Perhaps A New Intellectual Component Is Coming

Although I seldom watch TV these days, I found interesting a review of a coming new series based on a fictional book. The book and the series are called “American Gods.”

It was reviewed, surprisingly, in Christianity Today.  As the title suggests, it deals with not one god but others as well.

A book and series, even if fictional, is a refreshing way to approach the topic of religion in the U. S. So much portrayal, at least my impression of it, is either marketing of Christianity or lampooning of it as is done on  South Park.

Exploring in some way why human minds choose one god over another or find no god is an important issue. It seems the perfect time to bring forward answers to this question. Schools and many other places stress “accepting” the faiths of others. Looking for the origin of an accepted faith is the next logical step.

The reviewer for this Christian magazine knows full well the faith does not always look kindly, if I may understate one of the Ten Commandments, on looking at other gods. Yet, the Ten Commandments admit there are other gods. In our modern world we surely we can now see this and discuss who those gods are and where they came from. Maybe by this exercise some Christians will come to see their God as just one in a parade of gods.

Making the worship of other gods acceptable or recognizing no god needs to be expressed in the arts. This is a start.

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  1. entech

    Collins is a very interesting man. Atheist when younger but began to question as a doctor dealing with death and disease. It is interesting that these subjects are two which have been known to cause people to question in the opposite direction. He considered a range of religions and possibilities and was well versed in the Cosmological Argument. Unlike Flew, introduced by Ervin previously, he did not become a deist but became a Christian in a different way. Collins conversion came when he was on a hiking trip; he had long been contemplating the possibilities and it would undoubtedly been on his mind in a lone and meditative state in the peace of a mountain setting, he came across a waterfall, divide in three parts and quite beautiful, this was the catalyst for his conversion to Christianity.

    A great scientist, head of the human genome program and much more, a great proponent of the possible connections and collaboration between science and religion he was a serious critic of intelligent Design”. Against the odds he became good friends with Christopher Hitchens, Hitchens becoming a guinea pig for a new treatment Collins was working on for the cancer that killed Hitchens.
    Described as one of the most unlikely of friendships and collaborations Collins wrote a moving epitaph and at one time even played piano in his memory, the YouTube page is more interesting for the pieces on Collins and on Hitchens than it is is for amateur piano:

    1. entech

      Collins is such a great and honest man that it is doubtful that he will survive government employment under Trump.

    1. entech

      Oh I agree most of what you come up with is conjecture; a lot of what i think is conjecture too. You seem to be quite convinced your conjectures are actually fact.

      PS. which aspect of what I wrote is conjecture?
      that Hitchens and Collins became good friends, a matter of record!
      that Collins is too honest and knowledgeable to continue employment under Trump – admitted and a reflection of my personal dislike for Trump.

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