We Could Use Martin Luther King Just Now

Poetic to the core, King used religion express a desire for the common good. While I prefer religion not be included in political appeals there is a way to do it that is helpful. King knew how.

Today, the most common way today to link God to politics is to say, “The United States is God’s favorite nation. It was founded by Christians on Christian principles. My party (or me as a candidate) pledge to carry our God’s will….”, While King may also have said this kind of thing in his thousands of speeches, his more overarching expression related to politics was, “We are tied together in the single garment of destiny, caught in an inescapable network of mutuality. Whatever affect one directly affects all indirectly. For some strange reason I can never be what I ought to be until you are what you ought to be..This is the way God’s universe is made.”

Variations on this have been stated thousands of times by preachers and politicians. Donald Trump did not say it. He seems to have given up trying to quote scripture or express religious ideas. I didn’t watch his acceptance speech but I’ve not heard he used the term “common good.”

I heard Hillary talk in person recently and she touched on themes of the common good without attributing it to God as King did. I’m guessing we will hear some about God at the Democratic Convention.

Most of it will come from her running mate.

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        1. Jinx

          Not responsible for spelling when I am high on painkillers, mattie don’t play dumb, you know what I meant =^.^= meow.

          1. Matt Noah

            Funny, as I am on painkillers, to (haha). But you should not be high unless you are taking more than that which is prescribed. Be careful with those things. What are you taking and how much?

    1. Matt 8:12 We could use Jesus Christ just now. He still lives and is available.

      There is no doubt that he lives in your mind. If he lives elsewhere, and is available, let’s hear from him.

      1. Matt Noah

        He lives in every tabernacle in the world. He lives in every human being on the planet. His Word is alive in the Bible If you want to hear from Him, read the Bible. If you want to meet Him, there will come a time. It is called Judgment Day.

  1. Matt Noah

    MLK is dead and buried. May he rest in peace. Let’s not fantasize about a man with human weaknesses when we have the example of a living God whose teachings form the foundation of how to live.

    In 2027, we will learn the rest of the story about MLK and his alleged adultery – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martin_Luther_King_Jr.

    If MLK were alive today as a 40-60 year-old man, I would vote for him over HC or DT. But he is not.

  2. Juan Ruiz

    Throughout history, people have needed icons. Whether it be figured form the Homeric poems, the Bible, or other works. Throw in Alexander, Constantine, the Founding Fathers, Lincoln. Same is true in more recent times: FDR, Kennedy, and MLK. Things is, this last group has enjoyed a much shorter period of worship, as historians delve into their personal life. MLK has managed to supersede his negatives, for the present, even though his penchant for plagiarism and adultery are well known.

    1. entech

      It is all free, you can choose to call what you don’t like hate or, like you, you can hate those you don’t like. Is it any surprise that the most hating person on the site, YOU, is probably the most easily disliked

      1. Matt Noah

        I love all. My guiding light is Christ who said to love your enemies as well as your friends. It is easy to love one’s friends. I wish you all the best and pray for all. All of you made hateful comments when I simply posted, “We could use Jesus Christ just now. He still lives and is available.”

        1. entech

          While you say things like this sometimes it is mostly abusive.
          …, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned.

    1. Matt Noah

      Thanks, I did. That despicable man, wanting to help African immigrants and finding ways to win arguments that enable kids to play soccer when others try to discriminate against them. Who does he think he is?!?

      1. entech

        How many different leagues or associations whatever you call them have closed down or disbanded when you forced them to accept your membership, quite obviously they all lie and are prejudiced against you. They are all wrong except you ❓

        Even your own relatives say things like:
        “The straw that broke the camel’s back, you know, is his claim of racism, and I had to throw up a brick wall and say, ‘Enough. Enough,’ ” Park Board President Johnson said in explaining why she banned communication between him and the Park District.

        “We go out of our way to accommodate him,” Johnson said. “We’ve done it before and, if we don’t do it fast enough, he kind of goes off the deep end. He’ll email people, call them liars, and it’s just impossible.”

        She said the problem doesn’t occur with the other soccer clubs.

        Perhaps a long meditation retreat would be in order, a little self contemplation and prayer. A good topic might be, does disagreement mean hate – as I disagree with most people does that mean I hate most people – how does that jell with I love all. My guiding light is Christ who said to love your enemies as well as your friends.

        1. Matt Noah

          One. And they, not me, ruined rec soccer for hundreds of kids. Also, dont beieve half of what the Forum writes.

          Board members and staff still work great with me despite her statement.

  3. Big Sur

    Mr. Noah .. the article describes a sociopath … you … as reflected in your obnoxious postings to this blog.

    1. Matt Noah

      Haha. A sociopath certainly describes some of the people I’ve encountered but I doubt if they are clinical sociopaths. Ad hominem attacks are the last resort of a failed argument.

      1. entech

        I always find it amusing when people like you bring up “ad hominem” almost your whole conversation is an attack on “atheists” and worse – ad hominem because you discount then “because” they are atheists and then attribute bad things to them because they are atheists.

        Simply calling you a sociopath is hardly an ad hominem attack – fair comment perhaps would be too extreme but you do not enhance your case in any way.

    1. Matt Noah

      I’m not surprised. She is what I would term a loose cannon. It’s too bad because her mother is a sweetheart and Mary has been kind to me in the past. She’s lost her way, in my opinion. Sometimes power goes to one’s head. Sometimes, people just use bad judgment. I wonder what it would take to impeach a Park District Board member.

      The punishment for breaking open meetings laws needs to have some teeth. For example, the appointment should probably be nullified and a new search begun. And I have nothing against Joel Vettel.

      And why you had to throw in “Praise Baby Jesus!” is just sinful. First, it breaks one of the Ten Commandments. Second, it only serves to ridicule Christianity. Are you proud of yourself?

    1. Henry

      Unfortunately, the nature loving liberals living out there in their communes and “colonies” should have been clearing brush like Reagan, Bush, and Rumsfeld used to love doing. I do not recall their dwellings having any problems. Less “love” and more brush cutting.

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