Secular Trends Are Seldom Covered In The Press

There is evidence the U. S., in spite of Trump’s victory, is moving in a secular direction. The press almost never covers secular trends. It picks up bits of information and implies evangelicals have moved into the drivers seat.

Pew research recently published results of what it calls “Thermometer Ratings.” These ask respondents to rate their feelings toward other groups, hot, warm, chilly, cold, etc. Over a long enough time line these questions, it is thought, foretell trends in public opinion.

In spite of violent acts against Jews and Muslims, the overall climate of religious tolerance is actually becoming “warmer.” Since the last survey in 2014, the public has warmed up to the most disliked groups, Muslims and atheists. Now, there is a warm feeling by 50% of respondents.

Attitudes are not warming up for all groups, however. Attitudes toward “evangelicals” by non evangelicals has cooled. Presumably, the term “evangelicals” means to the general public conservative Protestants and Catholics.

It is thought the term “evangelicals” has come to mean in the public’s use of the word what used to be known as “fundamentalists.” Two thirds of non evangelicals have cool feelings toward evangelicals. They are more standoffish to evangelicals than toward atheists and Muslims.

The only explanation anyone can come up for this trend is the attitude of the Catholic Church and branches of conservative Protestantism to gays and Muslims. All indications are that the public majority has moved to the left on acceptance of these two groups.

Some churches have not yet smelled the coffee.

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  1. The Julius Project

    “Secular Trends Are Seldom Covered In The Press”.

    Of course you could not be serious? Secular trends, left-leaning politics and social engineering are nearly all one sees in the mainstream press, TV, movies, print, etc.

      1. The Julius Project

        Tech…seriously…you don’t even live on this continent! How can you possibly imply that you understand any of this better than a local resident?

        You are simply a “yes” man for any ridiculous comments made by Jon. You come to his defense time and again…and most strenuously I’ve noticed…when it’s clear to any level-headed AMERICAN that what he has written is utter nonsense.

        Why do you feel so strongly about defending such obvious ridiculousness?

        I maintain it’s because you know he is unable to back-up his illogical claims on his own.

        Stay out of the way…mind your own business…and let Jon defend his own silliness.

        Your crass and unnecessary comments only illustrate the lengths that you will go to to make yourself look silly as well.

        1. Do you care about about the poor and under privileged. Paul is a seasoned politician, skin like an elephant, you won’t shake him from his purpose. Liberals are going bananas over Hillary’s defend, Marching
          demonstrating, crying in their soup, they’ll get over just if as we conservatives did when Obama cleaned our clock. And life went on!


      1. Can’t help yourself, the habit to denigrate is deeply ingrained, I often wonder about these ridicules arguments, that just go in circles, millions of Americans could care less about this endless charade that goes no where. It’s laughable that we generate so much negative energy, driven by super egos and waste so much time, including me. At my age I’m well aware of the brevity of mortal life. We are hardly a vapor compared to time and eternity. Not even a spit in the ocean.

        1. entech

          Do you find yourself in anything of a quadry, spouting all the time about denigration when Catholicism claims that it is the only true Church and that everyone else is wrong, actually heretical in some way?

          No longer policy that they should burn, but I get the feeling that people like Matt would like to see a return to the good old days. You maybe not, but are you honestly as tolerant as you claim?

          1. entech

            PS, we need to keep on eye on these automatic spell checkers.
            quadrant should be quandary
            wrangler should be wrong

          2. entech

            Ervin–I just responded to your 12:52 am and so now to your 1:34
            You are correct in saying I have contempt for Matt Noah, going back quite away when every word he said was accusing everyone about hatred, their hatred for God, For Catholicism – for almost everything he didn’t agree with. Follow this with saying every body was a liar (except him of course).
            Mostly because of his constant attempts at diversion, as if he could take any fault from his Church by saying yes but others are worse.
            Now I agree with him that in almost anything the horrors perpetrated by others do exceed those perpetrated by the Church of Rome.

            Stalin for instance was a paranoid mad man (just a guess, I am not qualified to say) who killed million more than the inquisitions. From what I see the inquisitions killed to save the heretics from burning in hell byt making them confess and repent.
            Troublemaker and Isabel, were different a concerted land grab disguised by a quest for religious purity.
            Interesting that at one time the Roman Inquisition had to invent a new way of death for a young law student who had the audacity to state a preference for the new reformation movement, boiling in oil surely comes under the “cruel and unusual” description.
            Child abuse, really nothing to say about the degree and intensity of the cover ups.
            The contribution to the spread of aids in Africa by the prohibition of any form of prophylaxis that could also be thought of as having a contraceptive element. the insistence on banning contraception as well as so many things with which you disagree that you insist should be part of the law of the land.

            But as I continually point out to deaf ears, there is no way you can exonerate your self in this way, I believe it says some here in you Book that a man is responsible for his own sins, I think that was from the old part before you took what you like and ignored the rest.

            Matt’s apparent denial by diversion to the crimes of others is a form of denial and complicit action. So yes I do have a certain mount of contempt, which could easily be alleviated, not or you but you seem determined to change that with your talk of cabals.
            I have often said that most of what I say that may be construed as anti-Catholic is childish retaliation to Matt’s outrageous and outlandish talk.

          3. Entech, seems like you have a great deal of contempt for Matt, same as for me. I’m grateful for having Matt around, we can now form a cabal, hopefully, we will have other Christians join. In fact I’ll reconsider my my positioned on pseudonyms it helps our cause. No kidding, consider the possibilities guys. We will contribute to theorcsor swell to put a check on secularism.
            Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, in his book, The Power of Positive Thinking, if you can think it, you can achieve it..

          4. Ervin Miller: There are certain people who don’t argue from a logical basis. You have sniffed out the ones on this blog who fit that description. What you are beginning to experience is their ultimate wrath and subsequent name-calling. Fear not for it was foretold that anyone who follows Christ, defends Christ and speaks the truth of Christ will be ridiculed.

            I doubt they have much tolerance as I will demonstrate.

            Abortion is murder.

            Contraception is evil.

            Marriage is a lifetime commitment between one man and one woman whose primary purpose is to bring children in to the world.

            Sin is real.

            The Devil is real.

            Jesus Christ is both man and God, lived, was crucified, died, was buried and rose again, body and soul, for the forgiveness of our sins.

          5. Matt 9:38 I doubt they have much tolerance as I will demonstrate.

            I have tolerance to those things you believe. I don’t have tolerance to them being put into law and forcing others to abide by them.

          6. Jon: No, you truly don’t like people thinking differently than you. It detests you. It gnaws at your soul that people would believe in God, believe in the goodness and authority of a supreme being higher than you. Your posts attest to this.

      2. I have a hunch, about denigrating God. I have a hunch you’ll deeply regard belittling that guy who will decide you final destination. That could be a hot blast! I may sound sarcastic, but consider the possibility!

        1. entech

          I have frequently. Consider the possibility that there is no God, at least not the cruel and malicious entity that would punish most of his creation for eternity. If you are correct only the Catholics are good enough for heaven!

          1. Entech, interesting, you and Jon know a lot about Catholicism, Why waste more energy on this subject when you’ve clearly determined that we are bogus. Why waste time that could be used to expand your professional skills. I have a hunch you haven’t been in a Christianity church in a long time, if ever. And I have a suspicious about you considering Catholicism. I’d suggest you visit the pastor at Grace Lutheran Church and get his view whether Catholics think Lutherans won’t go to heaven. They believe in the same God we do with a differ doctrine. I would hope you become a member at one of the excellent Lutheran Church, a good way to start your journey home to heaven. After attendance at a few services you will make a wonderful discovery. You will come to realize a wonderful joy and peace. Even though you’ll likely find this foolish, I pray for you as I do for Ron and all humanity. God bless you!

          2. entech

            I confess that I know little about Catholics or Catholicism, you obviously know less about me. At various times I have described my schooling at Church of England schools in England. My drift into belief at school and drift away in later years. I would find it difficult to visit your local recommendation as I live in Australia now. How I came to be here about 5 years ago is another story.
            One little story about my first encounter with Catholics, we were marching en masse to the local church one Sunday morning when we turned off about a dozen continues straight on, I asked a friend “who are they” and he replied oh they are Catholics.I was about 12 at this time and my ignorance was profound, rather like you I knew of no other church or possibility, So bumbling on I asked what are Catholics, Oh they go to a different church was the answer. And for many decades that was all I knew or cared.

  2. Let’s see, there is a hypothesis on the table that secularists, progressives, atheists, democrats, liberals, etc. are not being reported on enough or fairly by the media.

    To that, I simply respond, “CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, BBC, NY Times, LA Times, Chicago Tribune, Huggington Post, ACLU, NAACP, BLM, Planned Parenthood, NOW, People for the American Way, etc.”

    Obviously, Jon is correct \sarcasm off

  3. Ervin, you will find that the top 3 posters on this blog are singularly uninterested in a logical discussion of atheism and Christianity. No soul is not worth pursuing but there is low-hanging fruit elsewhere in society. You might find your evangelization hit rate to be higher elsewhere.

    1. entech

      Not really, I just think your style of argument is dishonest and I can’t summon up the “impetus”.

      1. nemo82

        I find your assertion incredible, bizarre even. Dishonest?! what is dishonest about it: I have raised a few basic straight forward philosophical/logical questions which either go over your head and/or which make you uncomfortable.

    1. You have it wrong. It is we who pity you. To be hated by someone who hates Christ is to be expected. I take joy in knowing I was worthy enough to be reviled by those who revile him, and for the same reason. Blessed!

      1. Jinx

        I never said I hated you or your cult followers, if anything I am indifferent towards you and the others. I don’t give a damn what you do or don’t believe. I do hate what you say to any one who differs from you narrow world view. I am beginning to believe you are nothing but a one trick pony and if the church suddenly reverses it opinion and no longer opposes abortion your are out of there like a gunshot.

  4. Jinx

    Here is a nice little scientific find, based on fact. The Victims Club posts are so full of bull$h!t, they need an extra dose of reality before they sink into the oblivion of droppings from Babe the Blue Ox.

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