Michele Bachmann, “Foreign Policy Expert”

Once in a while one gets a peek at the true thinking of groups, even if they try to hide it. That was the case this last week when politician Michele Bachmann claimed she is advising Donald Trump on “foreign policy”.

I can see Bachmann being of some value to a Republican Presidential Candidate as a liaison to the Religious Right. Trump does not have credentials there and may need someone to advocate for him. It seemed strange she would use the term “foreign policy” so I was interested to know what she might have to say about a topic she seemed never to know much about.

Many may not remember that Bachmann ran for the Republican Party nomination for President four years ago. She told the press she was certain God wanted her to be President. Her qualifications, in addition to her elected post in the Minnesota State Legislature, was that she and her husband ran a reparative therapy business. Reparative therapy claims to “cure” gay people but has been outlawed in some states a fraudulent. I mention all of this to explain why I was curious as to what Bachmann had to offer in the field of foreign policy.

What she is interested in is bashing Muslims. So far as we know, that is her only “foreign policy” position. I don’t know what she thinks about the thousands of Muslims who lived in her district when she was in the legislature.

At least we have learned the advice potential President Trump will receive.

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  1. Jinx

    Michele and Drumpf on foreign policy? WWIII and nuclear annihilation just may result….. Thankfully, he will never be Prez and she will never be Sec. of State.

    1. jinx 10:30 Michele and Drumpf on foreign policy? WWIII and nuclear annihilation just may result….. Thankfully, he will never be Prez and she will never be Sec. of State

      Candidates who thing God wanted them to be President, and then they did not become President, worry me. What if they thought God told them to Nuke Canada?

      I think Donald and Michelle would create two new cabinet positions, one would be for “Biblical Policies” and the other for “Billionaire Advancement”. The latter has already started with Donald pledge to do away with the estate tax.

    2. Chuck Z

      How many wars has Trump voted for the USA to enter? How many had Hillary Clinton voted for the USA to enter? Let me guess…..that wasn’t her fault. Do you think Clinton is a truthful person? Yes or No?

      1. entech

        Not being a resident or taxpayer I have no right to speak about your elections or candidates, I would just like to ask a simple question. How many wars or anything has Trump been eligible to vote for. A nice simple question for a nice simple person.

        Yes or no, expanding and generalising do I think any candidate for high office is going to be entirely truthful? I would say No.

        A comment for what it is worth, most people I know are a bit frightened by the prospect of Trump being elected.

        1. Chuck Z

          He hasn’t been able to vote on war, so we don’t know how he’d vote. Hillary on the other hand has already chosen to send our soldiers to war, so I know where she stands. My whole point of the post was the utter lunacy of Jinx calling Trump a liar as she supports Hillary. I wonder if Trump has ever been in a plane that “landed under sniper fire”? Oh wait, neither has Hillary. We’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg on her being exposed. I expect a lot more to come out before the election.

          1. entech

            Neat piece of wriggling Chucky. You are so good at asking unanswerable questions. It does seem to me that you are only interested in throwing rocks at anyone not part of your little group.

  2. Grandma

    A quote from a great ND writer, Tony J Bender: “Michele Bachmann is advising Trump on foreign policy because policy of any kind is pretty much foreign to her.”

  3. Henry

    One of the quickest methods to draw heathen rage is to mention repairative tharapy. Taking it one step further, if you are the owner of a company that provides that service, both you and your “sin” against homosexuals are hated by the heathen.

    Our foreign policy the last eight years includes sending illegal guns to Mexico, letting one of our ambassadors getting killed, and paying ransom to terrorists to get our citizens back. In light of this track record, I do not think Bachman would have anything too absurd to say in regards to foreign policy.

    1. Henry 10:50 One of the quickest methods to draw heathen rage is to mention repairative tharapy. Taking it one step further, if you are the owner of a company that provides that service, both you and your “sin” against homosexuals are hated by the heathen.

      No, it is disliked because it is a hoax. There has been on one bit of data made available to evaluate its success. It would be just as effective to simply go in a room and try to “pray the gay away.” It would not help either, but the gay person could stop his/her money from being stolen.

      1. Henry

        Jon:“It would be just as effective to simply go in a room and try to “pray the gay away.” It would not help either, but the gay person could stop his/her money from being stolen.”


        1. Jinx

          henri, its not difficult to find so here you go:

          http://psycnet.apa.org/journals/ccp/62/2/221/ The abstract, you $$ thePDF or o to the library and order the article.


          A portion of the above link says:

          In 1997-SEP-26, the Detroit News published an article about their tentative results up to that date. The researchers were then halfway towards their goal of 200 subjects. Shidlo reported that:

          bullet After reparative therapy, clients: “Frequently… become very, very depressed.” This commonly triggers self-destructive behaviors (e.g. unsafe sex, drug abuse, attempted suicide, self-hatred).

          bullet The stability of the client’s family of origin can be harmed by teaching the concept that homosexuality is caused by poor parenting.

          bullet Some religious gays and lesbians felt a profound sense of failure when they cannot attain what they felt God expected of them.

          bullet One common result of the failure of reparative therapy is that it finally convinces some clients that their sexual orientation is truly unchangeable. The client may consider this to be a positive result as it this can lead to their final acceptance of homosexuality as an integral part of what they are.

          bullet The researchers had not yet found any “cures” as a result of
          reparative therapy. Two male subjects initially reported that they had been cured, but later admitted that they had simply chosen to be celibate; their sexual orientation was unchanged.

          Then there is this:


          1. Henry

            I know. You aren’t supposed to provide data for your claims if you are an atheist. You are just that good.

            On another note, good thing you moved to DM. At least they would have the good sense to not take out a 70 year promissory note on a public works project. Correct me if I am wrong, but generally after about 50 years, you are basically only paying for interest for that extension of time beyond 50 years. Your Coon River problems do not seem to be as significant as some are making into the RRoftheN.


            They have some slick balloon payment scheme, but without pushing pencil to paper, it appears we will be paying for a lot of interest, balloon payment or not.

            My former friendly econ professor over at NDSU CME auditorium should be shaking his head at this one. What do you say?

          2. Henry 4:30 My former friendly econ professor over at NDSU CME auditorium should be shaking his head at this one. What do you say?

            Shaking my head. The cost benefit needed for Fed. $ was so low a benefit was added called “lives saved by preventing a Red River flood.” The basis for claiming a diversion would save lives was that floods like New Orleans, LA, etc have loss of life. I think I am correct in saying no person has ever drown in a RR flood in Fargo. And, there have been many floods. To claim saving lives is one of the benefits is dishonest. But, without that claim I don’t think it would qualify for Fed. $.

            I went to several meetings early on where Cass County officials were claiming the sales tax was needed early in the process because it would allow a lower interest rate on the bonds needed for the project. I said over and over they were applying the time value of money to the public bonds but not to the money as it sat in the tax payer’s savings account. I tried to explain the two were a wash, not a saving to the taxpayer. The worst offender was Co. Auditor, Mike Montplaisir. I asked him over and over to stop saying it saved taxpayers money but he insisted on repeating it. Finally, I wrote the County Attorney and it stopped. I know Mike well–he never apologized.

          3. Henry

            My thoughts are the 70 year payment plan is not reasonable, and the optimistic projections to pay solely with the sales tax revenue so they can save face will not hit the expected mark, collapsing the scheme. This collapsed scheme with all resulting penalties will need to be ultimately assessed to the property owner.

          4. Henry 5:53 I agree no one can be certain sales tax revenue will be adequate to make bond payments over a 70 period and if they are not the city/county will be obligated to pay from some other source including property tax. From experience, I am quite certain that is or will be implied or, more likely, stated explicitly in the bond documents.

          5. Henry

            entech:“Jon is this the way it is supposed to work? no real data, never mind change the subject.”

            Don’t give Jon such a bad time for not providing data. Jinx tried to come to his aid, but managed to provide a link for a twenty-some year old data.

          6. Henry 10:25 I’ve covered the data issue surrounding reparative therapy here several times, as has the popular press, as have states which have banned reparative therapy. That’s why I think you are joking.

            The people selling reparative therapy, and quoting the Bible as the same time, have been asked over and over again to share their data on “cures”. It is not an obligation of mine to provide data on its effectiveness or ineffectiveness because I’m not taking anyone’s money. They are advertising themselves as a cure. Marketers of drugs cannot claim the cure cancer or gayness without supporting data.

            Reparative therapy companies refuse to cooperate on research or share any data. Instead, they prey on vulnerable people and take their money. That is why you see people like me up in arms when Michele Bachmann operates a reparative therapy hoax business. Come to think of it, her business is just like Donald Trump’s “university”–a couple of crooks are bound to be friends.

          7. Henry

            Jon, based on the known APA herky-jerkiness with their internal politics, unfortunately the available data sets have strong confirmation bias. If in doubt of that, look at the dialogue within this short thread as an example. The hate cast towards reparative tharapy is very great. It is beyond simple skepticism. Even justifications of people’s gay son’s behavior are part of the confirmation bias. And that is fine. I can understand why they feel that way. With this science thingy, we can all come together and collectively feel good to make a better world and better science.

          8. entech

            Henry my dear (10:25 pm) I am sure you know that as it was you that changed the subject to something about long term finance it was also you that I was talking about not supplying data, the only data available is that believed to be true by people who believe the method to be real instead of religion inspired nonesense. Rather like your response is also a diversionary tactic.

            Jon suggests that you may be into a humour posting mood. You always are, the constant source of amusement is the way you almost always project you own faults and failings on to others, A good example is when the most frequently insulting and putter downer (?) of people so frequently accuses others of “name calling” – fine example a few days ago I suggested that there was reason to suspect that you actually believed some of the moronic ideas that fell from your keyboard. Your response was to accuse then actually call me a moron twice; direct personal attack in response to what i said about your writing, you know that I have said many times that I do believe you are too intelligent to believe everything you write.

          9. Jinx

            henrie, you didn’t even read it and with in the link is more current research. You seem to believe onlywhat you post.

          10. Henry

            Jinx, why would I read what you suggested? I couldn’t have gotten to the libary to order your suggested material. Besides that, you have the greatest example of a successful homosexual conversion back to hetero. Look no further than Obamba. Per his own book, he hung out with his gay buddy in Chicago in his early life. There is information he even hung out with him in the Chicago gay bath houses. (Maybe that was why Biden in his words said he was a nice, clean black man.) After that early Obamba history, we now have the clean, virile, heterosexual Obamba who eats vegetables out of his wife’s garden and golfs. Conversion is indeed possible. Just look at our fearless leader.

    2. entech

      10:50 Spreading the range of hate-able people Henry?

      Definition of heathen
      : an unconverted member of a people or nation that does not acknowledge the God of the Bible.

      No longer content with all none believers, atheists, – however idiosyncratic your definition is – we now include people of any religion that is not yours, what comes next taking it one step further and including any denomination that is not yours? any one that does not believe the earth is a pretty new creation specially created for Henry and his buddies?

  4. Wanna Be Sure

    Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin would better serve the public as a “consultant” behind the cosmetics counter at Macy’s.

  5. Jinx

    Wanna and Adam, there next job? and possibly the extreme right?? I would be surprised to see either of them voted into office again.

    1. Jinx

      Sorry, happy fingers again……how about their next job. henrie it is reparation not repairation….but you do like to play fast and lose with spelling.

      1. Henry

        Jinx, I knew I could count on you, the spelling and grammar champion, to correct my typo.

        But strangely this time, you let me down. You morphed the correction to reparations. I was talking about reparative tharapy.

        1. Jinx

          Lol, my mistake. Actually, I was a spelling bee champion and so was my gay son!! It is reparative therapy and not tharapy and it should be referred to as conversion therapy………what ever its called or how its spelled its worthless.

  6. John S.

    So funny that people trash Trump yet ignore that Hillary has the full support of the Communist Party. Are people that silly? Remember the Cold War? One of the main focus’ of this was to keep Communism/ Marxism out of the US. Now, the stuff is being taught in public schools and universities as politically and culturally correct. The three ‘Rs’ are a thing of the past. Now we have unicorns, rainbows, and safe zones.

    As a former Minnesotan now residing in the Texas Hill Country, we despise what Hillary represents: Open immigration to all unvetted immigrants, slow and systematic removal of all firearms from law-abiding citizens, a globalist elitism/ ideology instead of Nationalism, and a larger, more powerful centralized government. You candidate proclaims she is for progressive women yet the Clinton Foundation receives significant funding from countries such as Saudi Arabia, who has one of the worst records for human rights, especially for women. I know this because I used to live there after Desert Storm. Also, need I remind you of your state’s large Muslim refugee population in the Twin Cities? How many of these folks were properly vetted.

    All Trump wants to do is vet these immigrants BEFORE allowing them into this country but Hillary wants to up her voter count but hey, Minnesota is a progressive state. Have at it.

    1. John S Welcome–great to hear from the Texas hill country.

      As to immigration, I would only say Trump’s “wall” is not a solution and the Mexicans will not pay for it. The rate of people crossing illegally apparently is down. Huge numbers of Mexican natives are now returning to Mexico. This was predicted a few years ago. The birth rate in Mexico has fallen and because of that there are more job opportunities and a better economy.

      As to Muslims, the percentage of criminals among them is no greater than the general population, so far as I know. We have also our native born terrorists, Oklahoma bombing.

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