Atheism Does Not Have Much To Offer

Christians often chide atheists because the latter have nothing to offer except ultimate death. Christians are correct in a way. Atheists have no imaginary world of invisible beings and heavens or hells to offer you. You have to go to religion to buy these myths.

A former President of the American Humanists lamented in a piece recently that, while there has been optimism among nonbelievers since the late 1700’s that reason would prevail, it has not. The last election was discouraging.

On the other hand, reason has not disappeared either. The three large national organizations that promote it soldier on, as do hundreds of atheist/freethinker community groups.

Religion has the freedom to tempt people into believing they can live forever and invisible beings know them. This has its own built in problem. If one group, the orthodox, can offer eternal life, another can offer prosperity. Another can claim Jesus’ complete embrace of homosexuality. Others can spin Jesus as a metaphor for whatever they are selling.

A religion which makes outlandish claims for itself can expect others, in poker language, to call and raise. And, that is happening. We see declines in orthodox denominations and increases the prosperity and pentecostol branches and in “nones”, no particular religious beliefs. Making unsubstantiated promises is quite easy.

While atheists/agnostics have nothing to offer those who fear death, their numbers slowly grow. As the faith splinters and atheists do not, their influence may grown by default.

Atheists may win the prize while offering no prize.


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  1. Dan

    Energy can not be created nor destroyed. Sorry to break the news to you Jon but we are all eternal beings. To many unexplained occurrences with people being pronounced dead only to wake up knowing what happened to them while they were dead. Some describe to doctors what took place in and around them.
    No doctor who has ever attempted to prove them wrong has been successful.
    Again sorry, there are realms beyond what our feeble minds can comprend.
    Like or not Jon, you are eternal. There is nothing anyone can say or do that can change this fact. See you on the other side.

    1. Dan 6:44 Welcome back, Dan.

      No doctor who has ever attempted to prove them wrong has been successful.
      The obligation is really on those who make claims about the supernatural to verify them. I’m not aware of any such verification. From what I have heard, the experiences people claim to have had were exactly like what was suggested to them earlier. Also, these people could not have been dead because they are alive. They might have met a clinical definition of being dead, no heart beat, etc. but they were not rotting-away dead. If they had been dead a few days and could then tell us what happened then we might know what to expect when we have been dead for a few days.

    2. entech

      Neither created nor destroyed, But it can change form. In one form it can be a living breathing entity with life and imagination, like your imagination. In another form it could be thought of as dust: “for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.”

    3. Godless

      Hey Dan, my best friends uncle heard from an ex girlfriend that a reliable source had an out of body experience. I know this to be a fact, so I will sell it all to you as a fact. The is important to remember that these near death out of body experiences can be induced with ketamine. Also remember that near death is not death.

      1. entech

        Few years ago now I was as close to death as you can be. Heart was stopped for hours. According to some when the heart stops the body dies. Fortunately this was induced and I was brought back to life. Fortunately the doctors remembered to keep the blood oxygenated and moving while the repair work was done.
        I don’t remember a thing from the time the anesthetist said a “slight sting” and this glorious angel posing as a intensive care nurse was asking how I was feeling.

        Out of body experience, yes, and I never tried that stuff again 🙂

        1. entech 7:48 Few years ago now I was as close to death as you can be.

          Unfortunately, you cannot answer my question. I’ve wondered what happens in heaven when you run into someone who owes you money. Does the person laugh at you and say, “Ha, ha. Too late now.”

          Then if you owe someone money before death do you pay it back? I had a funny money/death experience. When I was a Mayor there were a couple of eccentric businessmen, friends, who liked me. They made generous contributions to my campaigns, though I know they did not agree with lots of things I did.

          When my last campaign was approaching, one of them died. A few weeks later I ran into the other guy. He broke out in a big grin when he saw me. He handed me $500. “Freddie told me before he died to give this to you. It’s fresh from the grave.”

          I really should pay Freddie back that $500. If I see him I will. 🙂

    1. God 2.0 Why is this in my “news” paper? And you all wonder why newspapers are in decline.

      I understand it is blasphemy to impersonate God. Be careful there. As to why it is in my newspaper, the newspaper needs to sell advertising to stay in business. It includes blogs by several believers and one by me.

  2. joe

    Every once in awhile I click on and read one of your articles. I was thinking, I wonder why he writes the stuff he does, what is he trying to accomplish. I think it must be one of two things. One, maybe deep down he really wants to be a believer, something inside him is pulling him that way and he is just hoping/searching for that one good response to his articles to convert him. Two, he does believe in heaven and Hell and God and satan, and he is slyly working as an agent of the evil one, to try and bring others who may be questioning things to the dark side. One tactic of the devil is to get people to believe he doesn’t exist, and maybe this guy is writing all this stuff with that as a motive. It has to be one of those two things. There really is no other possible reason for his writings other than one of those two reasons. Hopefully some of the readers that are teetering on which way to to go can escape the snare with the help of God’s grace.

    1. Jinx

      You forgot reason #3, he really doesn’t believe and is not pleased with the manipulative over reach of christianity in our lives.

      1. entech

        Yes Jon, very confusing!

        We have Good grief a common euphemism for what some would read as taking God’s name in vain.
        Then A reference to an impossible act, surely Tim would know that Jesus is risen, no longer in his grave.

        As metaphor we can understand that there is shock and horror on the behalf of a religious thinker at some unnamed act or event.
        As a bit of secular sarcasm we are still lacking a subject.

        1. entech 11:40 Yes Jon, very confusing!
          We have Good grief a common euphemism for what some would read as taking God’s name in vain.
          Then A reference to an impossible act, surely Tim would know that Jesus is risen, no longer in his grave

          Yes, Jesus cannot be rolling in his grave, he is in heaven swearing at the Book of John. “I never said that stuff. Those bozos wrote that book generations after I floated up here. Then those preachers all read from John because they are lazy and the other stuff is harder to read. Why did they put that book in the Bible? Politics, that’s why.”

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