Female Pastors Are On The Rise

While the percentage of women pastors is still small it is rising rapidly.

It is a welcome change to see some branches of Christianity latch onto modern thinking. That women were excluded in founding documents of some branches of Protestantism and all of Catholicism surely must be one of the reasons Christianity numbers are falling.

Some believers say Jesus’ band of brothers had no women and that is a good reason to exclude them from clergy positions. The truth is no one really knows if Jesus had a band of brothers.

We do know those who wrote about Jesus long after the time he was supposed to have lived did not want women to play a big role in society. The Ten Commandment includes  a man’s wives (plural) among his property along with his goats and slaves. It would not be logical, they must have concluded, to have women be preachers if goats and slaves are not either.

There must be some fear if women have powerful positions they will put their perspectives into church documents. They might, for example, have a different theological take on reproduction.

Then there is always the gender of gods to wonder about. I’ve never heard of Jesus being other than male. But the gender of God and the Holy Spirit is up for debate in many circles.

For whatever reason, more women are church members today than men. Whether this will change the role of women as clergy we will find out eventually.


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    1. Ervin-7:19 The New Evidence That Demands A Verdict” Dr. Josh McDowell, Available at Amazon.

      I have a policy on this blog that posters write, not just refer. Next time, please preface whatever you are recommending to people with some of your own writing explaining why you think it would be helpful to people. Thank you.

    2. entech

      This is a huge book and if you have seen this sought of thing before and don’t want to go through it all again here is an audio/visual review of the book. I must say before hand that the reviewer is not exactly sympathetic and attempts a rebuttal in effect suggesting that the demanded verdict is negative. For the masochists out there you could read and watch and listen and see what you think. It is in nice 45 minute chunks for those that drive a lot, probably safe to listen and drive it is not exactly world shattering.

  1. Jinx II

    I have seen a huge increase in female pastor’s in the rural areas and small towns where I grew up and last fall my son and his lutheran wife were married by a female pastor. A number of my family catholic member and friends had a lot of positive things to say about her marriage ceremony and sermon,,,,found her advice very wise and informative.

    I did find this on women in the early church, its quite an interesting read.


  2. Juan Ruiz

    Women are the CEOs of numerous Fortune 500 companies (GM, IBM, Avon, Remington, HP…), yet some religions are so stuck with millennia-old traditions invented by goatherders that they have no problem ignoring people who could contribute enormously.

    1. Henry

      JR: “…. invented by goatherders…..”

      So says the messianic Judaizing aspiring atheist former Calvinist. It seems like you are going backwards, not forwards from your own given position. Then you surprisingly mock the social status of the Jews of whose secularized ideals and traditions you seem to embrace. You’ve got yourself a mess.

      1. Juan Ruiz

        I see you are unable to refute my position, so you just throw out horse exhaust. You can’t handle the fact that Jewish misogyny originated with ignorant peasants. That it was subsequently accepted by sages does not validate it.

        1. Juan 1:45 You can’t handle the fact that Jewish misogyny originated with ignorant peasants.

          Well done. The wealthy goat herders who wrote the Bible have put in place discrimination against the Jews for over two centuries.

          1. Henry

            Jon:“The wealthy goat herders who wrote the Bible have put in place discrimination against the Jews for over two centuries.”

            I am not sure your line of thought is well done. Timing is off. Your mind is evolving.

          2. entech

            Jon @ 2:14. You really need to be a little more careful when Henry is around, you know how he will leap on any little error (real, perceived or invented) while recusing himself from any of his own.

            The old Jewish herders wrote the Jewish Bible; it wasn’t until gentle Jesus, meek and mild, that his followers introduced the virulent discrimination. Perhaps hatred would not be too strong, if I remember antisemitism was a word invented because “Juden haas” was a bit too blunt. Even though Semitic is more a linguistic term it has come simply to mean Jews and antisemitic now means “Jew hatred”.

          3. Henry

            Jon 4:45:“If you were a baseball pitcher, you would be a good one. You would just paint the corners, change speed and never come down the middle.”

            When one complains of that, they have just struck out.

        2. Henry

          JR 1:45, your high brow, ivory tower vantage point can barely see this issue. It would be refreshing for both men and women to be faithful. Otherwise, you can develop yourself into a quirky mess as you have.

          Although you are a mocking academic, I am glad you are not an ignorant peasant. You wouldn’t make a very good goat herder either. Best that you keep taking care of yourself.

          1. Juan Ruiz

            “can barely see this issue”

            Actually, I can. It’s an issue found in most pre-literate societies: stories. They eventually get written down. Then they acquire religious legitimacy. Then interpreters try to put a good face on them. In Judaism, the latter resulted in the Talmud and Mishnah.

      2. Jinx II

        Juan has credibility even though I occasionally disagree, heinie the weasel has none, zero, zilch. I have learned quite a bit from Juan but nothing but the same old horse exhaust from heinie the slippery weasel. We had a big Siamese cat that lived to 21 years, she killed weasels and layed them on the back step of the house. heinie the weasel, not worth the effort. =^.^= Meow!

        1. Henry

          A metaphorical threat. This is very copacetic with the originators and original office staff of American Atheists. They dabbled in that kind of behavior. You are fitting right in.

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