time off for resting and admiring his handiwork) created all that exists? He did all this starting at Sunrise on a Wednesday, there can be no discussion about how this was before time and space and such things as sunrise and days of the week existed just remember that if it is in the bible it is true word for word and the creator can do anything he wants.
      And, furthermore this must be true because rocks do not fart!

    2. godless

      Holidays instead of Christmas, I always find this argument so interesting? If jesus did exist he wasn’t born in December. The origins of Christmas are pagan. Pope Julius I decided to rebrand the pagan holiday Saturnalia. If Christmas is supposed to be so important to the christian faith why doesn’t the bible specifically state the date that jesus was born? Maybe the worshipers of Saturn should be insisting on taking back their holiday.

      On a side note, I have no issues with calling December 25, Christmas.

      1. godless,

        If you study Haggai and Zechariah and other biblical and historical accounts of the time in all probability JESUS was born on the 24th of the 9th month, which corresponds to the night of the 24th and day of the 25th of present day.

        If you can link to my website, some have had trouble, you can download an analysis of this from FREE STUFF “TOG 4 …”

        You can click on “kev” above or

  6. To all:

    Why is it that you always link GOD to religion ?????

    Please do not continue to confuse GOD with gods !!!!!

    christianity is in itself a proclaimed god.

    judaism is in itself a proclaimed god.

    islam is in itself a proclaimed god.

    These gods define there god differently so their gods cannot be GOD !!!

    The three of them are gods that claim to own GOD as defined by their god: the gods they hate are each other and all the other gods !!!!!

    Science is a god !!!!!

    Satan is a god !!!!!

    What did GOD say about gods ?????

    “You shall have no other gods before-between-beside ME !!!!!!!”

    You all can spat about gods, just please leave GOD out of your spat !!!!!

    You each will get to spat with GOD one on ONE face to FACE and your knowledge or lack thereof will be your judge not GOD !!!!!

    Self-judgment: GOD gives each of us “Free Will” to do what we want and all HE will ask is an account of that “Free Will” relative to HIM !!!!!!!

  7. Catcher

    @ 8;42; “Christianity — Judaism — Islam ” “Is in itself a proclaimed God.” That needs to be re-thunk. (spelling intended).

    I must say however, that does seem to be the case with some, in that they worship their church more than anything /person. That needs to be re-thunk too.

    1. Catcher,

      I intentionally leave the first letter of these religions lower case as a point of rejection of their own declared self-worth.

      I try to read posts for the intent, which you captured in your 2nd paragraph.

      1. Catcher

        @ 9;31; “is in itself a proclaimed god”. Not in the slightest. You need to think this over. Nowhere have I EVER seen a church, temple, mosque, or association of same, consider itself to be a god, You need to re-think this.

        In all cases, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam are proper nouns, requiring upper case letters. In the case of Catholic vs catholic, lower case c for universal , upper case for the Church of Rome. The name of a denomination is also a proper noun, requiring an upper case letter, in spite of it not being a god.

  8. Jinx II

    How curious that the people who display such dislike and even hatred of Jon, his beliefs and thoughts and his blog continue to read and criticize it and Jon every day. Oddly, you hound him on his topics, yet repeat the same tired comments over and over and over.

    If his blog is so bad, why do you keep reading and posting? Does his blog touch the doubt deep inside you that you keep repressed because you are terrified of the truth? Your continued devotion to RRFT says a lot more about you than Jon, and it isn’t good.

    1. Catcher

      Jinx II @ 4;12; If the opportunity to voice disagreement is present, I may use it, You may also notice I disagree with Jon’s detractors just as much.

      It has been said here a long time ago that silence means agreement. Well, that is an invitation to voice disagreement.

      1. Jinx II

        Catcher, while you can be tenacious about certain things you are certainly on point with a number of topics and I never find you repetitious. You are quite consistent in your thinking and even if I don’t agree with you all the time, I have an idea where you are coming from.

        I completely agree with your statement on voicing disagreement, you think, you reason and you disagree (with class most of the time) and you are anything but boring. I, and I hope others, have learned quite a bit from you and I do not read the continued mindless mocking of Jon and his blog in your posts.

        1. entech

          tenacious about certain things Jinx you being uncommonly polite, I often find him to be a “stubborn old p….” But I do agrees with the rest.

          1. Catcher

            @ 7;50; re. “stubborn old p….”. I was called that 30 yr. ago. I consider it a badge of integrity. I’m not offended. Thank you.

            Too bad we live so far apart. I would enjoy a nice single malt with you.

          2. entech

            And before that possibly called a stubborn young … , I have been called similar myself and we have probably both been called worse.
            I think we would get on better over a nice drink than nagging over a page of print.

          3. Jinx II

            I have the impression that neither of you(Catcher and Entech) can’t be manipulated in any way because you research for truth instead of looking for support to shore up your beliefs. I respect that and find it especially refreshing after wading through ‘the victims’ whining posts. Ditto for Juan, Godless, Adam H, Grandma, others not named and of course Jon.

            You better invite me to have a drink with you to =^.^= meow.

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