The Right Wing’s War On Women

The right wing religious community is livid that doctors and other health professionals are being asked to perform their assigned work instead of replacing it with religion.

Many doctors attended medical school at subsidized state universities. Some hospitals dodge property taxes by being affiliated with religious organizations. These same are hospitals affiliated with religious organizations sometimes hide the fact they will not perform abortions and related services.

It baffles me why some doctors think their religious morals are higher than those of the patients they pledge to serve. Our nation has made the collective decision that abortions are legal. This was the case when these doctors entered medical school. Doctors, especially those who voluntarily choose fields of medicine related to women’s health should pledge to perform the services that are legally available.

There are various theories as to why religion picks on women. One is that Eve is blamed for the original sin. It is necessary for men to punish women until the end of time for tempting Adam.

At the wedding of a relative yesterday at a conservative evangelical church, I was surprised at the long period of time the preacher spent explaining the respective role of men versus women in marriage. It was the man who is supposed to lead in matters of religion. More women attend church than men. Women should follow the lead of men and play golf.

Male physicians, pharmacists and others need to respect women and carry out their medical duties accordingly.

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  1. Jinx II

    I couldn’t agree with you more Jon. Sounds like the preacher continues to draw a line in the sand between the sexes, like too may others of his ilk. I am a strong supporter of keeping religion out of the government, out of the Doctor’s office, the Pharmacy, etc. If the Professional refuses to do so then they need to advertise what they won’t do so others can make an informed choice.

    1. nemo82

      it’s always fun to argue with fanatics. never
      meet your opponent’s points head on. just repeat the same old, same old. that takes a lot of intellectual skill, don’t you think?

  2. First, thank you for helping us “right wing” guys and gals win more elections. This tired old “war on women” argument stopped playing out about 4 years ago. Jon – you’re deranged but please keep this madness up! It makes you look so bad and the funny thing is you don’t know it, not even if someone like me points it out. Let me correct myself. Your argument sounds great when you make it with your left wing friends at the free thinkers meetings. But the electorate is not buying. Many happy returns! It makes the “right wing” guys and gals happy to see you alienate the undecideds.

    1. entech

      Matt you should be grateful to Jon. If he is helping you win elections you need all the help you can get as your president is trying his best to makes sure you don’t win again. His supreme achievement appears to be the fastest drop in approval ever ever.
      More False Polls – yep all of them.

      Matt, you’re delusional but please keep it up …

    2. Matt 11:30 First, thank you for helping us “right wing” guys and gals win more elections.

      You may well be correct that defending rights of women does not win elections. That does not change the truth: The right wing religious community is bad for the rights of women.

      1. Matt Noah

        News flash for you Jon. Republicans, conservatives and Christians (as well as countless other groups) are the only ones defending the rights of women. The left would like to think they own this issue but the left has been killing and enslaving women for generations.

        Let’s start with poverty. The permanent welfare state is directly attributable to democrat policy. That puts women in to poverty. And their children. And the cycle continues. Then the left wants to pay women to continue to have babies born out of wedlock. Some have made a living (a poor living) out of having babies with multiple men (because the left doesn’t want to hold men accountable) and pushing the women and these fatherless babies further in to poverty.

        Lets talk abortion. How many females have been murdered with the direct help of the left? Let’s start with about 20,000,000 and counting. And that is just the babies. The number of women who have been killed or maimed by abortionists numbers in the thousands. There is a big element of racism in those numbers since Planned Parenthood targets racial and ethnic minorities.

        The left has a horrible record with women’s “rights”. They talk like they care but they could care …. less.

        Women, men and children are best served by the Right. They always have been. It started with the abolishment of slavery by, you guessed it, the first Republican president, Abraham Lincoln.

        1. entech

          The left as you say wants to feed starving women the right wants them to starve. The rationale of course is that if they are hungry enough they will do anything “for” a few dollars. Daniel Defoe wrote a nice little monograph on the subject, look it out I am sure it will meet with your approval, A Modest Proposal.

          1. Henry Clay

            Neither right or left is on record with policies to starve people.

            But the left is full of this sort of rhetoric. No substance, just flaming B.S.

            Keep it coming as Matt is correct. Crazy on the left is helping the right to win hearts and minds.

        2. Well said Matt. The intact traditional family, that is children being raised by their biological, married parents is a bulwark against poverty, illiteracy, crime and all other ills our society suffers.

  3. Jinx II

    You religious extremists can say what you want but that doesn’t make it true. You are all a bunch of men yet you claim to know what is best for women and their bodies………I think your transgender since you claim to know women so well. HaHaHA!!!! Transgender extremists, the irony of it!!!

    1. nemo82

      people who have the audacity to disagree with you are ipso facto religious extremists!!! that bit of sophistry would be risible if it weren’t so widely accepted by today’s cognoscenti. but then, wide acceptance by so-called intelligent people that doesn’t make it true.

        1. nemo82

          what do you know by my words? apparently nothing. what do I know by your words? the strong odor of fanaticism.

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