Are You Pro Life Or Just Pro Birth

A Catholic Nun has pointed out the major flaw of pro life politics. She said those who are against abortion but don’t support pubic spending for children are not pro life, they are just pro birth. This lady has served the Catholic Church for a lifetime, has advanced university degrees and published several books. Her only sin is that she sees through the hypocrisy within pro life politics.

Retired House of Representatives member, Barney Frank, said, “Prolife politics supports babies up until they are born.”

As the current President and Congress pillage public budgets while rubbing their hands together hoping to stop abortions, they are making plain the observations of the nun and Frank are right on the mark. Nothing could be more obvious than the desire to make lives of born children miserable and unsuccessful.

If pro life politics would make even a token effort to improve child health and welfare instead of putting all its focus on taking rights away from women it would be most refreshing.

Refreshing also would be some interest in saving lives of humans instead of just saving fetuses. There is no news about that.

When lives are lost in activities pro life people themselves enjoy, there is no effort to save those lives.  My adult daughter came close to serious injury last week when a texting driver crashed into her car.

Legislators apparently like to drive and text. They know there is more campaign money is in defunding Planned Parenthood than is saving lives on streets and highways.





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  1. Adam Heckathorn

    When I think about “pro life” There is one large word in all caps that I see in my mind’s eye, HYPOCRITES!

    1. entech

      I know, why do you always do that ???

      Why is it that anything you don’t agree with becomes, somehow, evil. Why do you hate non-Catholics (of your variety) and why are you so often so hateful towards them.

      1. entech

        PS. I don’t really mean that, but you really do give that impression and so often accuse so many of hating.

  2. Adam Heckathorn

    Matt I was at the rally against the anti Life proposed ban on new immigration. A ban that along with our Presidents heartless Policies will all contribute to the literal deaths of human lives. Where was the so called “Pro Life” bunch? I saw lots of my Red River Women’s Clinic escorting friends but not one of My “Pro Life” women intimidating Friends standing against a law that no one denies will result in the deaths of many if it was followed in the rest of the country. Why is that? What conclusions should I draw about your sincerity of concern about human life?

    1. Henry

      Yeah, Matt. Because you did not support issue x, you are obviously a hypocrite supporting issue y. Your lack of compulsory attendance is evidence of lack of support of issue x. This is liberal brown shirt stuff.

        1. entech

          It actually appears that The Henry has plagiarized The Henry. But who cares, he is not to be taken seriously, alright for a little tease to see the reaction!!!

  3. Catcher

    Just a preemptive note. You just got to know it will come up here sometime.
    I see Trump is going to try to eliminate the “Johnson amendment” in the IRS code. (The one that prevents preachers and churches from endorsing particular political candidates under the threat of loosing the non-profit status). It seems Falwell et al are in favor of this move, I’m sure some “Assemblies” will also be in favor. “They know not what they do”.

    Just today on the KSTP .COM site, an article about Minnesota clergy being against the move, Essentially declaring the separation of church and state must be maintained. I agree, if not only for the purpose of “stupid proofing” churches and clergy from deviating from the mission of the church in spreading the Gospel of the Christ. The Gospel, not political candidates is the purpose of the church.

    I wonder where Matt stands on this? ? ?

    1. entech

      I do not wish to actually comment on what you have to say at this time, I do agree with the separation and would not like to detract from the role that either plays. I only want to us this as a springboard for a gratuitous insult, almost as extreme as those Matt himself comes up with.

      I wonder where Matt stands on this? ? ?
      I can just hear him, mumbling to himself, “this would never happen if “The congregation for the doctrine of the faith” hadn’t been emasculated. Too many liberal churchmen and uppity nuns.

      1. entech

        I found where Trump wants to charge a law preventing organisations receiving benefits from government to advocate for a particular government (Johnson amendment ?).

        This came out some breakfast prayer meeting I have read about. Fascinating that the leader of the free world feels the need to start a National Prayer meeting by putting down Arnold over ratings, very macho, ha, ha, mines bigger than yours
        , on the other hand I have read about the size of his hands and finally saw a photograph. If the size of his fingers is an indication of the average of his appendages I would say there is no way he could be bigger than Arnold or even my 14 year old nephew. Brain size as a proportion probably comes in the same ball park.

        I have said before my personal dislike of Trump is irrelevant and he is your President so deserves some respect for the position if little else. But it is sad to see that a great country far from being made great again is heading towards being a laughing stock.

        1. Henry

          It is amazing how when Trump pens an executive order virtually the same as what Obamba had imposed for a six month period concerning immigrants from certain nations, many on the left lose their mind, burn cars, break windows, litter, break barriers, etc.

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