Spiritualism, Communicating With The Dead

There is a community on the East Coast devoted to the practice of Spiritualism. While we can assume there have been people since the beginning who thought they could communicate with the dead, this particular branch originated in the 1800’s here in the U.S.

The closest I have been to anyone believing spiritualism was a couple of professor friends who were practiced Christian Science. The man died and the woman told us years later they had an agreement he would contact her in the afterlife in some  specific way she did not reveal. She looked for the contact but it never came. I’ve read the Christian Science faith believes life goes on somewhat like the life before death.

The town of Lily Dale, near Buffalo, NY, is the center of Spiritualism in the U. S.  People practice seances and what is called clairvoyant mediumship. Spiritualism has always endorsed science so there are people in Lily Dale experimenting with electronic amplification of contacts from the dead.

People in Lily Dale also record anomalies, things that happen to them which have no other explanation except actions taken by those who have died and are active in their lives. To a novice like myself, these anomalies sound identical to the “miracles” attributed to God in Christianity.

In the Lily Dale, NY, museum devoted to Spiritualism is an item from popular culture. We’ve all heard Elvis is still alive. The museum displays a note in Elvis’ own handwriting discussing his life after death.

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  1. entech

    Some people will believe anything!

    There is an opening for an attack on people that don’t believe anything (except something about rocks passing wind millions of years ago).

    1. entech 8:28 I thought of this multiple choice question: A tornado came through a town and every building was blown away except one. In that house were three people, each had a different explanation as to why they were alive:

      a.) The Christian said it was because she prayed to God to save them.
      b.) The Spiritualist said it was because she asked a dead relative she had been conversing with to save them.
      c.) The Atheist said it was because the random wind currents happened to lift or divert and miss the house.

      The Atheist was so gullible she would believe anything.

  2. entech

    Of course, atheists are so dumb! they believe that such things could happen, that a person could be “saved” from a plane or train crash simply by being in the right seat or better still missing the trip all together had nothing to do with a traffic jam that delayed arrival until it was far too late. All these things that some would call coincidence or good luck could not happen without divine providence, without the intervention of some beneficial supernatural agent.

    It is awful to think of all the nastiness that happens because some a beneficial agent was not acting on your behalf, the alternative must be some malevolent agent which lease you wondering, rather like Job, what you had done to deserve such a catastrophe.

  3. Jinx II

    I am pretty skeptical about seances, talking to spirits, ghosts, and all the above mentioned phenomena plus more. Over time, we have found explanations for some of these phenomena and I believe time and our expanding knowledge will explain a lot more. Sometimes $hit just happens randomly.

  4. clint murchison

    Our eternity is right now. Right now. The fact we have religon is nothing short of justifying slavery during it. This planents natural resources would make us all rich”

  5. joe

    Blessings to you this Sunday. Sometimes pride can be rooted so deep, it hardens ones heart so much, a person with their God given free will is unable to be open to receiving God’s graces to see the truth. The evil one continues to work on these souls with the deadly sin of pride. The God who created Adam and Eve is so merciful. At your moment of passing from this earth, even if you don’t believe now, just keep it in the back of your mind to turn towards Jesus.

    1. joe 5:16 Sometimes pride can be rooted so deep, it hardens ones heart so much, a person with their God given free will is unable to be open to receiving God’s graces to see the truth.

      Thank you that kind and sincere greeting. I must point out that pride, too much of it, is part of the Christian’s tool bag. A Christian will often, as you did here, assume there is something wrong with the skeptic, hardened heart, but assume there is nothing wrong with himself. What you refer to as “the deadly sin of pride” is showing clearly in you–that your view and only your view is right.

      A kinder and less prideful expression of the faith would be to admit there is no non Biblical source to back up the Bible’s claims of a god, heaven, the resurrection or even the life of Jesus. The Christian can say, “I get pleasure from believing these things are true even through I must admit good evidence they are true has not been found.”

      This less prideful, and less sinful, expression would be more attractive to people considering the faith.

    2. entech

      I sometimes wonder why the accusation of ‘pride’ is so often thrown at non-believers. I can’t speak for all, of course, and there are more than a few with very strange ideas and belief in other things. for myself and all that I know the lack of belief in a creator involves a belief in a universe that has somehow existed in some form forever. As much as we can tell from observation and extrapolation from observation of past events the universe in its present form started some millions of years ago with a singularity referred to as the big bang. At the singularity everything was compressed so tight ant at such a temperature that it was an undifferentiated whole. With expansion and cooling the universe we know began to form. An excellent treatise on the process comes from Father George Coyne, there are a few versions of his lectures talking about the fertile universe. Eventually giving rise to humanity, humanity as a part of the universe, possibly a pretty special part as it is the only part we know of that has self awareness.
      The alternative presented is that the universe is the special creation of a special creator, humanity is so special that according to the bools he is to have dominion over it all.

      All I ask is the you consider both ideas and consider which one requires the most pride.

  6. Juan Ruiz

    “I sometimes wonder why the accusation of ‘pride’ is so often thrown at non-believers. ”

    It’s one of the seven deadly sins of which Christians accuse themselves. They’re more than happy to share them with others. I cannot understand why they are so willing to obliterate their self-worth by characterizing themselves as moral maggots.

  7. Ginger

    I’m always baffled at the threat and anger atheists seem to feel when faced with religion. What’s their problem? I don’t feel the same way about their non-belief.

    1. Ginger 11:26 I’m always baffled at the threat and anger atheists seem to feel when faced with religion. What’s their problem? I don’t feel the same way about their non-belief.

      Thanks for the comment.

      This blog, and some atheist organizations, would end quickly if believers would simple take Christian advertising off of public property, stop prayers at government meetings and keep religion out of public laws like anti gay and anti abortion. We have no beef with people practicing Christianity, Islam or any other of the hundreds of religions. It is the efforts to require we follow religious tenets that is “What’s their problem?”

    2. Jinx II

      I don’t mind until they start shoving it down my (and others) throat, insulting me and others, and other forceful behaviors because they think the know what’s best for me and everyone else. I can discuss religion with those who do not engage in those behaviors. Those who engage those behaviors loose all credibility with me and I refuse to engage in any serious discussion with them……..as been observed on this blog.

    3. entech

      I am always baffled by the religionists that read that into the conversation whenever they are faced by atheists. What’s their problem? I for one do not feel the same way about their belief.

      What is the threat from not believing as they do, why does it always cause an underlying feeling of anger. (Apologies to Catcher and others that do not feel this way).

  8. Jinx II

    We have read numerous examples of pride and hardened hearts and minds from some of the so called christians who post or posted on this site.

    Thankfully, there are christians who keep their humility and continue to be concerned about all people on this earth. They are the ones who follow the humble teachings of the entity called Jesus…….he cared for the poor, sick, children, disabled, elderly a showed empathy and compassion to all of them.

    Doctrine over along people seems to be the emerging norm among christians in this country and that is NOT what Jesus taught.

  9. joe

    Pride certainly affects Christians just the same as atheists. But some of the difference might be they don’t see it as a sin as they don’t believe in the devil. In the earlier post I wasn’t trying to imply that Christians aren’t prideful, apologies if it came across that way. Peace be with you.

        1. entech

          Jon, you will justify your haters by telling such obvious lies, waiting for any response could be a long wait.

          Funny how The Donald is guilty of all the things he accused the Previous government about – wives not wearing headscarves, not mentioning radical Islam and etc.

          Incidentally is anything any Trump does truly non-profit?

          1. Jinx II

            Entech, I believe Drumpf is the embodiment of each of the 7 Deadly behaviors/sins……….that does not bode well for the USA and its allies.

          2. entech 8:20 I’m feeling snarky tonight. Clinton haters were so mad because Chelsea jetted around the world fund raising. I’m sure Ivanka will not do that. Well, she is in Saudi Arabia today picking up the $100 million. Maybe she will jet about to pick up a few additional millions, but absolutely nothing as evil as the Clintons.

          3. entech

            It is just part of the job if you are in politics, jet setting allover at the public expense, Trump(s) is/are finding it such a chore. And if all those nice foreigners want to make investments and donations this is all as it should be, just as the Trumps themselves would never do anything for personal advantage the foreigners are only doing it through benevolence and for philanthropy.

            Have to stop now feeling quite unwell after writing that.

    1. entech

      Joe, just observations, sorry if my reaction was to lump you in with those who extend the suggestion so that atheists, simply by the fact of being non-believers, are obliged to be not only prideful but idolatrous, incapable of morality and so on.

      You are certainly correct when you say they don’t believe in sin because they don’t believe in the devil, this does not mean that things cannot be considered totally wrong behaviours ( equivalent to evil and sin but without the religious reasoning).
      Peace be with you too.

  10. Rob

    Ripping a Christian poster regarding pride, after a couple of blog entries earlier this week telling us how atheists are smarter than everyone else. Lol. Keep up the humble work.

    1. Rob– 10:41 after a couple of blog entries earlier this week telling us how atheists are smarter than everyone else.

      Interesting. Please quote where I said that.

    2. entech

      My post @ May 22, 2017 at 12:11 am seems more than appropriate here.

      We have Joe posting about pride being a failing of atheists, a couple of us took that as being something like the impression we get from Rob. That impression is that Christians are always right and atheist always and under any circumstance wrong. As I say the “Christians are always right” is an impression, not stated but implied.

      If you follow the thread again, being a little more observant and a lot less biased you will see that after The Atheists “ripped” him over pride; he wrote back explaining his position; the atheists in turn wrote back either thanking or accepting his reply or in my case apologising for interpreting him that way.

      Never mind humble just keep up the mindless bigotry, people like you do more for the cause of the skeptic than any skeptic ever could.

      1. Rob

        But your bigoted, skeptic impression of Joe’s original post gets a free pass.
        Got it; think I’m catching on now to the non Christians’ way of thinking. Thanks.

  11. entech

    Not actually, the case is that I read his response and admitted and corrected my error. You, on the other hand, seem intent in compounding yours.

    1. Rob

      What’s my error? Pointing out the irony of shaming a Christian for his pride, while just days ago citing people claiming Atheists are smarter beings for a blog topic?

      Keep up the good work.

      1. Jinx II

        There you go robbie, giving christians a bad name. Joe correctly mentioned the pride found on both sides and he did it with out insulting anyones choices, beliefs, or intelligence. What a breath of fresh air that was! In another blog, Jon asked if Athiest were smarter, searching for others opinions. I along with others posted our doubts, so lighten up and find your sense of humor because there is plenty of tongue in cheek humor from the nonbelievers and a few of the believers as well.

        1. Rob

          Wow you just don’t get it. Lol. Don’t worry I’m enjoying plenty of humor from the hypocrisy and irony of the posts, followed by the name calling I’ve received for pointing it all out. Like I told Entech, keep up the good work. ?

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