The Christian Right And Economics

Historically, the Christian right, when it dabbled in economics, would have been most closely aliened with Adam Smith (The Wealth of Nations) and Fredrick Hyack (The Road to Serfdom).  These economists outlined how the standard of living went up when people specialized and traded with each other. The “natural” inclination to better oneself played out with minimum government. Now, religious bloggers are trying to justify President Trump as he inserts government between two trading parties with tariffs.

The link author claims he is adamantly opposed to tariffs. Yet his hero, President Trump, is adamantly in favor of them.

The U. S., he says, has taxes that are too high and too many regulations. Tariffs are needed until these things are fixed. Then we can drop the tariffs and return to free trade, he thinks.

Trump has never said he would drop the tariffs as soon as government taxes and regulations are reduced. And, what if he drops taxes and regulations and manufacturing jobs still keep going south. Jobs and goods have crossed borders since the beginning of time under both Democrats and Republicans and will continue.

Stopping the movement of jobs and people across borders has been correctly called “national suicide.” Those who benefit within a country get richer and those who are harmed get poorer. Experience has shown isolationism lowers the standard of living on average.

Religious people who claim an interest in economics should just admit their real hang up. It is abortion and gay marriage.

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  1. Juan Ruiz

    “Religious people who claim an interest in economics should just admit their real hang up. It is abortion and gay marriage.”

    Anyone have the stats on abortions and gay marriage in North Dakota, given there is one clinic in the whole state and the gay population is less than the 1.7% national average?

    1. In reply to Juan Ruiz, there is a link between homosexuality and abortion. For those that insist that homosexuality is predetermined before birth by some biological factor(s), somewhat like Down’s Syndrome or blue eyes, then the following is soon to be true. Once that biological factor or factors are determined, then the abortion rate of homosexual babies will skyrocket or … a law will be passed that an expectant couple cannot abort a homosexual. To wit, the abortion rate of babies with Down’s syndrome is through the roof. Margaret Sanger, Havelock Ellis and Adolf Hitler would be proud of how modern society is cleaning up the undesirables. i.e. the “weeds” of society.

      For those of us who value all human life, no deformity, no mental condition, nothing, could lead us to accept abortion. All are welcome to the banquet of life.

      P.S. Any prenatal homosexual indicator will instantly turn the homosexual community in to an instant addition to the pro-life community with all us Catholics, Evangelicals and others.

      1. entech

        All are welcome to the banquet of life.
        Does that include:
        Same sex couple wanting some form of recognition and acceptance.
        Nuns wanting a more direct contact role, perhaps actually being able to preach.
        Any other form of The Other.
        Or are they still to be relegated to scraps shared with the dogs at the back door.

        Not surprising you are a great Trump supporter, same modus operandi. Accuse everyone else of your own failings, decry as haters those that you yourself hate. declare everything contrary to your own writings as False and/or fake. Any scripture that might be in opposition to your limited view is probably consisting of alternative facts.

        Welcome back, your favourite topic has drawn from hiding behind your spiderwebs.

    2. Juan — Contrary to what Matt says, the link between abortion and homosexuality is simple. The religious right hates gay men and uppity women. They are both demonized. The latter are those who want to be control of their bodies and not have the government control their bodies. The Bible does not condemn either such women or gay men. There are those Bible thumpers who makes claims to the contrary, but they can do so only after some theological gymnastics.

        1. entech

          Interesting point you raise Matt. Think about it. The LGBT crowd would quite obviously ( for the sake of argument, I do not know what is obvious) would like abortion for this reason to be banned. Alternatively the extreme homophobic crowd would be inclined to find a reason to make it compulsory.

          Matt himself would go crazy (crazier?) from the inner conflict and turmoil.

  2. entech

    Although I agree with Matt that eugenics is a very nasty thing it really must be pointed out that is was popular at a certain period and had many forms, Havelock Ellis for example wanted to encourage a kind of voluntary selective breading and left the organisation because he disagreed with the talk of sterilization. If you include Hitler, although his ideas were dominantly racial purity more than improving the human race as such, then you must include, as one of the few modern forms, many of the followers of Trump – that is the white supremacists anti Muslim at all costs and so on.

    Of course, an early form of eugenics was to be found in the Catholic Church, the burning and otherwise of heretics purified the Church and prevented spreading of “false news” by procreation.

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