Trump Is Scaring People Away From Church

I wrote a while back that the Catholic Church and some Pentecostal groups will be hurt by President Trump’s effort to discriminate against people of certain races. Now it is actually happening.

Pastors of some Hispanic churches report attendance is down and they know why. It is because members without proper immigration papers assume Feds will be watching churches and they do not want to reveal themselves.

Many are raising children and do not want their children to be left without parents. Pastors and Priests are helping families make contingency plans for children in case parents are picked up and not allowed to go home to wrap things up there.

But, the problem is even more dire. Someone who helps a family with illegal members is also subject to prosecution. Thus, if the church sends out buses to bring people to church or friends or relatives give rides to church they are subject to legal charges as well.

All of this is going on for political purposes. The flow of both illegal and legal immigrants from Mexico has been slowing. There are more people returning to Mexico than coming to the U. S.

When people come to the U. S. illegally, start careers and have children the cost of deporting them out of the country grows. Children are left behind and often push a cost onto government.

Allowing illegal people to stay, pay taxes and raise these children is a profitable policy for U. S. taxpayers.

Deporting them is better politics.

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  1. Dear God we pray for our country, and Christianity which brings contributes to a nation dedicated to civil discourse without denigrating and minimizing those who have different views. We pray for our President, who as a corporate business mogul was accustomed to giving directives and expecting immediate results. There is evidence that he is coming to understand that this doesn’t serve him well. He is on a sharp learning curve toward diplomacy, civil discourse, compromise and statesmen like behavior that exemplifies good leadership. He deserves the support of conservatives who elected him.

    1. Jinx

      Erv, your seem like a dear sweet man and you have no idea how refreshing it is to read non-judgmental thoughts and beliefs. Please stay that way and you will be respected. Proselytizers with the intention of converting others on here have come and gone through out the 5 years or so I have posted on here. Do not be upset if others do not see or believe the same thing as you.

      1. I say humbly, my Dad thought me to be a warrior! I hope I last 5 years, If I disappear from the screen, well you know what happened. I’ll have left the surly bonds of earth, and experiencing the view as God see it.

    1. Xander 7:15 Illegals dont pay taxes.

      An illegal goes to the counter at Walmart, the computer recognized the person as an illegal and subracts the sales tax. The landlord rents to illegals but lowers their rent because he does not have to pay property tax on apartments rented to illegals. (We get some weird comments here.)

  2. There must have been a divine intervention, that brought me to this website, the result is I started to do research on atheism in America. And, it is an eye opener. I suggest we Christians are smugly living in a tunnel, thinking all is well. I pray for Christianity families and the children they send off to college thinking their Christianity faith formation is solid. Think again, a significant number walk into a satanic trap associated with relativism and atheism. We know there are a significant number of college professors who are atheists. They are smart, conning and work below the radar to infiltrate those young impressionable minds and are covertly being taken in by clever professors. There is also some good news, a goodly number of atheists are converting to Christianity. Highly intelligent people who did extensive theological study and anthropological research at the source. I’ll share some of their bios next time. God bless those who are Christians, and yes those who anti-Christian.

    1. Ervin 8:04 We know there are a significant number of college professors who are atheists.

      Because I was a professor at NDSU for over 40 years, I can say with certainty there are a goodly number of conservative Christian professors and administrators. Are they also “smart, cunning and work below the radar to infiltrate those young impressionable minds and covertly taken in by clever professors”?? Surely you would not want conservative Christian professors taking advantage of gullible students would you, Ervin?

      1. Friend you are a master at deflecting! And yes you are a politician, There is a thing stuck in my mind about political expediency! Gotta respect you! However, be assured there is a ground swell of Christianity activism that is becoming abundantly clear. Oh yes, we were asleep for quite awhile. But we’re learning to use social media quite effectively. In your research, I suggest surf Christianity Facebook and websites. Christianity authors, some former atheist are getting good reviews. Have a pleasant evening! In God we trust!

  3. The Julius Project

    The irony of witnessing the dichotomy of thought from 2 elder men is quite striking. What love, compassion, and wisdom from Ervin. Building people up…rather than pointing fingers and tearing them down…in spite of differing worldviews. You have my support, Mr. Miller!

    1. entech

      As one who loves to be picky about language and spelling and so on are you sure ïrony”is what you mean? If so perhaps a little elaboration.

      Erwin is quite the gentleman compared to you and Matt, but far from innocent when it comes to things like “atheists” cannot be moral”, even gives the impression that all and every atheist is an agent of satan.

    1. Jinx

      Jinx March 16, 2017 at 7:50 pm

      Child sexual abuse is heinous and cuts across all classifications found in society as well as every occupations and organizations. Clergy sexual abuse is double heinous as is its organized cover up: this especially so because clergy are supposed to represent god as morally pure and good. As an ex catholic I was taught the priest was god on earth. At age 10 I was molested by our parish priest (no proof says worm, ha ha ha, I refuse to give it because the evidence will hurt innocenct family in my old community). the despicable worm gives the impression that sexual abuse by priests is nonexistent and the church would never protect or cover anything like that. How naive.

      I could list pages of cases but I won’t. The first 1 has an extensive list of priests who abused and dioceses and cardinals who covered up and this is only in the USA. despicable worm will deny or discredit every link by hiding behind his twisted worm logic but I think most of you know better.

    2. Jinx

      Horrendous how children are not safe from men in all walks of life, double so from clergy.

      dispicable worm, priest sexual abuse denier

      1. Matt Noah

        Jinx – no proof of being a victim of sexual abuse by anyone.

        Women are guilty of sexual abuse as evidenced by the number of women schoolteachers now in jail for the crime.

        Not “double so” from the clergy. New math.

        Most children are very safe.

        “worm” – you have anything better to throw at me?

        1. Jinx

          I won’t prove anything to you but my guess is that others posters find me more credible than your fanatic rants. Your insane if you think ridiculing me for my experience will get you the info you want. You are the revengeful, bad tempered, despicable worm, not me. You bet women sexual abuse kids but much fewer do than men.

          You interpreted double for priests incorrectly, although I needed to put more info into my statement. Clergy and priests as representatives of their religion have a much higher standard of behavior to uphold,,,,could be double, triple, whatever. Why in the hell are these so called pillars of the moral community even thinking about messing around with kids sexually? By that time in their priestly career, they should have grasped that sex with kids is morally reprehensible.

          How do you know most children are very safe?

          Why ‘worm’,,,,,it is 2 letters shorter than maggot and you are not worth more than 4 letters to me.

          Ha Ha Ha!! At least I can get my Irish temper under control once in a while!

          Erin go Braugh

  4. Sorry if I defined all atheists as being denigrating toward Christians. I have a brother who is a non-believer, doesn’t push his unbelief on others, as a sibling, he sometimes goats me a bit about, “blind faith.” I studied Agricultural Economics, so I’m seriously lacking in linguistics expertise, I don’t mind a critique of the messenger, at my age that bounces off and sails into space. One thing I’m very adamant about, is my Faith in God, at my age I’m in striking of distance of closure. I believe there is eternal life, and I don’t want to miss out. You guessed by now that I ramble, I think it is pretty much a characteristic of guys my age.

  5. Matt Noah

    Yesterday, the headline was “People Who Don’t Go To Church Elected Trump”, i.e. atheists elected Trump.

    Today, the headline is “Trump Is Scaring People Away From Church”. Again, a victory for atheists.

    It seems atheists should be pleased with Donald Trump as President and happy he is returning the quid pro quo of being elected. He’s making more atheists!

    President Trump is the atheist’s President

    1. Jinx

      Faux news, now there is a uncredible site! Haven’t you learned yet that sexual predators of children are found in every nook and cranny in the world, you must be pretty slow on the uptake worm. It seems you can’t admit to yourself that a priest would really molest a child, again the worm is pretty slow on the uptake, about time to give up on him.

      1. Chuck Z

        Why does Jon only focus on the crimes committed by those of religion? Seems rather disingenuous. As does claiming that sexual exploitation done by one group is somehow worse than that by another? Gaining one’s trust is the beginning of nearly all sexual exploitation. Tell somebody that was abused by a teacher, politician, relative, etc., that their abuse wasn’t as horrible as yours simply because of who enacted it. I doubt they would agree with your assertion that yours was “doubly” worse than theirs.

        1. entech

          I agree sexual exploitation is equally repulsive no matter who is the perpetrator. There are two or three reasons why the catholic issue is raised
          Matt’s diversionary attempts to blames others by association, as you say one group is no worse than another; BUT you cannot use the failings of any other group to reduce the degree of fault in your own.
          Matt’s practically denying that it could or would happen in his own group.
          The extent of the cover up bu the Catholic Church, going to the highest levels.
          You are right the experience is no worse for the child if done by a relative or priest than if done by a random stranger. The damage to the ability to trust is probably more than doubled depending on the perpetrator, priests seem to arrogate to themselves a position of moral authority and superiority this does make it worse if only through hypocrisy.

          I can’t speak for Jon, but for me this site should pay more attention to the religious crimes as one of its purposes is to fight against the imposition of religious views on the community at large. Speaking about these crimes is a counter to the claimed superiority and railing against there being no morality without God _ to show that there is not necessarily morality with God.

          As always I could be mistaken on all counts.

          1. entech

            The often claimed “humbleness of being God’s servant and a shepherd to his flock”or simply “a priest is your humble servant is to arrogate to themselves a position of moral authority and superiority” The most arrogant claim is often to be humble – IMHO 🙂

        2. Jinx

          chuckie, I never said mine was double worse and I never felt that I had it worse than any other victim of sexual abuse. In fact, I consider myself one of the lucky ones because I was able to get past it by dealing with it and making something of my life. It is double worse act because of WHO the clergy is supposed to represent AND they preach the moral superiority of their religion…..that is hypocrisy of the 9th degree. Priests, teachers, policemen, firemen, etc. are regarded as safe people as well as mandated reporters (priests are now) and the violation of that esteemed position by molesting any child is double vile. The impact on the child is is horrendous no matter who molested them, yet priests and other pillars of the community were often given the benefit of the doubt because of who they are. The child often believes no one would believe a priest would do that to anyone and thankfully, that is changing.

        3. Chuck Z 8:07 Why does Jon only focus on the crimes committed by those of religion?

          Because religion invented sin, preaches against sin, claims to be expert in sin and wants to pass laws against things it thinks are sin. If the religious just practiced religion and did not try continuously to push it onto to other people I would not discuss the sexual sins of clergy.

    2. entech

      Here we go with more fake news:
      It is claimed that in one order “St John of God Brothers” had an involvement rate of 40.4%, this is ridiculous how could it be hidden that so many were involved. On the other hand such strength might make the cover up easier.
      Things have improved since then, we all need to “move on” after all that was February and it is now March.

      Still it is a ridiculously high figure considerering the overall percentage was 7%. That is higher than the atrocious amount of sex abuse in Australian armed forces, this is, of course, worse as this is male against female adults,

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