Women Are A Problem In Christian Denominations

The link calls it a “crisis of authority.”  It is women with laptops writing to ever larger audiences and providing a perspective different from the men who have held authority in the church since its beginning. There are women who started out blogging about the Bible from the perspective of women and ended up with speaking and book careers.

For those who want to control the religious narrative in the world, the internet is a problem. Not only can people find information not approved of by the male religious hierarchy, but ordinary people can circumvent established authorities on religion and develop a following of those who see things differently.

Early on, Christian leaders saw the internet as vehicle to spread “the word.” It has turned out to be better for skeptics than believers. For each person brought into Catholicism six others leave for another community.

For women, Bible stories emphasizing the male leadership causes skepticism. It is repeated over and over there are no female Catholic clergy because Jesus’ twelve disciples were all men. We can be almost certain those wealthy and powerful writers of the Bible were all men. The role writers assigned to women in the Bible stories most certainly reflected social mores of that time.

The Jesus character was shown to dismiss his own mother. Other female characters in stories were  not calling the shots.

As women gain in the percentage of church membership and boldness on the web, the public will see the Bible differently.

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  1. Jinx II

    Nice to hear from real women instead of so called religious men who believe they know and can speak for women. I am starting to believe that deep inside, these men are transgender because they claim to know women so well………. We know who they are by their words on this blog as they twist and distort themselves into a corner.

  2. Juan Ruiz

    Modern Biblical scholarship has shown the next to nothing is known about who actually wrote the books of the Bible. Harold Bloom has suggested, in the Book of J, that the author of that segment of the Torah was actually a woman. Highly speculative, it is none the less an interesting read.

    1. entech

      Of course it is not, just keep em in their place and quiet and there is never a problem. If you are a Bishop, however, you can get sacked immediately for suggesting that the possibility of female priests be examined, it is safer to support paedophile priests than suggest a greater role for women.

    2. Matt 8:42 This is not a problem in the Catholic Church.

      Living your life in a Catholic bubble as you do, you would believe such a thing. Soon Parents of Lesians and Gays (PFLAG) is holding its annual conference. You should go and talk to Catholic moms of homosexual children. They will give you a earful about the men who have always run the Catholic Church. I used to ask some of them why they continue to be active Catholics. They would say they are resolved to change their church so it welcomes their children and their children’s spouses. They know local sympathetic priests who say they are trying to change the church but nothing happens. They often meet as sub groups in their local communities.

      1. nemo82

        As you know, I find much of the commentary on this website to be rather amusing: constant repetition of ideas that have been around since ancient times. One thing, however, stands out: your tiresome proclivity to advise Christian churches as how they should run their affairs. As far as I can tell, none of you are members of any Christian denomination: nor, with a few partial exceptions, are any of you theologically savvy. So, then, why this constant stream of advice as to how the fellow in the other houses should live their life? doesn’t make much sense to me.

        1. nemo82 10:31 doesn’t make much sense to me.

          Most of your posts make no sense to me so we’re even there. I wish you could develop some clear sense of rational thought.

        2. Jinx II

          When the church gets involved in politics it opens itself to criticism and mockery.

          “So, then, why this constant stream of advice as to how the fellow in the other houses should live their life? ” nemo82 at 10:31 am. Ask the church the same question, then ask yourself.

          1. Grandma 5:51 When the church gets involved in politics it opens itself to taxation.

            Taxation is the issue. If churches want to be arms of party politics they should register as such and pay taxes like political organizations do.

        3. entech

          Dear Nemo @10:31, After careful consideration of your post I must agree, at least in the sense that my thoughts are reciprocal.
          In fact a large part of what you come up with appears to be you accusing everyone else of your own faults and failings.

          1. nemo82

            now, that’s really silly. playing shrink again are we? shouldn’t have mentioned it in the first place. just wanted to point our that farming can be quite different from the idyllic picture that Catcher was painting. in fact, most of the farmers that I recall from my younger days were living on the margin. probably about five or so for every kulak (defined here as any well-to-do farmer/peasant). most of the marginal farms in my part of the world have now disappeared, taken over by corporate farms of one sort or other. (and in my area planted to corn, the real stuff not as the Brits define it). and once again, stop practicing psychiatry without a license.

          2. entech

            Not being a shrink just observing that you along with so many others of a religious persuasion seem to have the same propensity. Example:
            a principle or set of principles laid down by an authority as incontrovertibly true:
            “the dogmas of faith” · [More]

            You have so many articles of faith that you consistently lay before us. We have nothing except a lack of belief, you not only accuse of being dogmatic but even falsely make assumption about what we MUST believe.
            Not exactly lying through your teeth but certainly not at all as honest as you should be after claiming so much moral superiority.

            What is the difference between what you call corn and what they call corn in Britain ???

    3. Jinx II

      wilmaworm, another transgender extremist who insists he knows women inside and out, thanks for the additional piece of evidence. Your words give you away……

  3. nemo82

    Jon637. I didn’t know that most political organizations (PACs of various sorts) were taxed. I thought that they were largely tax exempt. please explain..

    1. nemo82 6:52 I didn’t know that most political organizations were taxed. I thought they were largely tax exempt. Please explain.

      I’m not an expert, but I know there are three categories of non taxable corporations, religious, educational and charitable. Corporations formed for the purpose of electoral politics, political parties and their supporting cast, are taxable. Red River Freethinkers, for example, was formed as an educational corporation so its profits and not taxable. Churches are formed as religious organizations, not taxable. Thus, when conservative churches become arms of either party, they, theoretically, could be in violation of their non taxable status.

      Here is a little about all this:


      1. nemo82

        FYI. Are you familiar with the Johnson amendment? LBJ slipped it into another bill back when he was running for senator in Texas. wanted to threaten churches with losing tax exempt status if they engaged in “politics”. didn’t want the Baptists in Texas attacking him. BTW, I notice that you didn’t post my latest reply to Jinx. Hmmm?

        1. Jinx II

          Again norma 82, kulaks are not any and all peasant farmers. They are a specific class of landed Ukranian peasants who lorded over the unlanded class of of Ukranian peasants about the 181’s to 1820’s and were almost as cruel as Stalin……..and he didn’t appear until 100+ years later to starve the whole lot of them. We lived close to a large Ukranian population and know the difference. My husband is also a history Professor, very familiar with the suffering at the hands of the Kulaks the landless peasants endured and informed me that YOU are dead wrong.

  4. Jon,

    Good post, women need to be heard ! GOD is LISTENING all the time !!!!

    Let me provide my male perspective on the issue from my understanding of GOD.

    “And GOD CREATED man in HIS IMAGE, in the IMAGE OF GOD HE CREATED him; male and female HE CREATED them.” Genesis 1.27.

    Form my male perspective the pro noun “him” used here is generic for GOD, “HE CREATED him; male and female”.

    No one can lead anyone to GOD, it is all about a one on ONE journey for each of us; male and female.

    In Ancient of Days before judaism was birthed in the 6TH Century BCE the priests were actually servants and ruled nothing. It was up to each person to determine their amount of sin and bring the offering to GOD’S footstool on earth. The priests, the butchers and bakers, would prepare that offering for presentation.

    Women were not allowed to be butchers and bakers, priests, because they had a much more important role, opening the door of understanding of GOD to HIS children.

    All the trouble began when the priests started taking power to rule and Israel fell apart. In the time of Ezra under the orders of the Persian Kings Cyrus to Xerxes judaism was birth with the discarding of women and child of foreign bloodlines. I always found it interesting that the males of foreign bloodlines were not discarded. You can read about this in the book of Ezra.

    If you would like JESUS’ prospective read about the woman who had seven husbands and what JESUS told the religious rules of the time about what happens in HEAVEN with husbands and a wife.

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