Do Antiabortionists Value Human Beings? Not Much

The old saying, “Follow the money” applies to so many things. Included are the antiabortionists. They are concerned about fetuses up until birth–from then on contributions of money drop.

Few bloggers and/or print journalists talk about preventing the thousands of preventable deaths out there. I was pleased to see that today the New York Times discussed these deaths.

Deaths in car crashes in the U. S. are spiking. They will reach 40,000 this year, the first time since 2007. Deborah Hersman, President of the National Safety Council asked the obvious question, “Why are we OK with this? Complacency is killing us.”

I can say with confidence that if you wanted to start a non profit today with donated funds and an army of volunteers to walk the halls of state houses and Congress to lobby for laws that would reduce the crashes, you would starve. Money is in an appeal to antiabortionists to stop abortions.

The reason right-to-life does not care about the lives, including babies, in car crashes is there is no group to demonize. The money is in demonizing women, clinics and doctors.

There is a sign over the interstate near me which says, “Car crashes are not accidents.” So true. Nearly all car crashes, and the 40,000 people killed, are the result of lax laws and their enforcement.

State legislatures are right now raising the speed limits, killing more people, while passing laws against Planned Parenthood. The money is in the latter, not the former.

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  1. entech

    There is a sign over the interstate near me which says, “Car crashes are not accidents.”
    Although this is a serious problem, and an international one, I would like to mention something I found humorous in an odd sought of way.

    On a long straight stretch of the freeway coming into the city from the airport there was a road side sign, flashing lights, when you reach it it says “Drive carefully”. Not there anymore, perhaps someone pointed out the contradiction in distracting the drivers attention for a few minutes only to tell him to pay attention to the road?

  2. Matt Noah

    Yes, follow the money. In abortion it leads to Planned Parenthood and over $1,000,000,000. In pro-life there is no money being made. Crisis pregnancy centers run on donations. They provide pre-natal care for bothe mother and child. After birth these babies and mothers are deluged with diapers, car seats, cribs, high chairs, job training and placement, etc.

    Jon, dont trip over the facts and your lies on the way to the confessional.

    1. Matt 7:12 Jon, dont trip over the facts and your lies on the way to the confessional.

      Matt, you say your are in favor or protecting human beings from death but actually you are not truthful about this. Don’t trip over the facts and lies on the way to the confessional.

      1. Matt Noah

        Jon, you amuse me but I feel like I am picking on a 4th grader. FIrst, you would have to have evidence of your statement; something we’ve been waiting for decades. You can’t prove or back up one of your loony, leftist firebomb claims. Find your rock. Crawl under it. Count hits on your website as they far outnumber the fans you’ve gained, << 10.

        1. entech

          All are welcome to the banquet of life. Your obvious blind, malignant hatred for Jon really does put the lie to your banquet statement. In fact your every post displays the lies and hatred that you are consumed by confirming your position in a post truth world of alternative facts and general fakery.

          Just how many decades are you referring to, your exaggeration places you on a par with trump. when you say we, apparently talking about this blog and its views, just how many decades can you squeeze into 5 or 6 years.

          We would really like to know the origin of your hatred, did he run over your puppy on his pushbike when you were little ???

        2. Matt 10:17 You can’t prove or back up one of your loony, leftist firebomb claims.

          When I write things that are obviously true, like this blog where I point out antiabortionists do not come forward to support measures that save lives, such as car crashes, you call them false. Then you return with statements that are obviously not true, that a fertilized egg is a human being. You continue to claim a woman’s rights will not be sacrificed by additional rights to her fetus, though that is so obviously true a child could understand it. I’d like to believe you are a work in progress, but I’m not seeing progress.

          1. Any sane person that reads what I wrote sees nothing of what you just claim. You just conjure it up somewhere in the recesses of your damaged brain and type it on your blog. Your hatred of Christians and your disregard for facts is sociopathic, in my lay opinion.

            One thing you can’t back up is this wild claim that antiabortionists are behind raising the speed limit, thereby costing lives, perhaps 20,000-40,000 per year. I’d ask you to cite the study done in all 50 states which backs up your claim but I know the study or studies don’t exist. Who would think of even commissioning such a study? No one. 20,000 additional traffic deaths compared to 1,500,000 aborted babies

            One thing is certain is that your holy sacrament of the left, Roe v. Wade, has cost 40,000,000 +lives of babies and probably tens of thousands of women who died at the hands of the abortion butchers.

            The rest of your claims are equally silly and disconnected from the subject matter. It is stuff that I would expect of an old fool in the early stages of dementia who has hatred in his soul for certain groups of people. If you could argue like an adult rather than in liberal talking points you might have some credibility.

          2. Matt 1:10 I not going to bother digging up public records for something everyone (except you) already knows. It is a matter of public record that the political block in, so far as I know, all states who consistently votes anti abortion also votes in favor of higher speed limits. As I said in the previous post, I write things universally know to be true and you return with things known universally not to be true.

          3. Catcher

            The speed limits are not voted on, nor on which roads posted.. At least in MN. I have never seen the matter on a ballot.

          4. Catcher 1:59 Speed limits are seldom, if ever, voted on by the general public. They are past/approved by legislators and signed off by Governors. These politicians all say they stand for the “sanctity of life”. The number that will be killed is quite predictable. As the sign on I-235 said, car crashes are not accidents. They are the result of right-to-life legislators.

          5. Catcher

            @ 4;16; Perhaps you should look at the map of the US speed limits. Obviously some of the Western states have higher limits (10) due to the open expanses than states like NY, MH, and NJ, but driving across Montana is not driving in the densely populated North East.. For several years in MN, the limit was 55 on state roads. Now a few select have gone up to 60. What do you think the limits should be, and why have I not seen your organization lobbying for lower limits. I’d be in favor at my age. When I’m going down Hwy 75 along the ND border, most of the cars that pass my like a bat out of hell have ND plates, and are young. Limits mean nothing to many. Your attempt to link speed limits to abortion is nothing more than a red herring.

          6. Catcher 5:19 Your attempt to link speed limits to abortion is nothing more than a red herring.

            It is not a red herring, it points out the hypocrisy of antiabortionists. If they only showed to tiniest interest in the safety of men, women and children it would be refreshing. They do not.

            It is not altogether different from deaths by various diseases. Economists track deaths and causes. The largest foundations and research operations are not trying to solve the diseases with the most deaths. Some causes of death attract the most donors and political support. These get the money and more likely the cures. Others are more important in terms of deaths but just do not have political cache. To say, “We are for life” usually means, “We are for certain kinds of life but are indifferent to other kinds.” That is Matt and I enjoy pointing that out.

          7. Catcher

            entech–And they used to drag them across the field to confuse the hounds in training on a fox hunt. Something with a strong scent not related to a fox.
            Yes, ” red herring” works.

          8. I can undesrtand why you don’t want to dig up anything linking pro-life legislation with legislation increasing the speed limit. I tried and could not find a thing. It seems this one came from the darkest recesses of your imagination.

            You are a man who believes in something he can’t prove and doesn’t exist. Boy, that sounds familiar!

          9. entech

            Matty. Of course it sounds familiar, even looks familiar. Every time you use a mirror or attend a meeting of your Sunday morning club.

          10. entech

            Catcher, good example of how origins and definitions get lost. In the case of the RedHerring, meaning to divert attention, very widely used in Politics, especially the last year or so but rarely named as such. The modern versions use terms like “Fake News”, “alternative facts” and such like. An excellent example from Trump is … I try to think of an outstanding example but I am always lead astray with another idiom coming to mind “embarras de richesses”.

            Your example of its origin in fox hunting is very widely used, It is part of it and really points back (forward?) to the use in modern political speech.
            In a political journal a journalist William Cobbet in 1807 used a story about how he used red herring, as a boy, to deflect hounds chasing after a hare. The story was probably apocryphal and he used it as a metaphor to decry the press of the day for allowing itself to be misled by false stories of the defeat of Napoleon causing them to take their attention from more important matters.

            President Trump said Tuesday that the “real story here” is “illegal leaks” coming out of Washington, a day after former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn resigned from the administration. Funny I thought the real story was that Trump sacked him for wrong doing.

  3. Cheryl

    When our nearly 30 year old son met and began seriously dating a gal we hadn’t met yet and soon after found out they would be parents we encouraged them to place the child for adoption. They weren’t comfortable with that so we at first reluctantly, and then willingly and lovingly chose to be there for them to welcome our granddaughter into the worlrld, love and embrace her, we have been blessed beyond measure to have her on our lives. That is what pro-life means.

    1. Juan Ruiz

      Your phrasing implies the pregnancy was not planned. Which raises the question how could a 30 year-old man not show the maturity and responsibility to avoid said event?

  4. Adam Heckathorn

    The same people who want to force folks to have Babies are constantly stacking the deck against the people who do while providing token service to them. Matt’s inundated with diapers comment reminds me of folks that think food stamps can be replaced with a Christmas dinner once a year.

    1. Once the baby is present in the womb, it is obviously the product of sexual intercourse. This is 99+% a consensual act, i.e. no one forced them to have intercourse. Their reward in 9 months is a newborn baby that they are responsible for or can adopt out. (1) They should be responsible for NOT aborting the child. (2) If they don’t adopt out, they ARE responsible for raising that child until the age of 18. This is called responsible citizenship and parenthood. For some people who refuse to grow up, life is really difficult. It’s not just concerts, drugs, nice clothes and nice cars.

      1. entech

        Interesting, when exactly is the baby present in the womb, and why is it necessarily the product (result ?) of sexual intercourse.

        I do not know many personally, but add a few known by friends of friends, but there are so many that go through all kinds of measures in order to achieve a viable conception and have a baby. All these “artificial” methods are banned by your Church so according to your way of thinking they don’t exist.

        Of course if God (with whom all things are possible) wanted a couple to have a child he would have made it possible, conversely pregnancy could have been made impossible to those who did not want it.

        1. Jinx

          Why would anyone believe anything from the green worm? His statements and so called facts lack credibility, much like Agent Orange #45.

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