Catholic Sex Scandals Are Not A Thing Of The Past

The Pope wants to clean up the mess that is the Vatican. Priests are humans and some do nasty deeds. The big problem today is in Italy itself.

There have been two recent headline grabbing stories. They involved priest hiring prostitutes, having sex parties and other scandals involving sex. These have come to light since Pope Francis fired some Bishops.

There is an older but ongoing story of a diocese in Italy known as the Playboy Diocese. It was reported several priests engaged in fun times with women.

As a disclaimer, some of the clergy charged deny wrong doing. Some stories are still under investigation.

Six times a year the Freedom From Religion Foundation tells of new cases charging Catholic priests with sexual improprieties .

I would agree that misconduct such as this occurs in all large organizations. It may not be more common in the Catholic Church than it is in other institutions.  The problem comes from the Church portraying itself as something above such behavior.

To see the importance of sexual improprieties, we need only look at Ireland. That once strongly Catholic country has seen the Church’s numbers and influence slide. The reason for the slide has been the behavior of its priests.

Probably no institution in the world has a bigger public relations staff than the Catholic Church.  Until now, it has been successful at portraying itself as a pious and morally upstanding institution.

This will test its public relations staff to the max.



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  1. Jinx

    I agree with a number of things Francis has done but when it comes right down to it, not much has been done to actually prevent continued sexual abuse of children. The abuse and cover up is so deeply entrenched that it will take quite a while to root it out, acknowledge it, take ownership and end it. There is still a lot of stinking rot to uncover and expose to the sunlight and we have only just started to see how extensive it is.

  2. entech

    You have to feel sorry for the priests, so much fake news and victimization by a hostile press. So many alternative facts.

    1. Jinx

      This survivor of priest sexual abuse lacks a drop of sympathy for them, I only want truth…..right down to the bottom of the rotting core.

  3. First off, like 100’s of millions of others throughout the world, I’m proud to be a Catholic! We are not intimidated by anti-Catholic bashing, in fact it deepens our resolve to stand for Jesus and his Holy Catholic church. Now on to pedophile priests, the despicable scoundrels who slipped through the vetting process for priesthood. They are part of the 4% of the general population who have pedophilia disorders, which includes people from all walks of life. This includes protestant ministers, grade and high school teachers and coaches, homosexuals, congressmen, professional coaches, doctors, lawyers, fathers, principles, professors, and the list goes on. Some of the same studies also reveal that less then 2% of all priests are now pedophiles operating below the radar. These despicable so call priests bring great ridicule and scorn on the 98% of priests who are exemplary devoted men. Pedophile priests caused terrible pain and emotional affliction to innocent unsuspecting human beings. Psychologists tells us that pedophilia like homosexuality is intrinsic to humanity. It is a vexing problem for the Catholic Church, the same goes for other organizations. But because anti-catholics and the literal media focus on the Catholic church, the problem in the general population stays below the radar. Anti-catholics have no clue of the compassionate work of Catholics and other Christian organizations to help the unfortunate, the poor, the sick, unwed mothers, those needing help with addictions, the homeless and the list goes on. Jesus, we trust in you! Praise God!

    1. Ervin 3:21 Thank you for taking the time to write a good response. I agree with you that there are very few pedophiles within the priesthood and that those others in the service do wonderful things. My point is that the structure and myths of the Catholic church leave the door open for bad people more than other organizations:
      1.) The myth that the authority of clergy was passed down from Jesus through Peter, in my opinion gives someone who is not mentally in the right place the feeling he is so powerful it gives him liberties to abuse.
      2.) The first reaction by church officials to these crimes was to hide them and allow the criminals to continue their crimes. Even true believers like yourself must admit there is a flaw in the church’s dogma that allowed this to happen.
      3.) That there are no female clergy increases problems among male clergy. It gives some of them an inflated view of their importance and power.
      4.) The church’s anti gay posture allows some clergy to reason it is OK to abuse others is the circumstances are right. Calling gay people sinners is harmful.

      Thanks again for contributing to the discussion here and I hope you will do so again.

      1. 1) The priesthood predates the New Testament. It continues from the Old Testament to today. Myth? Haha.

        2) No facts to prove the myth you like to believe. Proof? Oh, I know, you are above providing proof of something everyone knows to be true. Fake news buddy.

        3) There will never be female priests. It is doctrine, not discipline. Funny how most Protestant denominations are falling fast with married clergy and female clergy. How do you explain that?

        4) Your logic fails the smell test. It is intellectually dishonest but that is nothing new.

      2. Higher Ed – Jon’s past – would never be like the Catholic Church he defames: Oh wait –

        Politics – Jon’s past – would never be like the Catholic Church he defames. Oh, wait –

        Sports – not close to Jon’s past – would never be like the Catholic Church he defames. Oh, wait –

        Attorneys – not close to Jon’s past – would never be like the Catholic Church he defames –

        Pick your favorite profession or vocation, type in the name and the word pedophile.

        And if you try atheist – Jon’s past and current – you would never find anything linking atheism to pedophilia. Oh wait –

      3. Friend, you seem to spent a lot of time looking for ways to denigrate Christianity and the scriptures from the Holy bible. We Christians are fully aware that the singular mission of atheism is to create a post-Christian society. This is motivating Christians to greater effort toward evangelization. A thought just occurred to me, so I’ll digress, have you ever heard of radical Christian terrorists hijacking an airliner, or radical Catholic terrorists attacking travelers in an airport, how about shooting up a mall, or a school and killing a bunch of kids? Wouldn’t you feel safer in a neighborhood of Christians who attend church regularly and do extensive charitable work? Back to the rest of my reply, throughout the Holy Bible Jesus mentions clergy and so it would follow that He would have gifted men lead his Holy Church on earth. Gays, the Catholic Church does not denigrate people who are gay. It however follows holy Scripture on matrimony be between a man and a woman. If you surf the net you will find gay Catholics in good standing in the Catholic Church. They stay celibate. Again the church follows Scripture and does not recognize marriage between a gay man and a gay man which which is unnatural. Sex between a man and a man is anal penetration, call sodomy. A mortal sin! We can both agree, to disagree, I may never, although I hope I could, persuade you, and feel assured you will never persuade me. I’m eighty years old and firmly committed to a journey home to heaven. I’m at peace with my Lord, I don’t want to die yet, however every day I keep the LORD in the center of my life. When my dear mother was near the end of her, the lady at hospice told me that my mother was at peace and had accepted closure of her mortal journey. She went on the say the devote Christians general have an easier time excepting death then non-believers. Of course you’ll find this foolish, I pray for your conversion. Wouldn’t be something if could be together to experience the unfathomable universe the way God experiences it. Jesus I trust in you!

        1. Erwin 1:44 We Christians are fully aware that the singular mission of atheism is to create a post-Christian society.

          If you are going to speak for atheists, it opens the door for atheists to speak for Christians. It allows me to make the assumption that the agenda for Christians is to require all citizens of the U. S. and other countries within our sphere to be Christians. That is, all citizens will be required to say they are Christian, all students will be required in public schools to take courses in Christianity and pledge not to see or read any material from other religions. All public officials will be required to say they prayed and God has given them instructions.

          If you are correct about atheists, they I am correct about the goal of Christians.

          1. entech

            Jon, that is only a fairly benign start, first christian and then Catholics. Then a return to the glory days, burning at the stake or boiling in oil.

            They ask we we oppose them, think about it 👿

    2. entech

      Ervin, I agree with most of what you say, The crux of the problem has always been the tendency to keep it “in house” and even pretend it never happened. That others hide it as well is not an excuse, especially for a group that claims such a high standard for himself.

      I have said before I am quite happy to accept that Pope Francis is sincere and wants to see an end to it all, some of his helpers don’t actually help.

  4. Juan Ruiz

    This has been going on for centuries. Read the anti-clerical literature of the Middle Ages as an example.

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