Some Of Today’s Politics Seem Like George Orwell’s Book, “1984”

Donald Trump wants to “build a wall” to keep out Mexicans. This in spite of data showing more people are returning to Mexico than entering the U. S. Muslim citizens are considered dangerous even though Christians are over represented in our prisons. A steady drumbeat of propaganda was a central part of Orwell’s famous novel, 1984.

In the 1984 story the government’s dominant political party tells the public their country, Oceania, has always been aliened with Eastasia in the great war against Eurasia. The books characters sit in a publicity office and crank out news releases about the great battles that never happened.

All Presidential elections are filled with commentary on the future. Both parties talk about what they perceive the current problems are and their own solutions. When the assessments of current affairs seems accurate and the solutions reasonable we think it is not politics. But, when the problems and solutions seem off the mark, a campaign sounds quite like 1984.

To me, discrimination against gay people, high medical costs, equal rights for women and minorities are big problems and I like politicians who offer solutions. When a politician talks about migration from Mexico and there are more people moving back to Mexico than to the U. S. it sounds like 1984 to me. I know to others it is not a fictional exercise.

We all need to ask ourselves whether there is a great battle with Eurasia or if it is something made up to serve the purpose of a politician.

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  1. Matt Noah

    Facts notwithstanding, Jon marches on.

    Illegal border crossings involve not only illegal Mexicans but ISIS terrorists. National security – heard of it?

    Radical Muslims, not all Muslims are a threat. Can you tell the difference by looking? But then so are BLM cop-killers.

    1. Matt 1:36 Illegal border crossings involve not only illegal Mexicans but ISIS terrorists. National security – heard of it?

      Actually, that’s good news. Along with Trump’s favorite phrase, “The Mexicans will pay for it” he can say, “The Mexicans and ISIS terrorists will pay for it.” ISIS probably has more money than the Mexicans and Donald such is so good at negotiating he will clean up on our behalf from ISIS.

      1. Matt Noah

        Be snotty if you wish but the wall is meant to keep our country safe and Mexico is notorious for encouraging its criminal element and impoverished to leave the country through the northern border. Of course, on the Guatamalan border, they hardly let a soul across unless their ultimate destination is the USA.. If you want to direct your racist comments about a country, try Mexico.

        I could care less if you respond but at least you know someone is fact-checking your hole-y argument.

        1. Matt 2:16 I was being snotty about Trump’s continual claim the Mexicans will pay for a wall. Since you brought up ISIS, I merely suggested that if Trump could negotiate Mexicans to pay for the wall, he could negotiate ISIS to pay for it as well.

          1. entech

            You said the other day and I don’t think Matt agreed that the flow from Mexico to America was in reverse. From one of Matt’s references:
            Trump’s comments and the increased enforcement efforts in Mexico come as Mexican emigration is actually collapsing. The number of Mexicans heading north is outnumbered by those returning, with family reunification being the main motive, the Pew Hispanic Center reported in November. The 2008 economic crisis hit Mexicans in the United States especially hard, since so many worked in construction, says Juan José Li Ng, a senior economist at the Mexican bank BBVA Bancomer. A report from the bank posited that Mexicans started staying put due to poor job prospects abroad, the fortification of the U.S. border and anti-migrant initiatives in some states—in effect, a virtual wall.

    1. Matt Noah

      Horrific. Rest his soul.

      Of course, Jon is unmoved by such atrocities. It doesn’t fit his narrative. Typical liberal.

  2. enh

    Many people would like to blame Latinos and Muslims for all of our problems and it is pathetic that this is a significant portion of a major parties platform. The majority of the posts on this site would blame Christians for all of the world’s problems. Bias and ignorance are ugly no matter what pulpit they come from.

      1. Matt Noah

        BS! Your criticisms and vile postings are nearly 100% anti-Christian. Show us all 3 examples where you’ve ridiculed an atheist or a Unitarian.

    1. Henry

      “Bias and ignorance are ugly no matter what pulpit they come from.”

      To enact your ivory tower plea in all your happy talk, you will have to pry my Black Labs Matter membership from my cold, dead hands.

  3. Jinx

    Oh you poor christians! I have seen so much more divisive oppression from your individual religions than any agnostic/athiestic organizations put together. You can’ even obey your Jesus figure on how to treat other people…. yet you think you know what he really meant. There are plenty of true christians who care enough about others and believe in Jesus words…….but you christian shariah cult extremists are not one of them. It is your hypocrisy towards Jon and HIS blog and his true concern for others that makes you so unlike your Jesus……paraphrase from M. Ghandi. For supposedly smart people, I have never seen such ignorance as well as petty judgement of others, aren’t you proud of your yourself!!

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